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Memories of Chip Roundtree
From: Momma
On: 9/11/11
Hey Little Man, Miss you terribly. Not sleeping at night, listening for your bark to let me know what you want. Tried busying myself with chores but the tears still won't stop. I have rag doll and I keep him with me all the time. I miss you little buddy. Have fun up there with all your new friends.9/11/11
Chip was my Little Man Dog. Even though he was little,he was oh so protective of his Momma. As a puppy and young adult He could not play enough, a ball of energy, He slowed down in the later years,At Christmas he enjoyed opening presents, and every time you walk thru door with a shopping bag he was the first one to investigate. He did not like very many people but was so loyal to the ones he considered his FRIEND. Chip lived to eat. He shared many things with me like our morning bannana, fruit,chips etc. His utmost favorite were animal cookies, then mini carrots.The hurt is still so deep, 9/12/11
Another day without you, today is a week this nightmare started, I miss you little man, If momma could have done anything different to change what happened I would. I stil cant get over the feeling of not being there when you had to leave it tears my heart out. I know now thou you are happy at the rainbow bridge with all your new friends (even kitty cats) to take care of you now, show you whats goin on. I miss that little paw nudge you gave me when you wanted my attention ever so softly. right now I can't see where my life will ever be the same till I see you at the rainbow bridge. Gypsy sends her love she is just like me in missing you. Let her know you are OK so she can wag that tail again. Love you little man.9/13/2011
Everyone says it will take time, I don't know about that my little man,it is so hard not having you here,although today you came home in Spirit. I received your ashes, and the paw print from SVS vet. clinic was so appropiate, i will never forget how you used that little paw just like a childs small hand to get my attention.You will never be forgotten, for your spirit lives on in my heart always & forever. Love Momma 9/14/11
My heart is still aching cannot get my mind off you. I know your love for me goes on & mine for you does for eternity. My only comfort is knowing you are happy, healthy & whole again,playing with all the furbabies I had before you& all the new friends you made at Rainbow Bridge.Momma Loves You Little Man. 9/15/11
Its Momma Little Man,Still thinking about you every minute of day and when I wake at night.Miss You so. Your Gypsy Girl is very sad too, she is just not the same without you. We know we will be with you one day at the rainbow bridge, to run and play again snack on carrots & animal cookies and whatever else.I hope your new friends are keeping your mind off us and home. My heart actually aches I never had this feeling before or just don't remember. Chip you have to take care of us because we are so miserable without you and the house is so EMPYT without the boss here. Hugs & kisses Momma & Gypsy 9/16/11
Hey Little Man, It was Saturday as usual bath day,thought about how much you did not like to take your bath but tolerated it well. Miss you so much Little Buddy. Nobody else barks to talk to me, the only time they bark is outside after something. You filled so much of my life and I am so thankful for all the unconditional love and compassion you showed me those sweet little eyes ever so loving. What a wonderful journey we had those 14 short years.Can't wait til eternity where there will be no goodbyes. Love & Miss you more each day.Kisses Momma 9/17/11
My Little Man,Hope you are getting comfortable in your new home. Our house here is definetly very lonely without you. The days are not getting any better,The nights seem to get longer and longer all because your presense is not felt. Please send us some rainbow signs to send your love and let us know you are ok. It is the unknown that is so hard to accept my little man. Looking at pictures when you were a puppy at 6 weeks old, trying to get thru this with the wonderful love and good memories you left in my heart. Love and Miss you more and more. Momma 9/18/11
Good evening Chip, seems so long since I was here, You know Mondays are always so busy with work and all. Miss you so much, people think I'm losing it, when I say I'm talking to you, but it helps I just know you feel me when I'm here,even tho I talk to you still all thru the day. I pray for you all the time that you are happy and don't miss us too much. I know one day I will be with you and we will never have to be separated. I have another candle ceremony tonight, they are really good. You know you have to help all the new animals cross over and make them comfortable so they won't miss their home either.Know my heart aches to no end and love you still with all me heart.Hugs and Kisses from all of us Gypsy, Anatole, and Fiona. 9/19/11
Hey Little Man, today is my birthday,not so happy with thoughts of you still consuming me, I miss you so much. It is only 12 days since you went to the bridge, I know you are happy in your new home and have many friends I pray all my other dogs were there to welcome you home. Pork Chops, Shorty, Serge, Candy, Poncho, Sugar,Cleo, Boo Boo, Charlie, B-Bop, Bubba,the cocatiels,Pork Chop the pig and Ed & Edna the emus. Just remember I love you forever and ever to the moon and back and can't wait to be re-united with you and everyone. Hugs and kisses from all of us. Momma 9/20/11
