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Memories of Cheyenne
Cheyenne was the Perfect dog from the day I brought her home. She NEVER did one thing wrong ever! She was my little Angel sent from God. When I found her I wasnt looking for a dog, but went to see the puppies anyway, the minute I saw her ,I fell in love, she sat right up and looked at me as if to say Hi mommy can we go home now? I left and returned 3 times i didnt have enough money to buy her but I could'nt bare to leave her so i finally convinced the place to let her come home with me because she was destined to be mine so , a few hundred dollars less she was meant to be my Sweetiepie. She loved me no matter if I was sad, or happy, if I looked ugly or pretty, she was always giving me kisses with her crooked little face, always wanted to please ,never needed a leash. she mothered a kitten that I found in a wood pile and she was so good with children.
Her best friend besides me, was my Dashound named Puppydog who is now 16 yrs old, they grew up together and he misses her so much. Her other friend was Sasha my Hymalayin kitty who passed away just before Cheyenne at 17 yrs old she was very close with her also, ChyChy missed her when she passed, you could see her feel the loss, it made me so sad. They used to sleep together and lick each other. She never once growled at anything or anyone, sometimes i wondered if she knew how?. I wish I could hold Cheyenne one more time and never let her go! she died of Cancer, but she NEVER complained not one bit. She always wanted to please her mommy.
She slept on a posturepedic bed, sat many nights in the winter by the fire with me and her babies. She went on boat rides, long walks, went over Nana & Popops house to play often, she even went in the tractor trailer I drive (locally) she loved to be with her mommy no matter what i was doing! ChyChy was just a joy to everyone, my whole family loved her as if she was born to me, she truly is a family member. I can't wait till I see her again, I know she is sitting at the front door of my mansion in Heaven waiting for mommy to come home to shower me with kisses and hugs!
I wrote her a letter the day after she passed on, I'd like to share it with you...
"Cheyenne, Cheyenne,
I love you so much babygirl it's killing me, I miss you so much it hurts, I hope you know that, I would have done anything to make you feel better and I know you loved me too sweetie pie, and you were such a good girl, you pleased mommy so much,you have NEVER made me angry, Go babygirl go and be free and tell Rin and Sasha mommy loves and misses them so much too!
I know you will be waiting at the front door of our mansion, wagging your little nub, waiting to give mommy so many kisses, Jesus will take good care of you untill I can see you again sweetie, you know you will ALWAYS be on my mind baby and in the deepest part of my heart!
I will see you soon Babygirl, be good I love you sweetie,
Love Always

Cheyenne now has a new sister and brother, Ciara and Samson (boxers) whom I tell them stories about their big sister Cheyenne ALL the time. I believe ChyChy sent Ciara to me, she is a little carbon copy of her. I just wish ChyChy could be here to play with them, someday we will be reuinted my ChyChy and me,and what a glorius day that reunion will be, to some people I may seem crazy , but I don't care! My babies never let me down, they never talk behind my back, and they love me unconditionally,thats ALL I need to complete my life. Cheyenne holds a very very special place in my heart and life, and a void that will never be filled until I see her again and can wrap my arms around her! Until then I know she is resting in peace and now I can visit her every day and night! Which makes me very happy!
Thank You for taking the time to read a tid bit of my story, I pray for all of you have lost a loved one, I know there are special streets of gold in Heaven for all of us Animal Lovers to live on, and one day we can all take walks together with our babies! whether you lost a dog, cat, a lion or a lamb they will all be there! leaving this earth won't feel so bad because we know whats waiting for us up there!
Thank You,
ChyChy's Mom,

Hi my sweet babygirl, Mommy misses you sooo much! im just sittin here by the fire,thinking of you sweetie uncle B.J. sent me 2 beautiful card he made with pictures of you ones i didnt know existed and you are so beautiful it makes mommy cry..i hope you are having fun and did you tell Rin,Zenya,Sasha and Tasha that mommy loves and misses them so much too? give them kisses for me baby.. I Love You come see me sweetie when i go to sleep you are my last thoughts every night! I miss you!..I love you!
Love Always Mommy!
Hi my prescious mommy thanks you for coming into my dreams last nite, it was soooo nice to hold you and kiss you again, it was like you never left my side we went for a walk and the pet store for you to pick out a toy and a bone, I hope you are playing with them right now, and I know you are sharing them with your sisters and brothers because you always did you were and are such a good girl! I love you sweetie and I miss you ,come see me again tonight ...please!
