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Memories of Chipper
My beloved little Chipper, you are now with Poco. And I know that Mom and Dad see you every day as well.

I can't tell you how much I miss you, sweetie. Every time I see your blue balls in the yard, I want to start crying all over again. The little dip in the tip of your ears, your high-pitched bark. You were alpha male unless it thundered, then you were mama's boy.

I remember the games we would play with them. You'd back up, crouch down, keep your eyes on the ball, and then just as I was ready to pick it up, you'd pounce, snatch it right out from under me, and proudly prance away. And remember, how you would bounce the balls with your nose like a soccer star! Oh my beloved, how I miss you.

It all happened so fast, my love. Two cancer tumors, one benign, your glaucoma, heart tumor, and then your brain tumor, all within 18 months. And yet you always bounced back until the final few weeks. Please forgive me if I caused you any unwanted suffering at the end. I wanted to have you near me, hold you until you told me it was time to leave. And you did. I'm only sorry I didn't hold you longer in my arms at the vet, but I didn't want you to suffer any more than you had already. I'm very, very happy that you were in my arms at the end.

And now, my brave little, ball-crazy warrior, you're playing in Rainbow Bridge. Are you snatching Poco's toys like you always did? Is she being the little mother watching out for you as she always did, washing your face every morning? Remember how she saved your life when our neighbor's Tervuren attacked? Remember to kiss her every morning, Chip. I love you both.

Spunky sends his love. I know he misses you and gave you a kiss goodbye. Czarina and Olympia, as well, send their love. They could never foil "the Chip."

No matter how many pups I'll ever have, how much I love all of them, you will always be THE ONE, my beloved Chipper. You were the one who sang to my heart.

May 15, 2013 - Little Chip, it's been six months to the day that you passed in my arms, and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you terribly. Now that Spring is here and it's warm out, all you blue Orca balls are outside, and the Jolly balls. You were quite the ball maniac, and you would beat the girls to the balls, and wouldn't give up the chase or let go. You could run with the girls and I swear, you were responsible for Olympia's ACL injury. Remember how you would bounce the jolly ball up in the air with your nose. You developed quite a soccer nose there, little boy. And the joy in your face when you caught the ball, and how you'd wiggle your rear with pride. Your brother Spunky, is a love, but he doesnt' have the zest for playing like you had. He's still an explorer by heart, whereas you were the ball man. I still remember the day the landscaper left the gate open and you got out. It was only the neighbor's soccer ball that stopped you and I was able to catch you. My heart was in my throat thinking I'd lost you. My heart is in my throat now and whenever I think of you, my beloved. Kiss Poco for me, and stay close to her and mom and dad. I know you're in heaven, dear Chipper. And waiting for me, Spunky and the girls. Someday, little fellow. Someday. All my love, Melanie.

November 15, 2015 - My dearest Chip. Two years since I held you in my arms as we said good-bye. Yet, it seems as only yesterday. I have your photo that Dr. Mercier took of us together on my computer homepage, so I see you first thing every morning. You're never far from my heart. I miss you so much, especially when I'm in the backyard and remember how you would play with your ball non-stop. How you would crouch down, eyes on the ball, and vroom, you'd pounce and run away with ball daring anyone to catch you. Your brother, Spunky, had another surgery this year; still thinks he can eat everything. Czarina is always by me, and looks after the house. Spunky drives her crazy, but she's never hurt him, and I know never will. I'm afraid you may have another pal up in heaven with you. Olympia is having problems with her hind legs. She has disc disease, and will need a very costly surgery. But, I can't put her through that. She has a joy of life like you did, and I'll do everything I can to make sure she lives her life to the fullest while she can. I love you Chipper, and miss you very much. I looked at your Jingle Chip picture just yesterday. You're the love of my life, still. Kiss Poco, and stay close to mom and dad. I know they're crazy about both of you. All my love, little fellow. Wish you were still here when I need a hug or kiss. Spunky' trying his best to fill your paws. Love you. Melanie

March 23, 2017 - Dearest Chip, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Whenever the girls are playing ball in the backyard, I think of you. When I go for walks with Spunky, I think of you and your favorite tree. When I walk through the garage door into the kitchen, I think of you waiting for me on the threshold. When I there are thunderstorms, I think of your you and your fears. My little Chipper, dearest Chip, may you be happy and healthy with Poco and Mom and Dad loving you in heaven. Miss you little fellow, still. Love Melanie

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