Momma's Little Man How I miss you. My heart will never be the same. I play your song,Faithfully the whole while I'm by the computer. I can just see when we meet again at the bridge the joy and happiness we will share.I'm still waiting for a sign from you to know you are happy and ok. I don't know if it will make me stop missing you or thinking about 24/7. but at least I'll know you are happy and saving a place for me and Gypsy. Love you Little Man.Forever & Ever Momma 9/21/11
Another long sad day without you little man. What a ray of sunshine you were to my days, no one will ever know. You kept my life full with all you unconditional love and acceptance,my man. Wish I could just get one more chance to tell you all these things, I long for the day to hold you and snuggle up with the Little Man, who will forever live on in my heart. Miss You so Much.Hugs Momma 9/22/11
Chip my Little Man, It has been 2 long weeks since you left, sure miss my little nudge&bark signaling for a treat or to go outside. I miss all your looks of affection and loving eyes, I only wish I could have been the person you thought I was. Your Gypsy is laying at my feet as I write you, boy does she ever miss you. Some days I just wish we could skip all the time before we see you again and just be with you,but we have to trust God, for He knows what is best for all of us, He could see you getting tired,I couldn't. I thought I would always have you.Please wipe the tears and with each one multiply to the highest and that is how much I miss you and love you. Hugs and More Hugs Momma & Gypsy 9/23/11
HI My Little Man, It is another Saturday dogs didn't get bath today, momma was out better part of day, spent w/Jesus at a women's conference and theme was rainbows and butterflys go figure, I think it was a message from you to me to move on. It was about forgetting the past, of course it means all the hurts i've had in this life and especially the hurt of losing you. I know now after today you are waiting for me at the rainbow bridge and I will see you soon. Love you so much my little man. Hugs and Kisses Momma 9/24/11
It's Momma Little Man Checking in, still another day without your precious love. So empty without you, It is so hard to even smile these days, but I do all for you and the wonderful memory of my best little man ever always there for me. If only I could have been 1/2 of the person you thought I was. I miss you terribly and think of you so often during the day sending prayers to you all the time.I hope you have plenty friends up there I know all the furbabies i had before you were there to welcome you home to wait for me, hold my place for me Chip, I will see you again. All my love and kisses to you my baby.9/25/11 Good Morining Little Man, It is Monday Morning, My heart still aches to hear you bark and for you to paw me, I miss you so much.The void is so deep you were so much a part of me I did not realize the depth of your Love that is why I'm so empty, God will take care of it,He is faithful just like you. I think that is why He sent you to me to show all His qualities and how deep His love is for me.Thank You Little Man for being my everything for all those years & giving me all those God given qualities.will be with you tonight at the candle light ceremony. Love and Kisses Momma 9/26/11.Little Man things will never be the same without you, You left this world and the rainbow bridge got another angel.My heart is so heavy with grief I think about you constantly. You will forever remain a part of my heart, I miss you little man, I know in Christ there are no goodbyes I'm holding on to Jesus for all I have to see you again.I hear you are pain free and carefree up there with all you new friends and that makes me smile and happy for you. Run and play free forever send me a sign chip to let me know you think about me. Love and kisses Momma 9/27/11. Hey Little Man, Just letting you know I miss you and love you so much. This has had to be the worst September I have ever had. Losing you was so devasting, my whole life is just a blur can't get my mind off you.You were the first thing i seen in the morning when I woke up, the routine is so empty without you. The coffee doesn't even taste as good as it used to. Life was so much happier with you in it. I look for you everywhere just to get glimpses of your memory in anything.Momma is so sad, I wish the pain could go away.Love & Kisses Momma & Gypsy.9/28/11. Good Morning Little Man, I miss you so much, I wish I could just hold you one more time, or go back in time to the last time I saw you,(I thought I would see you again)so I kept telling you to fight and be strong.In my mind you would have the disc operation and be all good again, never in my thoughts was it would be the doctor calling and giving me the terrible news, you were all the way in New Orleans 50 miles away . You were under anesthesia and He said he could just put you to sleep,I wanted so much to be with you, but it was best for you that way. You had already been thru so much that week I know you hated being separated from me, was the hardest for you and me.Forgive Momma Little Buddy for the way it ended. If I could change anything I would. Love and Miss You so much.9/29/11. Good Morning Little Man, 3 weeks ago you left for the rainbow bridge, I pray you are so happy and pain free in your new home.Gypsy was looking for you