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Memories of CHICO
CHICO 2/5/87---1/26/04 Mama misses her daily walks with you , We still look for you when we come home from work , No one will ever take your place.Dad had your steak Florentine for lunch and it was good. Auntie Tif and Uncle Jim love you too. See you when we get there , Ma can't wait. Uncle Bob misses you " Buzzie" 2/7/04 We didn't for get your birthday Thursday Mama put a rose on your grave.We both miss you so much.Jake has a Saint Bernard "NICK" at 9 weeks he is 5 times your size buddy.11/09/04 We think of you often.I missed you so much that I had to adopt a brother of yours. He is Diego a two and a half year old short coat Chichiuaua. He reminds us so much of you ,he is sweet and loving the same as you.And of course loves your mother and uncle Bob more than me.2/4/05 Sorry we missed your birthday, but we still think of you and miss you. Diego doesn't handle the cold and snow like you did.He has a covered ramp and leaves added to his business area daily to protect his tender little feet.5/1/05We still miss and talk about you daily your brother Diego is becoming possessive he thinks he owns the place he is on guard protecting us and the property.He doesn't like being in the camping trailer alone, but will sleep in the van all day and love it.miss you. 12/03/05 We have got a play mate for Diego his name is Spencer and supposed to be a chihuahua but he is a Moose at sixteen plus pounds. He is very loving and puts up with Diego's attitude. We still miss you and think of you often.3/24/06 Spencer is a hand full he has made Diego a hand full also they chew everything that you leave around they are not the good boy you are.STILL MISS YOU 2/22/08 It's been four years and we still talk about you almost every day. Spencer and Diego have finally grown to be good boys but they can't replace you.WE STILL MISS YOU. 01/31/2014 It's been 10 years and you are still in our daily thoughts. we may have neglected your site but we haven't forgotten you. The older we get the days slide by faster.We inherited Lizzie's dog Nicci five years ago.With three little ones we are over whelmed they are all good and get along.She is twelve the same as Diego I couldn't give her up when Lizzie pasted away three years ago on February 10th 2011.It's been a while since I enter anything today is April 21st 2017. It's been 13 years with out you but your not forgotten I'm posting your picture on the wall Diego and Nicci. We going to adopt another Fur baby Mable tomorrow she is 12 and needs a forever home. Chico the Man we miss and love you hope your having fun with Nicci and Diego. 2/7/2020 Update Diego and Nicci Have now passed on to be with you> Spencer is going to be 15 in may of 2020 he might live to a ripe old age like you. He is lonely and has to be with us constantly he loves to go for a ride in the truck with me. He is two heavy to go in the bicycle basket like you did and he hasn't been on the TV news like you and I were.We have pictures of you posted on the wall riding in the Firetruck. We still think of you and talk about memories with you.

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