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Memories of CHI CHI
Chi Chi loved cuddles and his brother Ching and sister Samantha but he and Ching would cuddle together sleeping and Chi just loved to curl up next to you and his darlings and he purred so beautifully and just loved you to stroke his tummy, a gentle darling never ever scratched no matter what even with medicine. Chi and Ching lived indoors only but have a 2 part enclosure with hammocks and walkways, scratching posts and benches along it so they could lay in the sun and watch the birds and us sitting on the swing next to it. We miss him so so much and when we sit there I see him still. Chi Chi would run passed you and fall at your feet rolling over to show you his tummy for you to stoke him there which he and Ching just love so much, when we go to bed we all miss his soft soft white fur and hearing his purring, his brother Ching so misses him and still will call (Ching has Siamese in him so is vocal) as he did for him and look in the places Chi would curl up, I know he misses those loving paws around him as when they fell asleep together, which they had done since they were 9 weeks old and Blessed us with their loving presence. Mummy and your Darlings miss you so Precious boy boy. Chi Chi now shines his love on us, touching us and wipes away our tears with his gentle loving paws. Your Beautiful Auntie Totcha (Terryanne) and Grandy will be cuddling you and spoiling you all the time (for sure you have found her knee and she is holding you gently listening to your purrs) along with our other boy boys and girlies Buster, Frog Morton, Oggi, Rocky, Dooley, Bella, Snowy and Ching who is just like your Ching here and you will have met Gt Nanna Bella and GT Grandy Bill so you will have lots of loving arms around you and fur hugs and kisses and Totcha will just be adoring you. We all will be together again when we meet at Rainbow Bridge Chi Chi so I know you are being looked after cuddled, kissed and loved till we enjoy the Summerland together reunited with our Wonderful Furkids again. Precious Chi Chi Darling xxxxxxx
01-01-10 Oh Chi Chi Darling boy our first Christmas and New Year without your loving Cuddles to feel, we are so broken hearted and miss you so, can't believe it Chi and Ching is missing you so and Sam wants her other boy boy, too sad at the moment Chi Chi so we will be back tomorrow and we will be looking for you on the bed your favorite place cuddling us all, GodBless Precious boy boy and enjoy the fun with all your new friends there on the bridge, we'll visit after in our dreams, Cuddles and kisses from Mom, Ching and Sam your Darlings xxxx
01-02-10 Hugs and Cuddles Chi Chi from your Ching, Sam and Mom Love You So Missing You, enjoy and see we left you a prayer stick White Eagle will enjoy to watch you play with that as we know you loved the prayer feathers in the Reiki room, Cuddles Kisses Hugs Our Precious Boy Boy Chi Chi XXXXXXXXX
01-10-10 Missing you our Beautiful boy boy furkisses and cuddles from you darlings Ching and Samantha and cuddles and kisses from Mom. XXXXXXXXX
03-07-10 Precious Chi Chi though I haven't written anything you know that we have been here each day to visit, darling boy boy we miss you so so much sometimes it is very hard and I can't believe you have gone on ahead of us all, but know that Totcha has you all the time kissing you and cuddling you and Dad Grandy is making a fuss of you and you have lots of friends there and Ching Sr is holding you and Kissing you like your Ching here, think that was why Ching Sr came into our lives in 1981 so he would be there for you as he looks just like your Ching our Ching so that would be precious to you there and I bet Julie and Russ's Grandma is loving you lots too so you'll always have the arms to hold you and many loving hands to stroke you I can hear your Beautiful Purrs my Gorgeous boy boy as you just love so much to be touched and touch others with your gentle paws and loving body and soul, WE MISS YOU and LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH. Be back again later as we will go and do some work here at home and know you will be following us around and sitting with us, cuddling with us LOVE YOU. CUDDLES KISSES AND HUGS PRECIOUS CHI CHI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
04-07-10 Our Precious beautiful boy boy Chi Chi we are missing you so so much and today is very very hard you know we sat on the swing and Ching lay in the enclosure that he and you love so much and I could see he is missing you so as he watched Samantha and I and also the birds as they were all playing in the trees, you and him just loved that. You know that we all will be going to England to live and I know you are coming with us, Ching and Samantha will travel on the same flight as me they have their own carriers with comfy bedding in and I know you will look after them on the long journey to Heathrow and then to Liverpool, I just wish I could see you I feel you here with us and know your always cuddled up with us, sometimes I feel your gentle paws against me and I know you are with us and just telling us so. Too sad at this day Chi Chi so will write some more tomorrow my Darling boy boy. LOVE YOU SO, CUDDLES KISSES AND HUGS OUR PRECIOUS CHI CHI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Our Precious little boy boy Chi Chi we just love and miss you so so much little Darling your Ching & Samantha send you hugs cuddles and loves. Nite and GodBless see you tomorrow though you will be here at home with us I know. LOVE YOU SO, CUDDLES KISSES AND HUGS OUR PRECIOUS CHI CHI. MOM CHING SAMANTHA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Our Precious little boy boy Chi Chi we are so so sad heart is broken still, missing your beautiful presence and hearing you purrs, feeling you soft fluffy white fur and the touch of your paws on our face, so 2yrs now little darling and just too sad missing you Ching and Sam are too. LOVE YOU SO CUDDLES KISSES AND HUGS OUR PRECIOUS CHI CHI, MOM,CHING SAMANTHA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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