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Memories of Chico
Chico wasn't mine in the beginning. He was my daughters, a gift from her then fiancé. I was his puppy sitter for like 6 months. We bonded and fell in love, he became my little boy and little brother to my daughter. I was always a "cat" person until I met Chico. He was not your typical Chihuahua, he was calm, mild tempered, patient and so sweet.
A perfect little gentleman, who was not a yapper, jumper or hyped up little dog. He learned to play fetch, quickly how to use the doggie door, patrolled our yard to keep us all safe. I called it "checking the perimeter" for danger.
He would sit, lay, cuddle next to me anywhere I went. Loved belly rubs, his sweaters and coats; he was cold natured, loved to tear apart his stuffed toys(kill them), and loved going "bye-bye." He loved car rides, was a great companion in the car. Would always let us know when he needed to use the "bathroom." Liked the window down to smell new smells or to just sit on my arm looking over the sights we passed. On long road trips he always knew from a deep sleep when we were close to home, not sure how he knew but he did. He would jump awake, look around and shake out his ears(pop his ears is what we called it).
Chico also loved to take walks at our city park, and especially our national rec area near our home. He would do the boy thing of marking everything we passed. On a leash or off he stayed right beside by my side. I loved how he would "peel out" to mark areas as well. He loved the fall, he would roll, jump and burrow into the fallen leaves. Make me laugh from that so often. He loved being silly and playful. He didn't like the cold or heat this was his season as it is mine.
As for eating, he did have a sensitive stomach that we didn't know until he needed a diet change. An occasional snippet of bacon or sausage was thoroughly enjoyed by him. He did not like eggs in the least, we tried them and he spit it out. Made us laugh, he would sniff it with disdain and walk away from it. Too funny.
He would sit at my feet waiting for a tidbit of food when I would eat. But I would have to show him my empty hands when I was done or he would look for more.
I used to make him clothes, I would make him sweatshirts from old fleece jackets or shirts. I once made a pair of pants, it was so cute and funny. People laughed but he wore them proudly, with his tail in the air.
His antics of finding stinky, smelly stuff to rub or roll in or when he would crawl along the ground on his chest being super cute will be so missed. And he loved to sun himself on the back porch. His little face looking up and basking in the sun.
He loved to have his picture taken, he was a top dog in this, posing this way and that. He was even included in our 25th wedding anniversary slideshow. Him and Abby.
Abby was his lifelong companion, she is still with us. 12 years to his 14, they had one set of puppies together. She is a dachshund so they had Chiweenie pups. She had six of them. They were friend, husband and wife, brother and sister to each other. She mourned his passing as well. Her alpha was gone, though she was bossy to him at times. She was bigger than him. I know she still sniffs around and looks for him but knows he is gone. Her spark is starting to return but you can tell it affected her. Their first introduction was hilarious, she was a puppy and he was almost two. Two homes had returned her and we took her. She was tiny sitting on a couch, looking away when Chico hopped up to check her out. He startled her so bad that she literally bark/screamed at him. He got so startled that he fell off the couch. Was so funny to tears but they became family. They would be chasing each other around the yard and he would leave her behind. At his peak years Abby couldn't catch him, so she cheated and would cut back or cut across to catch him. As he grew older she didn't have to do that as often. When we went for walks, Chico could never lead, she had to lead, always.
His dad, my husband was in love with him as well. He has comforted me, consoled, wept with me when Chico went across the Rainbow bridge. I know he misses him everyday, he would wake up with him. They would go into the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. Chico was his morning buddy.
The funny thing is that we would adjust the temperature of the house in the morning for Chico and Abby, if it was cold we turned up the heat and too warm turned it cooler. They ran the house. They had dog blankets, bowls and beds all over the place. It was a good life. Doggie door equaled freedom, dog food dishes always filled, water bowls filled, sleeping areas all over the place, fenced yard to check out the neighborhood but still be safe, lots of dirt and grass to dig and roll in. It was a dogs life and we loved him so.
Chico loved our family reunions, he would wander our campsites and snack on scraps, walk into the creek to cool off, meet other family members. He once had a little swimming pool that he would sit in during that summer. He would roll in discarded ice if it was hot at a festival we attended.
He used to sleep with us but we changed that as he grew older. We didn't want to roll over him so we got him a bed and he liked it along with his blanket, a blue and white one.
For a Mother's day present my daughter offered to buy me a tattoo. I got a picture of Chico on the inside of my left ankle for myself, can't see him otherwise. I got it their because anytime I crossed my leg I would see him. I also knew that I would one day put his lifespan on his tattoo. I plan to do that real soon.
Chico hated fireworks, so a blessing in disguise was when he lost his hearing. No more scary sounds but also couldn't hear me either. That was a tough one to handle.
He had an ear injury on his left side, a blood vessel ruptured and caused damage to his ear. He could no longer stand it straight up but kind of cocked to the side. He also had a mini stroke which caused his right ear to stay completely upright, no movement or anything. They kind of balanced each other.
He was about 6 years old when we got him neutered, he came through like a champ. No change in character or fun, they said he would but he didn't. Still fun and frisky.

