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Memories of CHEWY
Chewy lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday night, he was a gentle giant that loved every living creature big or small, his spirit shined in a room and everyone was drawn to him. Chewy with his favorite kitty, Trixie and all muddy digging for rocks, over the 4 years we had him he must have dug out of the woods 1,000 rocks and he would bring them to the front door for us! He was so proud, loyal and a pleasure to spend time with. We are missing him so much!

To our baby Chewy, when we got you, you stole our hearts, thank you for your unconditional love it was too short a time to spend with you, 4 years was just not enough! I will never forget how you would search the woods for your rocks and bring them back to the house for us. We still have all of the rocks you brought us, and now they surround you! I hope you and your friend Trixie are in heaven playing together again, watch out for her, as you did us, you are forever in our hearts, you are the love of our lives! Play well and have fun!
Rest in peace our loyal friend and companion! 2/1/2009 - 5/14/2013
We will always love you! Mom Dad and Krystal

We have a special Thank you! going to the most wonderful Dr in the world, Dr. Reynolds who took such good care of our baby when he was going throught the roughest time of his life. She was always there for us when we needed her, in her kind and gentle way, Chewy looked forward to seeing her and Kurt who sat with him through every treatment keeping him company rubbing him all over so he felt comfortable and loved, which they did, they loved him as much as we did, they are the most wonderful people, who think of the beautiful furbabies that they are treating before they think of themselves. Thank you for everything you did for our Chewy to Citywide Animal Clinic!

5/21/2013; Hi my boy! I miss you so much I can barely stand to do my chores without you, I took Tank out with me today to keep me company but its just not the same, you came with me, he just sat by the door and waited for me to come back to the house!! Songha is trying to take over your roll as protector, laying by the sliding glass door in the back, but between you and me she barks at everything, trying to sleep is not easy when she barks for no reason, but I am sure eventually she will get it and only bark when the bear comes!! We are trying to cope with your loss, we will always love you and forever you will be in our hearts! Walks with your brother and sister are shorter, feels strange not waiting for you to find your rock! I hope there are plenty of rocks for you to collect over the bridge! keep all your friends happy like you kept us, and of coarse warm!!! we love you chewy so very much! big huggs and wet kisses. mom

5/24/2013; Hi my handsome boy!!! We all miss you so much, especially my morning hug!! I still grab 3 bones at night after walking Songha and Tank, so i split the 3rd one between them. We are buying beautiful flowers to plant for you, a bleeding heart (because our heart aches from missing you, hens and chicks (because you loved the chickens so much) and lilies because they are my favorite flower for my favorite boy! daddy is building a stone wall and on top of it he is going to put your water bowl for a bird bath, not to worry he is going to build it high enough so your favorite kitties don't kill the birdies! We had mugs made up with your picture on them, they turned out beautiful! I use mine all the time! Today is Daddy's birthday blow him big wet kisses from heaven!! Big hugs and kisses, we love you so very much!! mom

5/29/2013; Hi my boy! I hope you are playing and running with all of your new friends! It has been 2 weeks since you left us, and we miss you so much!! We received so many cards for our loss of you, everyone has been wonderful, but we received a special one yesterday from all of your friends at the Vet, they all love you so much and miss you, they loved it when you use to come and visit them weekly, They would all come up to you and pet you and hug you and tell you they loved you! You my boy were very special, and everyone knew it. You had a calming affect around you, when people just needed a hug you were there, especially me, i miss your morning hugs!! and our walks and watching you dig up a rock i couldn't even think of carrying they were so heavy. Our gentle giant, play play play!!! find lots of rocks! Big hugs and kisses, we love you so very much! mom

6/25/2013; Hi my handsome boy!! We miss you so very much every day! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look for you to greet me at the door after work, or hug me in the morning, I am still grabbing 3 dog bones at night after I walk with Tank and Songha! We still have all of your rocks they are now in a pile on the back deck, and right next to you, there are some still scattered about, and that is where they will stay! We have raccoon's visiting again, that time of year, Songha doesn't like them very much, she barks at them for no reason, when you use to just lay by the door and watch them, of coarse after telling us they were there. She has 5 babies with her this year! So cute!! I hope you are happy and healthy running and playing with all of your new friends, thinking of us and watching over us! Always thinking of you, we love you so very much big wet hugs and kisses!!! mom

12/5/2013; Hi my Baby boy! I can't even begin to tell you how much we miss you, it has been a while since I have written to you, only because I visit your grave everyday to chat with you, I know your spirit is not there, I believe you are still with us, Daddy and Krystal knew how much I missed you and they found a puppy in Wisconsin, they surprised me with a new puppy September 16th, Krystal said to me that he was the only male puppy, and that she believes your spirit is in him, you came back to us in a healthy body, Krystal misses you so much she talks about you all the time and she says he is so much like you, and I believe her, i do believe you have come back to me! He is my little shadow, goes with me everywhere, just like you!, Except to the chickens, he is too young yet, but he sits by the door and watches me, crying for me Krystal says. I get my good morning hug every day from him just like you always did, I truly believe you came back, he is with me when I visit with you, we named him Sarge. He has fallen in love with Beebee and are becoming best friends just like you and Trixie, I hope you and Trixie are still running and playing together, and of coarse, I hope she still gives you your back rubs everyday! You are always with me, I will never forget you, Hugs and Kisses, big wet ones!!! mom

5/13/2014; Hi my sweet boy! I can't remember a day that has gone by that I have not thought of you in my arms again, from our morning huggs, to you laying by my side after work, playing tug of war (which i never won!) You were always there for me no matter what my mood, and when I was sad you always had big wet kisses for me to make me smile! Just thinking of those makes me smile still! Dr. Reynolds and everyone at the clinic still talk about you Chewy and how wonderful you are, and how much they miss you! One of the girls who was always there for you still has your photo in her locker and Doc has your picture on her mantel. You impacted a lot of lives big boy! We all miss you so very much! I feel you in the house still resting your head on me! Big wet kisses!! I love you Chewy!! mommy

Still missing you every day, hoping and praying one day you will come back to us. I visit your grave every day, the flowers are so beautiful, everything and everyone always loved you, especially mommy an daddy. big wet kisses. mommy i always think of you, always.

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