Love always Mommy!
Hi my Sweet baby girl, how have you been? i hope you are having fun with everyone, and with your sisters and brothers,but mommy misses you so much sweetie, i think of you every day, Ciara and Samson play on your bridge every day and i picture you there with them, it makes me cry, puppy misses you so much please come to mommy tonight i need you baby i need to see you again i want to hold you again one more time it helps me get through the day. visit samson and ciara and tell them to stop chewing stuff tell them how much of a good girl you were and teach them how. you should visit puppy too because he needs you,tell him to stop wandering in the road, when he goes out to go pottie ...i think hes looking for you! I love you ChyChy please come to see us tonight and tell the others to visit mommy too! ...I love you sweetie good night !!
Love Always Mommy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my sweet love, I lit a candle for you today and I sang Happy birthday to you I know you heard me sing to you ,you always loved that! I hope you had fun today with your brothers and sisters and your friends , you know you are always in mommys heart , not an hour goes by that I don't think about your sweet face, your pictures are all over the house i'ts like you are still here sometimes I hear you drinking from the water bowl, and it brings a smile to my face, I Love you sweetiepie i hope you come see me soon!!
Love Always Mommy
Hi my sweet darling babygirl! Today is 1 year that you went to the rainbow bridge, mommy misses you so much ...I can't believe a year has passed by , it feels like you are still here with me even though I cant touch you or hug you , or kiss your little crooked face, I can still feel you in my heart and in my soul, I can't wait till I see you face to face again go to our mansion baby with your brothers and sisters mommy will light a candle for you and them , love each other like you guys did here at home and know that mommy is right there with you and feel my hugs and kisses!!! I love you sweetiepie !!! I will see you soon!!! come see me in my dreams again tonight , I need to feel you, NEVER forget how much mommy loves you!! until then sweetie, Good night , I love you!!!
Love Always Mommy!
Hi Sweetie pie, Mommy missed you at Thanksgiving, its just not the same without you!
Love Always Mommy!
Hi my sweet baby, Christmas is definatley not the same without you, it was always so much fun watching you and puppy open your gifts! Mommy misses you still soooo much!! I love you babygirl!
tell Rin,Sasha,Tasha,and Zenya Mommy said Merry Christmas! and I love and miss them!
Love Always Mommy!
Hi My sweet ChyChy! as you know,today is Puppy's Birthday, he is 17 yrs old, I cant believe it!
he misses you so much! he tolerates Samson & Ciara,he lets them know that he is still boss even though they are 70 lbs, and he is 12 lbs, he could never love anyone else as much as he loves you babygirl.
Love Always Mommy!
Hi sweetie pie just missing you so much today, its such a beautiful day 70 degrees, and i keep picturing you laying in the sun in the front yard,i know you are laying on the bridge, soaking up the rays.Please come visit me tonight sweetie, i need to feel you! and see you, and hug you!
Mommy Loves you my sweet little,crooked faced girl, with your toungue hanging out! what I wouldn't give to kiss that face once more!!! Sleep well babygirl, I love You!!!
Love Always Mommy!
Hi Sweetie Pie! Mommy misses you so much! evey time anyone talks about you after I smile,i still cry the pain of loosing you doesn't ever lessen, but my love for you grows stronger every day! I hope you are having fun up there,please tell Jesus mommy needs a little healing i have a lump in my throught,but don't worry, Jesus is still working on me. Please come see me in my dreams babygirl, you know Mommy loves to see you!!...I can't wait! I love you Babygirl! hugs and kisses!! see you soon!! mwah!!
Love Always Mommy!
Hello Sweetie pie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you are 12 yrs old today baby!! I miss you sooooooo much!! i thought about you ALL DAY!!!! you know Mommy's birthday is tommorrow, I had a pig party today and i had special balloons just for you babygirl with paw prints on them, they were just for you!! i MISS YOU sooo much!!! the same today as the day you went to the bridge, i still think of you every day, not a moment goes by that I dont think of you and your sweet little crooked face! i still cry because i don't have you here with me, but I know you are having fun with Tasha,Sasha,Rin and Zenya! Puppy will be 18 in Febuary, i can't believe it either!! hes bumping into things a little but hes still hungry as ever! he misses you too!! Ciara and Samson are doing great, they wish they could have met you, but I tell them so much about their big sister Cheyenne, its like they already know you.I hope you had a great day with your sisters and brothers and your friends up there, Mommy Loves you so much sweetie , come to see me again in my dreams ...I miss you!!
