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Memories of Chico
Chico was a really cool doggie, his tongue stuck out and even further when he would get excited. He LOVED to play with toys and fetch. He loved to jump around the couches and took over my living room chair as his own. He would howl at strangers and passers by, and bark to let me know someone was around. What a great watch dog. He didnt like the snow very much on his teenie feet, but he Loved wearing sweaters to keep him warm. He loved to play with his littermate sister, Sadie, and give her a run for her money in the deep grass. Whether it was running in circles or biting each others feet, they loved to play togther outdoors. They loved to rub their backs in the grass and lounge in the sunshine. And he travelled to far away places with mom.

As a puppy, he and sadie would fight at night and wake mom up with screams! ouch! Later he became a VERY LOUD SNORER to wake mom up that way! For such a little dude, he had a BIG snore! He liked to sleep alone on his dogbed under the blankets or on a pillow(especially mom's pillow) though recenlty he had been caught cuddling up to mom for warmth in the middle of the night. He liked to sleep in, he was not an early riser... When Sadie would get up in the morning he would just give mom the eye, as if to say " yeah, no, I am stayin right here til im good and ready to get out of bed". In some ways he was a momma's boy and ran to mom for comfort, or for big scratchies and "lovins" He LOVED to crawl on his belly across the carpet, what we called "the green beret crawl". It was really silly. And his tail, his tail wagged non-stop!!!

Chico also loved to play with other dogs, regardless of size...Like the big sheepdog he met in Presidential park in Philly, or the park in Sonoma, or even Stinson Beach. He really loved the beach too; running by the water and chasing other hounds around.

He was fond of stealing pens to chew which invaribly stained carpets! He was also known for stealing moms toothbrushes right from her suitcase! Too many times to count. She also reinvested in lipglosses he somehow sniffed out from her jackets and bags...He also l oved getting treats, though he was not picky as to what kind, unlike his sister, he ate anything!

Chico had an endearing soul and was able to capture the hearts of many people, even those who term themselves "not small dog people" At six pounds, he was a "small dog" , haha. Though he was not overly social with humans, once he felt a connection he became a big cuddle bug, and i do believe the best way to his heart was to scratch his back and belly...He had some special aunts who also loved him just as much as mommy and helped give him a great life!

He left us too soon at he age of 3 1/2 ...when he got hurt jumping from too high a spot and suffered a brain injury...He will be forever loved and missed by us, I love you chic-y-bear! Love Mom and Sadie XXXOOO

5/24/06 Chico we miss you! mommy and Sadie want you to know about the outpouring of loive we have received from everybody who knew you and your spunky self, and also people who have read your story. We all love and miss you and hope you are playing up there with all the other animals over the rainbow. I miss your tongue and howling, its awfully quiet around here without you, and you are still Sadie's favorite playmate; she is not interested in playing with any other small doggies, only you!!! We love you buddy, hugs and kisses and scratchies! XXXOO

8/21/06 It doesnt get easier buddy. we miss you soooooo much. sadie needs a playmate but i know there will never be a doggie as cool or spunky as you. Just looking at others makes us sad to be without you. I still have all your toys though, in case you want to visit. I hope you are gliding around and remember we will love u forever buddy. i miss your sniffs and scratchin u....oh chicy, we miss u so. Mommy

3/6/07 : Hey baby! I have been thinking about you tons. You are irreplaceable.Mommy got Sadie a buddy and she likes to pick on him too, but she doesnt play with him the way she did with you. You are still the coolest and bestest doggie ever buddy. Chic-y we still miss you. Its coming up on a whole year I havent had your touch or your nose sniffin' me. I miss your howl and your attitude. we are moving home, closer to grammy and grampy and i will take you with me wherver we go. We all love you, Mommy Sadie and Sinatra XXXXOOO Big hugs buddy, i love you , love you , love you..

5/27/08 Hey Chicy-Bear! Its momma... I was to upset on mothers day, it was two years ago sadie & I spent alone losing you, we miss u terribly. Your new buddy Sinatra is a handful- nothing like u buddy, not real personable to strangers (!) except that he has as smart a sniffer as u and can find toys anywhere in the house. Your sister is not herself but shes great. I know everyone who reads this may understand- mommy will never ever be the same without u, but its time that i stop wishing you were gone... i got stuck baby, please pray with mommy and help all your new buddies send thier mommies & daddies the message that its ok to let go- we KNOW we will never forget, but we can move forward.... Thats the biggest thing for me and probably why i didnt write for so long buddy. Its so painful to see your site, and its so darn hard little man!!! I know u are with me, and maybe u sent the message..and the crazy sinatra to watch over us!!!! .. I see u in Sinatra and i know u r here.. I LOVE U BABY BOY! MOMMY MISSES U!!!! Im sending tummy rubs, ill write next year love bug! Snore loud pumpkin!!!!! XXXOOO, Mommy, Sadie & Sinatra. PS- Grammy & Grampy, Rini say hi!!! Say Hi to Brandy chicy!!!

8/27/10 Chic-y aunt Ger"s baby Marley joined you today! please go play w and snuggle her; she shares your spirit! Sinatra loved palying with her too... We will never forget you! I miss you my tiny man! XOXO mommy

4/29/2017 hey buddy! My Chicy-bear.... I can't believe it's been 11 years you've been gone, but it's a lifetime of happy memories you gave me my munchkin! auntie Gail and uncle kiblers baby Phil came to greet you in heaven! I know you'll have a great time playing together. Take care of each other! Xoxoxo I miss you everyday, my sweet love bug. Sending you big cuddles and belly rubs..... 😘💕🐾

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