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Our sweet little Chibi passed away peacefully today, 11/05/16 unfortunately due to cancer despite surgery and treatments. This little fighter was just one month shy of being 16 years young. She was born on December 2nd, 2000, 9:00PM at our house in Hawaii. I'm 24 years old now, but I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Back then I was only 8 years old and out of three puppies, I chose her...or maybe she chose me. My grandma, Violet named her "Chibi" because it means "small, or tiny" in Japanese. A fitting name for a tiny 8lb dog. Chibi and I practically grew up together, playing with my grandma and Momo (her biological mum) from sunrise to sunset every chance I could get. I remember my grandma would pick me up from elementary school with Chibi and Momo peeping their heads out of the car sifting through all of the kids, sniffing for me. From elementary school, middle school, high school, college & graduation, to starting my career...through happy times, sad times, new jobs, new friends, late-night studying for stressful college exams...Chibi was always there for me, she always made things better, she always made things right.

Chibi brought immense joy and unlimited smiles to my family. She was a super dog, always putting us first, always protecting us, and making sure that we were okay. If I had to describe Chibi in one word, I would say "happy". She was smiling constantly, never once in her life did she growl at me. Among some of her favorite things in life were her tennis ball, homemade chicken jerky treats from Crazy Canine, blankets--lots and lots and LOTS of it (especially freshly laundered, warm ones straight from the dryer), her dog travel carrier (she use to go on every trip with us), car rides and also her boosted car seat so she could look out the window because she was too tiny to look out on her own.

About 1.5 years ago when Chibi was 14 years old, Duke (my boyfriend) and I moved up to San Antonio, TX for new jobs after college graduation. My parents, relatives and even my veterinarian were telling me I should just leave her back home in Hawaii because she was getting so old and the flight was 9 hours there. But I couldn't think of life without Chibi by my side. She was my best friend, how could I leave a piece of my heart a thousand miles apart from me?? Despite what everyone said, the 3 of us went packing. Through the short while that she was here in San Antonio, Chibi road tripped to many fun and exciting places: Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Aspen, Colorado. Through her many trips she was able to meet face-to-face with a zebra, tube on the Guadalupe river, kayak, canoe, ride in a gondola, bike ride in a doggy basket, win first place as a Taco at a pet Halloween costume contest, live it up and enjoy the sweet life at many different hotels during our travel stays, walk along different beaches (Hawaii and Texas), swim at the beach with her doggy life vest during the summer, and frolic through Blue Bonnet fields during spring time. Her last big trip (less than a month ago) was a 17 hour road trip to Aspen, Colorado to see the golden fall leaves. She absolutely loved it. From the 17 hours of on-and-off napping in the backseat, to the chilly autumn temperatures, she was the happiest camper you could imagine. We went bike riding through the Aspen trees and Evergreens and hooked her onto a kiddie trailer. She enjoyed looking out, feeling the fresh cool breeze all while nestled in her blankie. We were in the works for planning another trip to Colorado for her upcoming 16th birthday (December 2nd) as we knew her time was ticking given her diagnosis. We wanted her to experience a white Christmas and see snow for the first time. As heartbreaking as it is for us, we know that she will still be there and get to see the snow with us in spirit.

While we loved going on many trips, experiencing new things together, we also enjoyed the little everyday things, like watching TV while she was cuddled next to me in her blankie, Duke sneaking her some table scraps while I'm not looking, her sleeping next to me every single night and keeping me warm, mini car rides to fill up gas or grab a coffee or either me or Duke picking each other up from work as she sits in her little booster seat, trips to the park, short walks to the mail room, the list could go on and on.

But one thing I know for sure is that I will miss my second shadow. She was stuck to me like glue and would follow me literally everywhere. She wouldn't leave me alone even just for a minute to the point where I had to buy a doggy bed for the bathroom while she waited for me to finish my showers. At times when she was really sleepy, she would sleep on the bed by herself while I was in the living room. If it had been too long, she would get fed up with waiting and march towards the living room to keep barking at me until I would go to bed. Sometimes she would follow right behind me with a nudge to make sure I would actually go to bed.

The pain of losing her hurts so much, I just never knew I would lose her so quick from her diagnosis back in July. She was doing so well after the surgery, but the cancer came back with a vengeance. I try to look past all of that though and think of the numerous good times that we shared together. We made the most out of our time, we were two peas in a pod, the two best friends anyone could ever have and I wasn't ashamed to say that my best friend was a little dog. She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, and I would do anything and everything for her without hesitation. I love you so much Chibi, you took a piece of my heart with you when you went to Heaven. I miss you so much Chibi. You were so special to me and everyone knew it too. I'll be coming to look for you at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes, I can promise you that. Until then, farewell my best friend.

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