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Memories of Chiquita
Chiquita you were the cutest dog ever. People always stopped me to ask about you and Strangers would say they were going to steal you from me. I first saw you when you were 5 days old and you stole my heart as I held you in my hand. Your mother MiMi was so nice and convinced me that chihuahuas were not always yippie and snappy! Gino begged me to let you join our family with Andy and our other dog Rosie. Remember when the farm dogs would come and bark for you and Rosie to come out and play? I am glad we let you in our lives and our hearts. Remember when I was married before and we had the beach house and Rosie would dig a hole in the sand and you would jump in the deep hole and I would say "dig dig dig!" and you would dig as if you had done the whole thing! The funniest thing about you is when you wanted to be picked up you would turn around and back up ... Your eyes were always looking for me and now I miss feeling them on my back. I miss holding you and asking you for a kiss. Vinnie and JayJay and Angel know you are gone and they are all staying close to me. Even Catalina is looking for you. I am so sorry you got that horrible kidney disease and I am so sorry it took your life.
Chiquita, I want you to kiss Rosie and Chelsie from me and tell them I miss them so much too, and the ferrets, Rocky, Daisy and Cleo, who you loved to play with! Martini is missing Gino so much so be sure to give her hugs and kisses from him! Sadie, Uncle Ricky's boxer is there too! Give her plenty of kisses from us! Look for FiFi too! She misses Pop Pop so much!
ChiChi is in Rainbow bridge also to kiss away your tears. He always licked your eyes clean. Chickie baby, I miss you. I love you!
Daddy misses you too! So does Brittany and especially Sean, He keeps asking where you are.
Everyone from the family is so sad. Pop Pop cried on the phone, Aunt Donna is calling me everyday to ask how I am doing and Uncle Ricky is sad. They were some of your favorite people. They loved you too!
Daddy and Gino put you in the yard next to Rosie so I can visit you each day. Sean and Gina were there too. Our eyes were crying so much we could have filled a river. You will be missed so much. You are so much more than a dog, you are my dogter! I love you Chiquita!

8/18 Today is your 13th birthday! Happy Birthday my little Chick Chick! I feel so empty without you by my side. I hope this feeling passes. I know you are not suffering anymore, but it is still hard to hold back the tears. I love you Chiquita! Mommy's little girl! My Cotter Baby Jones!

Chick Chick, I was just looking at pictures of you and when I looked into your eyes I burst out crying. I miss you. Do you hear me cry? DO you stop playing when I am calling your name? I can't help it, it still hurts so much. All the loving from Vinnie and JayJay does not help how much I miss you.

My Little ChickChick, it has been over one month since you passed away but not one minute goes by that I don't think about you. I can't believe how much I miss you. You were so much a part of my life. I hope you are happy and having fun each day. I miss when you used to go under the blankets and press up against my back to keep warm. And when I would lay on the sofa for a nap and you had to lay right on top of my waist. I am so empty. I still love you and miss you!

Chick Chick, it has been over two months since you passes away and my heart is still breaking. I can't talk about you without my voice cracking. Pop Pop was in the hospital for a few days and we kept talking about you. He is better now.
Uncle Ricky has a new boxer and her name is Olive.
Aunt Donna and I went to a pet expo in NJ a few weeks ago and there were many long haired chihuahuas there. I was petting one and he looked up at me and it looked just like you. I had to excuse myself so I could go and cry.
I saw a nice little dog at the Chester County SPCA and I wanted to adopt her. They called her Sophia. But when Daddy came up to her to pet her, she cowered and growled! I guess it was just not meant to be.
Jay Jay is here trying to climb into my lap as I write this, maybe he is trying to say Hello to you. Vinny is here at my feet as usual. They all miss you so much!
I love you Chiquita! Rest in Peace my beautiful little pup!

