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Memories of Cheyenne
I miss you so much babygirl. The house feels so empty without you here. I pulled out the pictures of you that I have taken down through the years and it brings back such wonderful memories. There is the one of you when you had just gotten your ears done and you were laying on the sofa covered up in a blankie. Then there is the one where you were playing so hard and got all tired out. You ended up taking your nap with Tigger, Pooh, Eyeor and Jack all curled in and around each other. Didnt know you from the teddy's. And I found the one where you woke up from your nap early one day and quietly went into Nanny's room to shred a whole roll of toilet paper and mix it all up with the bathroom throw rug. The innocence in those beautiful eyes.

I remember taking you to work with me when you were a puppy. We'd pack mommy's backpack with your blankie, teddy, piggy ear, water and food dish and a baggie of kibble. You used to have so much fun running around the office like a wild little indian. And how at 4 wks you showed me you had attitude. That chair leg should never have gotten in your way should it baby...then you wouldnt have had to sit down and growl at it.

I remember how you would put on your sweatshirt and you and Unkie Dan would sit and watch the football games in the livingroom together on the sofa. Unkie Dan misses you too babygirl. He has no one to play keep away with.

Its hard to believe you just went to Heaven yesterday. It seems like so much longer. Wesley and I are doing our best to stay positive. Wesley knows something is wrong and it really hurts that I can't explain to him that you wont be coming back to Mummy's house. I just know you are doing well in Heaven baby. Do you like the house God set aside for us? I'm sure it has plush puppy beds in every room. Lots of teddy's, ball balls, and bonies too I'm sure. Just remember, no burying the bonies. If you get to see Corkie, Soxie, Bro and Beau Beau would you please let them know that Nanny and I miss them and are looking forward to seeing them again soon. I wish I could come today baby but its not my turn yet.

Mummy has to go now sweetheart. You be good and Mummy will see you soon. Love you Babygirl.

6/30/2012 - It has been almost 1 month since you went to live with the angels baby girl and let me tell you mummy still cant stop crying. It hurts just as much now as it did on the day you went home with the angels. Mummy feels like she betrayed your trust sweetheart. That morning at the doctors office you looked at me with such love, devotion, and trust in your eyes not knowing that when you went to sleep this time you wouldnt wake up and mummy wouldnt be there to hug you and take you home. Each day I cry and ask God to let you come back to me and I know He cant. I keep seeing your beatiful face resting on my knee as mummy was strocking your ears and facie. The pain is so overwhelming I just want to stand in one place and scream but I'm afraid if I did I would shatter. I try not to cry in front of Wesley because he doesnt understand why mummy is so upset and it makes him upset. Your baby kitten is getting so big. Mummy is making sure he eats all his supper and is in the house at night so he stays safe. Unkie Dan just cut the grass for mummy and the yard looks pretty. Oh sweetheart, I wish there was some way for me to make you understand how much I love you and miss you.

9/17/12 Hey babygirl! Mummy hasnt been back in awhile but its not because Mummy has forgotten you. You are in my heart forever little one and I take you with me wherever I go. I still cry because I feel like a part of me has been riped out and taken away. You baby kitten Roo is growing up so fast. He's become quite the little hunter your Roo has. He brings Mummy birds and squirrels. I made Unkie Dan clean up the last one. It was yucky! I wish I knew what you wanted Mummy to do with all of your teddy's. Mummy has kept your basketball and it will be sitting next to your urn as soon as I can get Nanny away from the washer long enough for me to clean it up. But all of your easter bunny's and ball balls are still here. Just waiting for you to come back and I know you can't. I hope you are having fun in Heaven sweetheart. Your brother Wesley has become quite spoiled. Mummy has to go for now because she has to take Nanny to a doctors appointment in the morning. You be safe up there and have fun. Mummy loves you sweetheart.

6/05/2013 Hey Sweetheart! How is Heaven baby? You playing nice with the other puppies? I still miss you sweetie. Mummy keeps your picture book close to hand and every time I go through it the memories are just as fresh as if they were yesterday. Your brother Wesley keeps Unkie Dan company during his ball games and the two of them are thick as thieves on the weekends. Roo, your kitten is now a year old and full of himself. Mummy finally had to go through all of the teddy's and donate them to puppies who have no forever homes but I held onto your basketball and I have it in the bedroom next to your urn. I'm sure you have unlimited basketballs and soccie balls there in heaven and I bet your bed is nice and comfy. Mummy will be there soon sweetheart but until that day please be a good girl and don't chase the kitties. I changed up some of your toys here and gave you fresh flowers. I will come back soon sweetheart. Until then always know that Mummy loves you!

1/13/14 Hello sweetheart. I wanted to let you know that your sister, Isabel, is coming over the Rainbow Bridge tonight. Please meet her and let her know that we love her and will miss her so much. Show her our house in Heaven and all the puppy bed's and bonies. Show her the wide open fields and invite her to play chase with you like you used to when you were here. Please introduce her to Heidi, Buddy, Blackie, PJ, Patches and Nicki (all 3 of them). I know she will recognize Soxy and Bro Bro. Unkie Dan is taking it hard to. Isabel has been sick for awhile now. I think she knew it was time to go home to Heaven. I love you babygirl and I still miss you. Wesley and Sammy are still here and your baby kitten is 2 years old now and still as sassy as ever. Callie hangs out more and more inside the house as she's getting on in years too. Mummy and Nanny cant wait to join you. We are so looking forward to playing puppy pile up. Hang in their sweetheart and we'll be together again soon. Love you more than words can say.

6/7/14 Hello Babygirl. Its hard to believe its been 2 years since you went to heaven. I hope you were able to greet Isabel when she came over the bridge and the two of you are settling in. Everyone says to say hello and they miss you. Cant wait to see you all again. Its getting ready to storm and Wesley is trying to crawl inside my skin. You'd be very proud of your little brother Chey. He's doing very well although he and Nanny have arguments over where he's to sleep in Nanny's room. I sure wish you were here sweetheart so I could talk to you in person. I love you and miss you still. Be safe and I'll be with you soon.

6/8/15 Hello Babygirl, I'm a little late with this one but so much has happened. Your brother Wesley should be there with you and Isabel and Bro and Sox by now. Wes passed over the Bridge October 29th 2014. Unfortunately Mummy wasn't home with him when he crossed over and Mummy felt so bad because she wasn't there with him. Please give Wessie a kiss for Mummy and let him know that I understand it was his time to cross over. I'm not sure if you saw him but Pap pap McNeal crossed over the bridge with Wesley. Pap pap crossed over on November 3rd 2014. I miss everyone so very much and wish you could all come back. Mummy rescued a new pup pup. His name is Oscar and like Wessie he's a class clown. I'm trying to teach him his left paw from his right paw like I taught you but he's so goofy. I will keep trying of course. You guys behave up there and soon Mummy will cross over to be with you all. It will be wonderful when we're all back together again.

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