this morning, she is still waiting on the boss to return, amazing how much we miss you of course when I seen her it started me bawling and missing you more than ever, I don't think the pain will leave either of us.Thanks for the help yesterday when I asked for it. I know you are with me in Spirit and I will continue to talk to you, my angel.Love & Hugs Momma & Gypsy.9/30/11. It is Saturday again, another bath day for your sisters. It seems the days are so long now not having to cater to my little man, like I said before you were so much a part of my life, It is so empty now.Chip I know you know how much I miss you,we could communicate that way so Little Man keep me close to you all the time cuz I'm so lonely without you. The sun does not shine as bright and the birds don't sing as sweet since you are no longer by my side.Tears are the only solace I have these days, every one shed is the longing in my herart to see you again, if only in a dream so come sweet Chip to see Momma. I miss & love you very very much. Gypsy too was looking all over for you this a.m.Give her a little smooch.10/01/11.Hey Little Man It is Momma just stopping in to say I love & miss you. The weather has changed from summer to fall, really been nice I know you have perfect weather where you are and enjoying your freedom from all the earthly things you had to deal with down here. Thank You for visiting me last night,I heard your bark clear as ever and knew you came to say hello and you love and miss us too. Baby Boy you will never know how much I'm missing you or do You? Do all the things that bring you joy and happiness & don't forget me & Gypsy we are so sad without you.Love & Hugs Momma & Gypsy10/02/11. It's early Monday morning couldn't sleep come to visit my Little Man. It is so comforting to come here Chip, and all the caring people that know how I feel. They all lost furbabies too and ya'll are up there all together and we are only left with precious memories. How many you left me every day I discover so much I had with you. Thank You so much for all the unconditional love and joy you gave so graciously, my little man. I might not make it to candle ceremony tonight, but will say prayers during the day. As you are with me in Spirit know I will be with you in Spirit tonight& always. Love you Little Man.10/03/11.Good Morning Baby Boy,Missing You still,fill my heart with your love and let me just remember all the good times we had and all the unconditional love that lives on in my heart. Love and Miss You Little Man.Play and have fun with all your new friends.Hugs Momma & Gypsy.10/04/11.Good afternoon Little Man, It has been hectic around here this morning, your curio cabinet came in where your ashes will remain, along with other remiders of the best little dog ever. Of course you have that special place in my heart just for you and nothing else.I miss you buddy. I hope you are getting along with all the furbabies up there, and running and playing like you like to do, judging from what everyone writes you will have plenty playmates. Just wanted to tell you I love you and Miss you more and more each day.Much Love and Plenty hugs, Momma & Gypsy10/05/11.Good Morning Little Man. I just been remembering all the joy you gave me. always there for me, even when I was not the best Momma,I cannot get the vision out my head how you sat like a little person not like a dog. It was the most adorable pose,You were the light of my world and I did not even know it til the light was gone. My life is so gray without you in it. Little Man I know you are watching out for Momma I feel you all around me. Your curio cabinet looks so good. I have pictures up all over the house,so I can at least feel some comfort that you are here with me in Spirit. Love & Hugs Momma.10/06/11. It is Friday morning and now a month since my baby has been here. The house is so big without you. I miss you so much Little Man. My mind and thoughts are always on you.I need to get things done and them I'm back thinking about how lonesome I am to see you, touch you and hear that bark. Life is so empty without you, Chip.My only comfort is knowing one day you will meet me at the bridge and we can be together again. Sending you lots of love and hugs. Momma and Gypsy.10/07/11.Chip Momma is still so lonesome and sad without you. It is a month today I last touched you and talked to you, went see you in New Orleans, I thought you were going to have disc surgery and be all better.But it didn't turn out that way.I am so devasted for the way it ended I wanted to be with you when you took your last breath, to hold you and tell you I love you, just goes to show you God is in control of every situation, I know God knew what was best for you. I feel so selfish sometimes for wanting to keep you here, I pray the pain goes away but your love and memory live on forever in my heart. Love and Kisses Momma10/08/11.Good Morning Little Man, what a precious part of my life you were. The best dog I could have ever asked for. Went pick you up as a 6week old puppy and all the way to paw paw. You stood by me, you licked tears,and loved me no matter what.You will forever be in my heart and only your unconditional love and faithfulness will be remembered, not the pain of the last 4 days.You are happy and healthy at the rainbow bridge,waiting for me and Gypsy for our life in eternity with no more tears and goodbyes only so longs.I Love you and I will miss you til i see you again.Hugs