I had a neighbor kid who fell in love with Chico. He would come by and play with him in the yard. This had to have been more than 10-12 years ago. I ran into this kid last summer(2015)and he asked about him. He said that Chico was such a good dog and he always wanted a dog like him. Couldn't believe that he still remembered that time. Meant so much to me that Chico made an impression.

He loved my sister, the one who doesn't like animals of any kind. But she always welcomed us into her home. He would always tear down the hall and jump on her bed. She would get to frustrated with him rolling and laying on her bed. I always teased her that he loved her so. She never pushed him off or anything mean to him so he thought like everybody else she loved him. That is a good memory.

The only memory that comes to mind is when Chico met Esther(black Lab pup) for the first time. We were on the driveway and Chico was laying down the law to her and Esther tried to submit and get lower than him. She couldn't get down lower than him(he was so small compared to her) and after several attempts she just fell down and rolled back and forth beside him. He accepted that and went his way. He just knew that all the dogs should have the good sense to submit. I think he kind of felt sorry for her. - via Aunt AJ.

His health issues were so many, super sensitive skin, eyesight diminishing, his ears, allergies, his esophagus collapsing at times caused wheezing. And lastly his heart that is what took him, his heart muscles were weakening and causing fluid to build up. He had a persistent cough due to this. Meds helped for a little while but only put off the inevitable. The vet said that Chico couldn't understand why he couldn't run and play like before. He never let me see him uncomfortable though I would watch him and see him not feel well. He always put on a puppy face for me.
His names were so many from me. Chito, Bebe, superpuppy, angel pup, precious boy, best boy in the world, Chito bandito fandito Chihuahua, puppy.
I am a Christian and believe that I will see him again. And he and I will be brand new when we see each other again.
Friends, family, and coworkers know how much this little guy meant to me and are so supportive. They cried with me.
He saw me at my best and worst. He kept my secrets, my tears, my fears, and knew me like no other being. Not even my husband, I told him things and shared so much with him that not having that confidante and friend will be hard to do without. He knew I wasn't perfect but he loved me anyway. My sister said that to lose your pet(furbaby), is to lose a lot of love at one time.

09/16/16 Tim had a memory. When he was very young, we would go camping and sadly have to tie him up to keep him in our campsite. He hated it so he would become this "Houdini", and escape from his harness. After that first time, whenever we tried to tie him up he wasn't having it. He would always escape with the harness and rope totally intact like an invisible dog was tied there. That's when we bought a doggie fence kennel that would fold up, he didn't like it but he stayed put. So at one point he was our magician dog! I had forgotten that and Tim reminded me to put it here.
09/20/16 You sent me a small plastic golf ball that you used to play with. Last week your sister and her boys moved and it was hard but you left me your toy to cheer me up. It was needed so much, Friday was difficult again for Abby too, Alex left that day too. Now she is alone in the house. If you could send her s sign that it will be okay and she can do the job of being the only pup and help us each mend our hearts together.