My sweet little Chiquita. I still miss you so much. I want you to know about a new little dog who has joined our family. Her name is Bonnie and she is a Chinese Crested. Her Mom could not take care of her any more so she gave her and her brother to a rescue. We adopted her last sunday. She really needed us for loving. She is cute and sweet and so funny when she walks on her back legs. She can fit into many of your sweaters and jackets. She is helping me not cry so much over you, but I am crying now, imagining you listening to me tell you about Bonnie. I want to have you back and hold you tight, but I know that is not going to happen. I keep telling Bonnie all about you and she licks my tears. I love you Chiq! xo my little one.

My little ChiqChiq! Still filled with tears here. Still missing you alot! No one can understand what you meant to me. Christmas is coming and I found your stocking. It made me so sad. Jay Jay and Vinnie and Catalina still look at me like they wonder where you are... Bonnie is the new alpha female like you were! I love you and still miss you! Have a Merry Christmas!

Hello My Little Chick! Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve and you know what that means! lots of people coming over and lots of food and desserts. You know Pop Pop will be here wishing you would be sitting on his lap. I hope I am so busy that I do not stop to think of you or I will be crying. Bonnie is a big hit with all of the family, Jordan and Jada will probably want to dress her up! Because she is a chinese Crested she has very little fur and needs clothes on to keep warm. Oh well, I better get back to work! I love you Chiquita! I miss you baby. All my love to you! PS I found a Christmas picture of you and I am going to upload it for all to see! XO

My little Baby, I miss you so much. I will never understand how I still cry over you all the time but I do. Bonnie has been with us over 2 months now, she is awesome but not as awesome as you. We have fun with her. Daddy even talks about getting another chinese crested to join our family. We will see. I am going to upload another picture of her for you to see. I love you Chiquita and I miss you soooo much. Cousin Nicole's dog, Mason is in Rainbows Bridge with you now. Don't be afraid of him because he is so big, just love him and make him feel welcomed.

My little Chick chick, how I miss you! I just wanted to tell you that we have another Chinese Crested dog! We adopted a black hairless Named Rocco! He is as good as Bonnie. He loves everyone and plays with Vinnie. I bet you would like him. Miss you Chiquita....
Oh yeah, Uncle Stevie's Rusty came to Rainbow Bridge today and Aunt Donna's Sheba too,Last week. Please make them feel at home... they are big dogs but up there I know you have no fear. XOXOXOXOXOX


Chik chik, about one year ago the vet told me you had kidney disease. I still can't believe you are gone. I miss you so much. Rocco, Bonnie, Vinnie and Jay Jay are wonderful pups but they are not you. Your birthday is in a few months, I know it will be a sad day for me. I love you, Chiquita.
Aunt Donna's dog Talia is not doing so good and may be joining you at the Bridge soon, Welcome her and tell her Aunt Debbie will miss her.

Oh my Chick Chick. I am sitting her crying my eyes out, the song that reminds me of you just came on. It is 'Just Breathe' by Pearl Jam. I heard it on the car radio as I carried your lifeless body home from the Vet's after you passed away. It was almost a year ago. I still can't get used to it. I sometimes feel you looking at me the way you used to do. Your eyes were always on me, no matter where you were in the room. You will always be my baby, my little Chick Chick, my lover pup, little Cotter Baby Jones. Your birthday is coming up soon. You are always in my heart, Chiquita.

Missing you so much my pup. XO

Hello My Chiquita baby. I miss you so much! I know you sent Bonnie and Rocco to make me happy and they are great dogs. I want you to play with a new dog to the bridge, Little Timmy. I saw him on a website that made me cry, it was people in China who skinned dogs alive and then eat them. The pain on this little dogs face has haunted me and I cry and cry. Finally I gave him a name and in my head I told him I would love him when my time comes to cross the bridge and be with my pets again. Take good care of him ,Chiquita, he suffered alot.
Christmas is coming. I miss you my pup! xo

Merry Christmas my dear little Chiquita. I hope Santa Paws treated you well over the Bridge. I miss you very much. I love you still, now and forever.
Last night everyone was here for Christmas Eve celebration of the 7 fishes. I had a feeling you were here too! XO my little pickle!