and Kisses Momma 10/09/2011.Good Morning Little Man pray the sun is shining down on you and you are so happy. Love and miss you,will be with you tonight at candle light ceremony. Hugs and Kisses Momma.10/10/11.My Little man, How Momma misses you and Gypsy was waiting for you this morning like she always does. It is so heartbreaking to see her. Her love for you will remain til she is with you at the bridge and Momma too.The candle light ceremony was so good last night,Bless Ginny and all the volunteers for what they do for us. Please know you are forever in my heart and thoughts. Love and Hugs Momma & Gypsy Girl.10/11/11. Mornin Buddy, Little Man I am still so lonely without you.just had to come and visit let you know I Love you and miss you so.The days are not getting any better and the nights are so long. Don't want to wake in the morning cuz you won't be there.Chip know that I want to be with you and hold you, Thank You for all the love you gave me day in and day out. Have a rainbow kind of day with all your furbaby friends.Love Momma & Gypsy10/12/11. How's Momma's Little Man this morning. Good I hope, I received your letter yesterday via an angel here on earth. Thank You for the comfort of knowing you are looking after me morning, noon and night. Jesus is giving you all you need and showing you exactly what I need. You can be assured the flowers have plenty of rain because I cry an ocean of tears for you, my little man.And yes just as you were always by my side here, I know you are still walking beside me even thou I cannot see you. Thanking God again for our wonderful life here and anticipating our life in eternity. Love & Hugs Momma.10/13/11.Momma's Little Man, it has been 5 weeks since you left for the bridge, seems like eternity, my heart still aches and I yearn to hear your bark and see your precious loving eyes. Life just is not the same for me you were so much a part of me. I know you are happy and pain free, Chip you have to give me signs everyday to let me know you are with me in Spirit, it will give me hope,anything a butterfly, touch on my foot with your paw, or your bark.Miss you so much. Love and Hugs Momma10/14/11.Hey Little Man, I am really missing you today, when I went to put your ashes in the curio cabinet I took out the lock of hair and cried. It is still so hard without you. I Love and Miss you so much Chip be with me this day to just remember all the good memeories and please take my sadness and replace it with Joy. Have a glorious day at the bridge.Hugs Momma 10/15/11.Good Sunday Morning, Little Buddy,Thank You for bringing so much joy in my life,for all the love and compassion, I will forever be grateful for all the wonderful gifts you added to my life. Love and miss you very much Momma& Gypsy10/16/11.Good Mornin Little Man,just dropping by to say I Love & Miss You & thank You for being the faithful friend,pet and confidante for all those years. You are so special to me you will never know how much my heart aches for you. Have a rainbow fun filled day,little buddy.Hugs Momma 10/17/11.Good Morning Chip, My Little Man,I pray you know how much I miss you,I felt your prescence at the ceremony last night,Let that candle light shine as the golden cord between you and me never to be broken.It is always there for us to continue to have our connection faithful friend.I will look for a sign from you to know you are here with me always. Thank You for all the unconditional love & faithfulness my friend. Love & Hugs Momma10/18/11 Hey Little Man,Momma just stoppin in to give you a high 5. It has been 44 days now and I know I cried an ocean of tears for you. I miss you Chip,but the love goes on. we may not be together but our hearts are bound by the golden cord forever & ever.Much love to you My Little Man 10/19/11Good afternoon My Little Man.Had to come by and tell you I miss and love you. Just in case you forgot how much you mean to me.I must say I think I'm getting a little better, yesterday is first day I didn't cry this a.m. when I started to tear up Aunt Connie called me and made me feel better, she will be coming to stay with the gang while I take a little trip in a couple of weeks, you know you loved it when she came stay with you for a week when I went to Wa.state.So many people miss you,even Philip he cannot talk about it without getting tears in his eyes.The weather is cooling off and I cover with the same tan throw in your picture here, it is very comforting.I still have sooo many memories of you here, guess that is why it is so hard to let go, but that is ok, I always want you with me in Spirit if I cannot physically have you. Have a beautiful rainbow bridge day.Hugs Forever Momma 10/20/11Good Morning Baby Boy, I Love You pray you have plenty animal cookies and mini carrots to feast on, along with all the other joys you enjoyed here. I still think about you 24/7, I guess it is only natural that you left me with so many heartfelt loving memories that will forever be in my heart. Thanks for the help in finding my ring this a.m. I could always count on you. Love & Hugs(PLENTY) Momma.10/21/11. Hey Little Fellow I'm a little late in our chat today, Saturday, got all the chores done including bathin Gypsy, Anatole & Fiona thinking about you the whole time, you hated bath day, I let you slip when you got older and were hurting to once a month and you still hated it. Our weather has been so beautiful I know you are having great days too.I know you have