Memories 09/28/16: "Puppy Kisses" is one of the things he loved to share. If he was close to you and was able to reach your face, you only needed to say "puppy kisses" and he would oblige. Just a couple of licks and he would stop. He loved giving me them anytime I or anyone asked.
Mean dog; not really but anytime my hubby would want to try and rile him up. He would blow into his face and Chico would lightly snap at him like "stop or I don't like that!" Never got bit but it would make him feisty.
His stuffed animals, he would like I said before "kill them" tear them apart and throw stuffing all over the place and we would find an emptied animal skin. If we caught him in the process of killing them, my hubby would try to take it away and Chico wasn't having it. He would run away with it. If hubby caught him, he would try to wrangle him by the back of his neck and shoulders and Chico would just growl really low and not let him have it. Tim would tell him "get mean" and Chico would get louder. It was a cute game that they would play together. He was such a joy.

November 1, 2016 It has been 2 months since you left me behind. I still miss you so much. Your sweetness and your greeting at the door everyday after work. I wonder if you miss me? I have to remind myself that you are so much better, stronger and super healthy where you are now. Went for a walk at your favorite place Chickasaw rec area in Sulphur. The first time without you, Abby loved it but I am sure she missed you too. You had to mark everything on our walks, but always beside me. It is fall now and I remember how you loved playing in the leaves, rolling and pouncing through them. A cat is trying to move in with us, she is stray and feral but still kind of sweet. Saw a butterfly while I talked to Davy about you not being with us that day for the first time. A sign from you I am sure.
I finally gave Abby your bed, she still lays on the big dog pillow but is loving your bed at night time. I remember how she used to bully you out of it at times. I would make her get out. Now she has it and I think she can still sort of smell you on it. She is struggling with storms and being alone. She gets so nervous without her roommate and alpha male to make her feel safe. You were so little but so big and bold in nature. 2 holidays without you (Labor Day and Halloween). Now the biggies--not sure how I can handle those but keep an eye on me and keep letting me know that you are still around. I still greet you every morning- "morning bebe" and look out at your grave in the backyard. You were the best little dog.
Happy memory now, I remember how you used to snub me when you got mad at me. It was hilarious, you would stare straight ahead and not twitch an ear or move a muscle. You would pretend not to hear me and avoid looking at me. It was so cute and bratty of you. Got to go now but know that I miss you so much. I loved you so much. I weep when I think of you too much.

December 2, 2016- Well Chito, we got a new dog, a puppy really. He is young and annoying like Alex was when we got him as a granddog. His name is Max, he looks like Alex a little, we took him when no one else in his family would. We prayed that God would send us a dog that would fit with us and Abby. I prayed so hard that you would give your approval somehow. Well when we first got him home, we showed him the doggie door and backyard. He sniffed around a little then went straight to your corner. And I knew then that it was right to take him. His other owner was unable to keep and care for him. If you really are around us at home at times. Give him a little whiff of what a sweet, precious dog could be. You cast a long shadow for him to follow but I know God meant him for us.
We got him on Thanksgiving, another holiday without you. You loved the smell of the turkey and ham I would cook. You would wander around in the kitchen with your nose in the air, taking in all the rich smells. I still miss you so much. It is still so hard to let you go. You were the best!! You were my baby, I still love you so much. Hope you can feel that.
Ms. Kitty is still around, we decided to just feed and shelter her on the front porch. Max doesn't like her. Abby never warmed up to her but she is a cat so not surprised there. Happy memory time- you loved to nap on the ottoman by the front window. And when you were really relaxed or tired, boy could you snore. It was a cute nasally snore. I miss that too. Hearing you snore. I also remember how well trained you had Tim. We could never close a door to you. You would go out and we would try to close the door but you would turn right around and scratch to be let in. Only to want out again, you were only satisfied if the door was propped or left open. Your dad learned not to close doors on you unless he wanted to get up and down to open it whenever you wanted him to. He said he actually misses that about you, that little and persistent scratch at the door. Our bedroom door still has the scratch marks.
January 20, 2017
Well Chito, you did really good when you sent me Max. He has so many of your characteristics, he is sweet and funny like you. He waits for me when I come down the hall, tilts his head when I talk to him, he gets jealous and pushes me and your dad apart when we hug or kiss just like you did. The more I get to know him the more I like him. He is rambunctious like you were when you were a pup. Just loves the yard and barking at cats. He has taken the role of barking at strangers and cats that come too close to the house and yard. You would be proud of him. I miss you so much at times that I still cry when I think too much of you. Now I just need to teach him how to walk on the leash like you did. He has a lot to learn but is on his way. I know you can hear and read my words from your side of the bridge. Still waiting to cross it to see you again. I did have a dream about you, Jesus was holding you when I entered heaven. I just cried and rushed to the both of you. I didn't want to wake up but of course I did. I cried a little from it but it helped me imagine the future reunion. Have to go for now but wanted to write something up Max's progress. Keep an eye on him and Abby while we are not home, keep them safe. Keep leaving the presence of what a good dog is like, thank you.