I will see you soon,Babygirl, Hugs and Kisses!! Mwah!!
Love Always Mommy!
Hello Sweetie Pie, Today it has been two years since you went to the rainbow, Mommy misses you more than ever!!! you are still in my heart today as the day you left me, I will Always love you my sweet ChyChy, not a day passes that I don't still think about your sweet little crooked face! I sometimes hear you drinkng from the water bowl, Puppy misses you too! and Ciara and Samson say hello, I miss you Sweat heart, I will see you soon!!, MommyLoves you SOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!!!!!!
You are aways in Mommy's Heart For Ever!!!
Love Always Mommy!!
Hello sweetie pie, Mommy misses you terrible! I want you to look for Shadow, he will be comming to the bridge today, he was my friends baby, she loved him soo much just like i love you babygirl, show him around so he feels comfortable, and introduce him to Sasha,Rin, Tasha, and Zenya, so you all can play together, tell him how much his mommy will miss him, and that he will never be away from her heart, and that she loves him very very much! Thank you Cheyenne, I know you will take good care of Shadow. I love you baby, come see me tonight,You will be in Mommy's Heart Forever!!
Love Always Mommy!!
Happy Valentines Day sweetie pie! Mommy misses you soooo much still in my heart, and on my mind everyday!! Puppy will be 18 yrs old this month! I know I can't beleive it either! hes still doing good, but he misses you sooo much. Samson and Ciara are getting big ! Ciara reminds me so much of you!! please come see mommy in my dreams babygirl i long to see your sweet face! tell everyone Mommy loves and misses them!!xoxoxoxo
Love Always Mommy!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEYENNE!!! I hpoe you are having a grat day with all your friends ,playing and jumping around! I hope you got lots of cookies and toys to play with! Mommy misses you sooooo much babygirl! I Love you more today than ever... you are always in my heart and i will NEVER forget your crooked like face... Mommy looks at your picture and your videos all the time! remember the time i put those pink booties on you? you were so cute! please come see mommy and let me know you are waiting for me sweetie! I love you! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
puppy is getting very tired chychy so be ready for him at the Rainbow! he misses you so much too i talk to him all the time about the good old days, i will miss him soooo much too but I know you will take especially good care of him, cuz I know he was your baby too! Cheyenne, I LOVE you! come see me sweetie! untill we meet again! MWAH!!!
Love Always Mommy!!
Oh my Sweet Cheyenne, you made mommy sob like a little girl today, when I saw the beautifull rainbow you sent me for my birthday! words can not describe the feelings that flooded my heart when I saw that you sent me a piece of you,to show mommy how much you miss me too! I love you so so so much! you made mommy's birthday the best day ever since you left and went to be with Jesus! I love you so much please come see me in my dreams and let me feel your sweet kisses on my face!
You are and ALWAYS will be mommy's little girl!!! MWAH!! untill we meet again!
Love Always Mommy!!
Cheyenne, I cant beleive in a couple of days, it will be three years since you went to the rainbow bridge, Mommy misses you more than ever! Puppy is doing a little better, he bumps into things, and sleeps alot, but hes eating good, you know he was always a little piggy, well he still is! Ciara and Samson are getting so big! Ciara reminds me so much of you! she has been having the head shakes recently though, mayby you could send her a little prayer from your rainbow,come see Mommy soon I Love you and miss you babygirl!!
Love Always Mommy!!
Hello my Sweet Babygirl, go meet Puppy at the bridge , he said goodbye to mommy today, one more week he would have been 19 yrs old, I miss him already, but I know you will take good care of him, he was your best friend, and now you can be together again until mommy comes to see you, make sure Rin, Zenya, Baily, Sasha, Tasha and Casper are there to greet him too, make sure Puppy knows how much mommy will miss him!! I love you guys soooo much and I cant wait untill we all can be togther again like we used to be!! xoxoxoxo
Love Always Mommy!!
God morning my sweet girl, mommy almost came to you at the bridge this past year,i had the same cancer that you did, mommy almost didn't make it but i had to stay strong for your sister and brothers, mommy still misses you more than ever!
Today is 9 years that you went away and i love you more every day... please come visit mommy and ttel your brothers and sisters in heaven with you mommy loves and misses then too!
Until we meet again babygirl, i love yippy with all my heart!
Love Always,

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