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Memories of Chief
I just took a shower and no Chief came bursting into the bathroom, it's almost time for your pills but your not here to give them to. I guess now I don't need the rubber sheets on the bed where you would occasionally have a lapse with the behavior thing. I guess I won't have to fight to move when you laid on my legs,crotch or butt.

I guess I don't have to buy your special CD food and keep a bowl in the bedroom. I guess I don't have to have the extra water dish and litter box in the computer room upstairs anymore. I guess maybe now I'll get some sleep not worrying if you were going to pee in the bed with me in it, or your late night howling when you were playing with your spongy and fuzzy balls.

I guess I won't have to squirt you with the water bottle to get you off my entertainment stand in the bedroom, or yell at you when you turn on the lamp in the middle of the night, or when you lick and bite my hair, even though you were the family groomer. I guess I don't have to make your ultrasound appointments anymore.

I guess I should be happy my life might be less stressful, but I'm not, I want my little boy back. I want to hear you keeping me up during the night.

I miss you Chiefie and I will never find another trusting soul like you, a goofy guy who followed me around like a puppy, who could be fast asleep but as soon as I moved wake up to see where I was.

You were taken from me too soon, 5 years is not long enough, I will always love you and never forget our times together. You were momma's boy and the bond we shared will never be forgotten.

Love You Always, Meowmie Debbie, Daddy John and sisfur Bailey

March 19, 2017

Chief I still miss you my little Chiefster, it's 11 years now and a lot has happened since then. Your sisfur Bailey is now with you, so now you have your cuddle buddy again. Love you always and will never forget you.

March 19, 2018

Chief another year without my Chiefster. I want to thank you for sending Thom to me. I truly believe it was your doing to find Thom with no health issues. He's 13 now and still in good health and a very good bed buddy to take over where you left off. Miss you and always will, love you, Chief.

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