February 24, 2017- Had to write today, been missing you so much lately. The weather is getting nice and we took the kids to Sulphur. Max's 1st trip. He did the male thing of marking everything. He loved it though. You know Abby enjoyed it too. I know she still misses you too. Max is so much younger and energetic for her at times. Sometimes I feel like I will always be sad when I think of you because I miss you so much. The daily stuff of seeing you at the door or window when we pull up or leave. When I watch you walk by my bedroom window, Max does that now. I get kind of sad though cause its not you. Max also did a "Chico" thing again. I put some perfume on and went into the restroom and Max followed me. He started to sneeze and huff at me. You always did that and I took it to mean that you thought I stink. He has done wonders with his personality. He still tries to bite me in play but I tell him to stop and not to bite his mom. Your grave is starting to flatten now, I will plant some flowers and get your little grave marker. You were the best dog, so sweet, so patient, and so nurturing to me when my emotions got the best of me. I miss singing to you and talking to you. Just sitting and stroking your back or head while I read or watch TV. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom, don't know if I ever told you that. Holding you when you passed was the sweetest and most difficult thing I ever had to do. Even more so than when family members passed. They were not in my daily routine like you were. Checking food bowls, fixing blankets and walking out the door and saying bye each day. And the welcome when I would come home. Our nightly ritual of fixing your bed, saying good night, propping the door for you to come and go. I miss you so much at times that I don't think I can handle it. I will write again. It has been six months.
March 29, 2017- It has been 7 months since you left me. I hope that you are doing good and that you miss me a little with it being so great there. I do find myself thinking of you less often, not because I love you less but I have so many new fur babies. You wouldn't like it. We got a new little girl, Molly. She is a Chihuahua like you. Very gentle and sweet, send good doggie thoughts and dreams to Abby and Max to welcome and to love her. She is 9 years old and I find myself loving her. Send your presence of peace and acceptance to our home. It is still your home. Thank you for sending Max, he is a mess and a perfect filler for you. Sweet but so goofy and spunky that he helps with the heartache of your empty spot at home. He does a fine job. When you visit, send him your best dog spirit and love for him to model. Abby is still adjusting, is handling Max but Molly was a little difficult. She bullied her some, send her memories of how you accepted her when she came to us. And help her bond with her new sister. I also got the cats too, Ms. Kitty, Babycat, Jack, and Malili. They are still here with us, Ms. Kitty has claimed me as hers but Jack and Babycat also are trying to nose their way to call me theirs. It is amazing how many animals it takes to fill my heart with the love that you gave me. I still miss you so much and cry at times. You were my little boy, Matty really misses you too. I think he regrets the times he was not nice to you. Could you ask God to send him a dream of you to comfort him? He needs to have one like the one I had to give me peace. I keep your memory with me at work, I use your name/nicknames as passwords. You were the best dog that God have given me, I will thank him for you when we reunite. I love you Bebe! You were the best boy in the world as I would sing to you. Feel my words and love for you today.
April 18, 2017
Read a sweet poem about a pet that crossed Rainbow Bridge, it said for me not mess up the memories you left me. Missing you is okay but not to just be sad for too long but to hang onto all the good you brought and all the love and devotion you gave to me. I sometimes wonder if you miss me, with it being so grand there. I am falling in love with Max and Molly, they are sweet and silly like you. Just want attention, love and pats. I will post that poem to remind me. I never want to take for granted all that you gave me. Always in my heart and on my mind. Precious boy, best boy in the world! Going on our first camping trip next weekend with all the dogs, should be interesting. I love you my Chico.

