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Memories of Chewie
Chewie was a gift to me from my husband. We had just lost our first family dog and I had a hole in my heart. Of course that couldn't be fixed but it was how Chewie came into our life. He was a special dog, he had only one eye and his rugged good looks were unique. He was a rescue dog and so through him I met my first contact with dog rescue, so in a way he helped many dogs in need. It was love at first sight for him and me, he attached himself to me and I just felt he was an old soul. So very gentle and laid back and just like a teddy bear to cuddle and he loved cuddles. He became a mentor to a little girl dog that we had also gotten from pet rescue and the two became very closely bonded. When other dogs came to stay while they waited for homes the two always stuck together. That continued until they were parted by death. I will never forget how much I loved my baby and how much he loved me back. Yesterday when he was in pain and suffering his eyes were always searching for me and he kept eye contact with me until the very end.
His life I believe was a good one. He came to live with us when he was 6 and he made it clear from the start that he was not an athlete, not one of these dogs who go running around and exhausting themselves, he liked his comfort. He always sat on the cushions on the couch, the couch was just not soft enough, the higher the stack the better. Two was OK six was good. He was not an outdoorsy type at all, when asked if he wanted to go out he would hunker down and look as if to say "No I am ok don't need to go anywhere". I just wanted him to be happy so I didn't mind if he wanted to stay inside.
Even today I miss him so very much. Perhaps as time goes by the pain will lessen, but the memories never will.
Just know my baby you are so loved.

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