Miss you today Chick Chick. You have been on my mind alot lately. There is a lot in the news about dog food from China causeing Kidney disease in Dogs..... I am so sorry if this is how you got kidney disease. I love you my little baby and I miss you..

2 years you have been gone. I still cry for you. Is POP POP there with you now? He left us in February. Tomorrow we are taking his ashes to sea. It was his wish. Love him for us. We miss him too. Take good care of him. See you again soon some day. XO

My little Chick chick, the pain never stops. I will love you forever. Just want to tell you some things. We adopted another Chinese Crested dog, last october, whose mommy was going to die from stomach cancer. Her name is Sophie and she is going blind. I feel so sorry for her because she has not has such a great life before her last mommy. But you know I will love her soooo very much, Daddy always says that Sophie is so attached to me. Is Angel up there with you now? She was sick and now she went over the bridge. I know she was like a step sister to you, take care of her. And Last week Erma Rose( Aunt Donna's 25year old cat) crossed the bridge. Tell her I love her and I am sorry that I was away when she passed. Erma always wanted to sit in my lap and I know she was not feeling good lately.

Hello My little chick chick. I have so much to tell you. We fostered a Powderpuff chinese Crested dog in August. He was the happiest, silliest dog ever. His name is Nemo. He was soooo attached to me. He never left my side. Well, we found out he had Lymphoma, so we adopted him so the end of his life could be spent knowing he was loved in a family. That made 6 dogs and one cat, not to mention the 12 chickens we now have. last week, Nemo was having such bad breathing problems so we took him to the emergency vet. They tried to help him but nothing helped. I sat up all Tuesday night holding him so he could sleep, his head needed to be held up or he could not breath at all. On wednesday, Nemo went to Rainbow Bridge. I sure hope you are loving him and taking care of him. Please tell him how much I miss him.

my loving Chiquita, I cannot believe how long it has been since you got your angel wings. I still think of you often and it always leaves me in tears. so many things have happened. Catalina is missing, I cannot find her and it is breaking my heart. IF she is up there in Rainbow Bridge with you, is there anyway you can give me a sign? It hurts so much not knowing where she is.
And we are fostering a kitty named Tootsie. she is a real cutie, but I know I cannot keep her, we already have tooooo many here.
Tomorrow is 4 years. So long, yet seems like yesterday. Someday we will be together again, I love you.

My dear chic chic. It has been a while since I talked with you. We kept the cat named Tootsie! And we were fostering a dog for Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and small Breed Rescue named Patsy Pony Girl. We could not stand the thought of her leaving us, so we adopted her. She is a Tiny Chinese Crested dog, was 6 pounds,but all of her teeth were rotten and had to be pulled, so now she is 8 pounds.
And our beloved Jay Jay has gone to heaven to be with you! I hope you are taking good care of him. I also hope that his hydrocephalus in not with him anymore now that he is in heaven.We are now fostering a dog for Bare Paws Crested Rescue, named Reagan. She is half Beagle and half Chinese Crested. Pray for her that she finds a good home, she is a very good dog!
I love you Chiquita!

Oh my darling Chiquita...5 years! I cannot believe it, seems like just yesterday you were here with me. The only dog still here that you knew is Vinny, but he is getting old.
Now we have Rocco, Bonnie, Sophie and Patsy, all rescued Chinese Cresteds who have joined our family since you left. Reagan found a great home, but we miss her.
We are also getting 2 foster girls, little tiny chinese Cresteds in 2 weeks. Please watch over us when they get here and help us to find them a great forever home. I miss you my little baby....What a big hole you left in my heart......
My little chic chic, How I miss you. I do think about you often. So much has happened, we moved to South Bowers Beach DE. We built a new house and it is very high up! but it is nice. We still have 5 dogs, 2 cats and now 7 chickens. but there is a stray cat hanging around and I have been feeding it, I call her Millie, but if it is a boy he will be Milty. I plan to catch her and take her to the vet soon.
NaNa is not doing too well, but she is hanging in. Gino had a baby, a little girl named Mia. Brittany now has 3 kids! Life keeps changing but one thing always,I love you.

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