June 28, 2017
I still miss you so much at times. Molly has taken over your duties as my nurse. She stays by me when I am sick. She lays there like you did. She has so much of your gentle sweet nature that it kind of hurts to love her. She has definitely claimed me as her mom. Maxi is such a mess, he loves to play and run around. Deep down he is so sweet, just a crazy young pup. The girls went to the beauty parlor and got all pretty. Tim remembered one of the first times we took you and Abby. They had painted your toenails red and he made me take it off you. He said "He is a boy and doesn't need polish." So I took it off. We tried to take Max to the family reunion but he couldn't handle it with all the excitement of the creek and all the new people. I remember when we would take you before you tummy got too sensitive, some would always ask about you. They all remembered you. You were family. We didn't take the pups camping like my last entry said. We got rained out. Your least favorite holiday is coming up, 4th of July, you so hated all the noise, smells and brightness that it would bring. You would hide in your bed. Happy memory time; you loved to share my ice cream with me, people would gross out when they would see us share my cone. I would say he is my baby and I can share with him if I want to. Tomorrow is the anniversary of your crossing the Rainbow Bridge, you have been gone for 10 months now. It is easier but if I think of you too long, I cry. I still love you precious boy, you were the best! Will write again soon.
August 21, 2017
Precious boy! I still miss your sweet presence. You were such a constant in my life. Waiting for me when I would get home. Keep watch over the house when we were gone. Max, Molly and Abby are doing well. Slowly and I mean slowly starting to get along and play with each other. I am so glad that you are in a place that has beautiful weather and no fleas or ticks. We are battling it here still. You can run and roll all over the place with fear of stickers or bugs getting you. You used to love rubbing your belly in the cool grass and sitting in your baby pool or just sit in the sun soaking up rays. I loved your marking on your chest, it looked like a heart. Who knew that you would take so much of mine when you left. I still love you so much and can't wait to see you. Could you send me a sign or an item to let me know that you are happy and glad that I am starting to mourn less. And just remember you and smile or laugh and not cry. It has almost been a year, I didn't think I would make it past the 1st month without you. I will write on the date that you crossed. It will be so hard but you were and are worth it. Your friendship was a blessing in my life that I will never forget. Any dog will always live in your shadow, a long one at that. Talk to you on your glorious day! Bebe' you were the best!

ONE YEAR GONE. August 29, 2016-August 29,2017
Well I made it. I have been counting the days for our memorial date. It has gotten easier but I do still mourn you. Your profile on your bed down the hall of when I would come home, you would see me and come running down the hallway to greet me. You would spin in circles, so excited to see me though it was only since this morning. Sarah used to say that she wished I would treat her like Chico but I always said well you don't greet me at the door like he does. You made me feel so special and loved unconditionally, yes you would get upset with me and cold shoulder me but he always came running to me when I came home. I still have your bed and some of your mementos. I am wearing my necklace in remembrance of you. It says "If love could have saved you, you would live forever." I waited to wear it for our day. I try to remember you with smiles and laughter because I don't want to only remember with tears. You gave me so much joy, love and companionship, a true friend. You would find a spot next to me on the couch or bed and snuggle up and sleep. I remember reading a passage from a book that said if your dog is your baby then you would be reading this book while scratching/petting your dog. Guess you were my baby, because I was.
Things You loved little bits of hot dogs, sausage, ice cream and yogurt. Your bed, blanket, little plastic golf balls, going for walks, going for car rides. Laying in the sun in the winter time. Watching the front yard from our front window. Making me feel guilty when I would leave you, by watching me from the window or behind the fence. I always wanted to take you but couldn't and now I wish I had.
I know you are in a better place and very content there. I wonder if you miss me or does time change while you wait. God gave me one of the best dogs and I thank him for the gift.
There is so much I want to express but don't know how. It was a dark day when you left but with my other babies to keep me busy it is easier because I see the same devotion and love in their eyes. But when I look at them, I miss you more because it isn't your soul that I see. I do love them, don't get me wrong but you made me able to love so easily. I send you my love, my pats, and kisses to you today. Hope you pause in your day to send me a warm thought of what we had. My friend, my baby, my confidante and my little boy. I will write again, have a great day you deserve it. Love, mom.