plenty friends over at the bridge I read so many wonderful loving stories so you are in good company from what I'm reading, ya'll all share the same story of leaving loved ones behind that thought of ya'll as children in dog suits, kitty suits. etc. so Little Man enjoy yourself and remember us always thru signs and dreams. Miss & Love You so. Momma.10/22/11.Love & Miss you Little Man. Keep the Faith Chip, we will be together one day again never to be parted Yeah. Good Night to you will be with you at candle ceremony tomorrow night.Hugs Hugs Hugs Momma.10/23/11, Good Morning Little Man. Just to tell you I Love You and Miss you, have a fun filled rainbow day til I am able to be with you tonight at the candlelight ceremony. Hugs for today.Much Love Momma & Gypsy.10/24/11.Good Morning Man,I Love You, just getting back from Gray, Post Office and pick up my work, I remember how you loved those morning rides. I had to put the seat up,because I could still see you when I looked in the review mirror. I miss you so much Man. I could use a sign today to pull me thru another day. Love and hugs Momma 10/25/11.Good Morning Little Man Never have I known such uncondtional love as you gave me. I miss it and you so much,my days still are missing the sunshine even tho the sun is out.How could 14 years just slip by so fast, like a blink of an eye,my man I miss you but want you to be happy and carefree one day you will see Momma again,I know you are with me every day in spirit thank you for always being there for me. Love,Smooches and Hugs.Momma10/26/11. It is Thursday morning Little Man, just checking in to tell you I love & miss you so very much. My heart is still so heavy for you,Thank You again for being my best friend always.I know you are waiting for me at the bridge just know I will have plenty carrots with me & animal cookies pick us out a good area so we can just be together and do all the things you love most and I will have rag doll with me too. The gang here misses the boss,but not as much as Momma and Gypsy.Love you Little Man.Momma10/27/11. Good Morning Chip, Thank You for the beautiful rainbow this a.m.When I saw it you were the first thing that popped in my mind,I could see you all happy and healthy at the bridge playing with all your new friends.I miss you Little Man & Love you More each day,know thatyou are never more than a thought away-Loved & remembered every day, I might not get to write til Monday, Love You Momma.10/28/11.10/31/11Hey Little Man, Sure do miss my little man. Time is so precious I realize now to enjoy every moment,cuz you never know when it will all end. I know your spirit is with me these days Chip, because my heart is so peaceful and I know it is you that is telling me not to worry,cuz we will be united one day and get to start another dance,until then your memory will live on in my heart with all the blessings you gave me and I still hold on to. Love & miss you little fellow.Have a rainbow day.Love & Hugs Momma & Gypsy.11/4/11.It has been 56 days since you left for the bridge Chip.Those we love don't go away they walk besides us every day. Unseen,unheard, but always near. Still loved ,still missed so much Little Man my heart still aches for you.Sending you plenty hugs and kisses.Momma & Gypsy. Love & Miss you In my thoughts, in my heart forever & ever. Hugs Momma 11-11-11. Went Christmas shoppin today,only thinking how much you love to open presents.You were like a little child so anxious to get to them. I am missing you and our special times we had.I miss and love you more as time goes by. Love Momma 12/2/11.Good Morning Little Buddy. Sure do miss you, put you a Christmas tree,remembering how much you loved your presents also, Your favorite toy is inside it is whatever you want it to be, because you are at the rainbow bridge and everything is exactly likie you want it to be. My wish for you this Christmaas is no pain and only joy and fun doing what my Little Man loves to do. You are always with me in my heart. Love and Miss You. Love Momma 12/19/11.Good morning & Merry Christmas little man. I miss you to the moon & back,can't wait to be with you again. The season is just not the same without you here to brighten all the lights & festivities.I love you Chip. 12/25/11.7/31/12 Little Man You been on my mind so much these last couple of days, I miss you & Love you so much.I thought of you today,but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part. God has you in His arms. I have you in my heart.8/16/12 Today 15 years ago I went pick you out of a litter of pups,you were the runt,instantly we connected,You gave me 14 years of joy & unconditional love I could ever ask for. You are the best Little Man Dog ever. Missing You today & everyday, Lovin You More. Momma. 9/9/11 Today is 1 year you left for your new home at rainbow bridge. My heart still aches like it is the first day. I mss you so much Little Man. There is not one day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts, you left a giant paw print on my heart for a little man dog that you were. Thanking God & you for the wonderful 14 years of love & protection you gave me Love You forever and ever. Momma still today 3 years later I ache for your presence,miss you,CHIP to the moon & back. 9/9/14.Little Man,please take care of Little Bit he left to join you at the bridge last night9/10/14. Let Philip know he is with you. Love you much Momma
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