DECEMBER 4, 2017
Well it has been a while since I wrote to you. I have been super busy taking care of our new animals. Abby is getting older and I am trying to prepare my heart to let her go when it's time. She is wearing out and tries so hard to be happy for us. I do love her so much. Send thoughts and scents to her to let her know that you understand how she feels. Max and Molly are getting along with each other now. She has to snap him into line once in a while. You would have liked Max, he is super silly and fun. We had a health scare with him. He swallowed a ball and got really sick. He had to have surgery to get it out, he is better now. I still miss you so much and think of you. You were such a special pup that taught me to love dogs. I still miss your welcome home greeting. I have started to use Molly's name for passwords now. That was hard, I do love her so. I usually used your name for my passwords but I started using her name a passing of the torch.

My heart won't be whole until I get to hold and play with you again. You were my angel pup, I keep hoping Max and Molly will be sweet like you were and at times they are. But sometimes they just make me miss you even more. I know they can't be just like you but I am hoping. You were my number 2 valentine every year after your dad. You were such a sweet boy, I wonder if I will ever stop being sad about losing you. People say it takes a long time to get over a good dog, how long for a great one? Bebe- I am sending my love, puppy kisses and belly rubs to you today for Valentine's Day just so you will know that I am thinking of you today. I love you Cheeto-bandito Chihuahua.

July 3, 2018
Thinking of you today, the reunion just passed. I know you loved the reunion, everyone knew you. You would wander to all the camps and get a snack of scraps left over. You would walk down to the water and get a drink. You did hate the fireworks, always put you in the van with the radio on to muffle it. Once you lost your hearing it wasn't so bad, you tolerated it more.
I so often think of you and get sad but know that you are in a much better place. Hopefully waiting on me to get there. Look for a new friend that just came there on Friday morning, his name is Jack. He was a friend of mine's dog. He is a big hound dog, though no dog ever intimidated you. You were such a brave little dog. Welcome him and let him know that his mom Tiffany is missing him so much. Ask him to send her a sign that he is good and having a blast in his new home. And that she really, really loved him.
We got Alex now, Sarah and DJ gave him to us, he is fitting in really well with Max, Molly and Abby. He loves his freedom again. He is such a sweet boy, like you. You were a good role model for him. Wish you could have been around for Max. He needs someone to be like. Abby is getting so old now, I hate to think of her joining you soon. But her eyesight is getting bad and her hearing is pretty much gone. Send her good thoughts and memories. We love her so much. Now a good memory...the park in Okmulgee got rid of their fountain, the one you used to like playing in the leaves in the fall. I remember you jumping in there and rooting around and digging through them. You so loved the parks we used to visit and loved going bye-bye! I remember when you peed on your dad because he wouldn't stop for a bathroom break. You tried telling him and he wouldn't listen. I still laugh about that. You loved to sit on my lap or lay on the floor in the front with me. You were the only one allowed up front. Spoiled boy that you were. I miss you and still love you so much. Grief is when love has no where to go, when the one you love isn't there to receive it. If God will let you send me a sign to show that you think of me as well. Love you best boy in the world! Will write again. -Mom

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