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Memories of Chewbacca
My sweet baby, I miss you so badly.
My life will never be the same again. We've been through so much together. I love you more than anyone. I cried at the park yesterday and today,we went there so many times. Your brother Samson is looking everywhere for you,he cries when he can't find you. Your Dad is so depressed. I hope you're ok and breathing is easy for you now. I told Grandma to look for you, she loved you so much. I love you Boo-Boo.

2/7/17 Tiffany called and said you're ready to come back

I miss you so much my sweet baby. Watch over Mommy,Daddy and Samson always.
2/8/17 You're back home with us now ,I placed the little urn where I can see it everyday. I felt a sense of calm last night knowing you are close. I love you. ❤

2/10/17 I missed you playing in the snow yesterday and snuggling in bed to keep warm. I asked you to send me a sign that you're ok since you went to Rainbow Bridge,just wanted to say thank you I got 2 signs yesterday,I know that you are OK. Love you BooBoo.

2/12/17 Good Morning Udi,the tears keep coming even though I know you're free, it's not having you here physically that hurts me. Love and miss you my baby.

2/14/17 Happy Valentine'so Day my love ❤. Sending you loads of kisses and belly rubs. I miss you every day,my tears won't stop until I see you again. 🌹

2/19/17 Good Morning Udi, I missed sharing Chinese food with you on my birthday Thursday. I love you and miss touching your soft fur everyday. Sending you belly rubs. Mommy

2/22/17 Good Morning Boo-Boo,Megan sent Mommy flowers yesterday in a beautiful vase that says "In memory of a life so beautifully lived". That was you, you lived your life on earth to the fullest, just wish it was longer. Hang on to the golden cord until Mommy gets there. I love you. ❤🐶

2/28/17 Hi honey, Happy Mardi Gras Love and miss you. I saw a bright star last night,it was the only one in the entire sky, I know it was you.🌟❤🐶🙏

3/2/17 Hi Boo-Boo,today is a month since you left for Rainbow Bridge,my heart aches so much, I miss you. I left one of your favorite meals for you,filet mignon,we miss cooking food for you and watching you eat.I love you,stay with grandma and grandpa. 🙏🙏❤❤🌈🌈🌹🌹

3/12/17 Hey Chewy,It's so cold out today, just the way you liked it, I miss dressing you up in your cute sweaters and jackets, you would lift your little paw up to help me put them on and take them off. I miss you so much,I love you forever. 🐶👼💙🐾⚘😍

3/18/17 Hi Boo-Boo, I love you and miss you more each day. I miss you lying on the couch next to me right now.Your brother Samson is here keeping me company. Blowing kisses to Rainbow Bridge 😘❤🐶🐾🌈✨ I left Daffodils for you,they bloomed last week in garden where you used to walk by the wall. 🌻🌻

3/29/17 Good Morning Boo-Boo, I love you baby. Missing you.


4/2/17 Good morning Chewy, it's 2 months today since you left for Rainbow Bridge. I miss you every single day. Thank you for the sign you sent last Sunday. Mom and Dad welcomed another furkid into our lives last Sunday. He's a pekapoo like you, his name is Nero. He will never ,ever replace you,we needed to heal our hearts after losing you physically. I know you approve from the sign you sent. He sits in the same spot you did, by the door in the kitchen. He gets along good with Samson. Please watch over all of us Boo-Boo ,keep us safe. We love you and miss you. 🐶💐💕🌠🌈

4/8/17 Happy Palm Sunday Chewy. I took Samson to the park today, I cried so much, you and I spent so much time there walking and watching the sunsets. 🌅. Nero is having lots of fun with Samson. I miss you so much baby. Sending you rainbow kisses 🌈😘 I love you, Mommy 💙

4/29/17 Hi baby, hope you're ok, I miss you more and more each day. Your birthday is coming and I'm so depressed that you're not with me. Nero is a joy,he looks so much like you, he's been a huge comfort. I love you Udi, there's not one hour that goes by that I don't think of you. 💓🐶🌌🌈. We're bonded forever,I still feel your presence .Love ,Mommy. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

5/8/17 Hey Boo Boo, I hope you had fun on your birthday at the Bridge 🌈. Mommy left blue flowers for you on your memorial table and Mommy bought a brick to help build a wall at NYPetrescue, it's going to have your name on it and say "the love of my life "
Life is not the same without you, I miss your soft fur,warm belly and squishy nose. Please wait for me until I'm ready to come to the Bridge. Sending you lots of love and Rainbow kisses. Mommy 🌹💙🌠😇🐶🌈💋

5/21/17 Hey Chewy, how are you doing my baby? I'm so sad today, I miss you so much. Little Nero looks just like you, it's as if I'm looking at you. You were unique,no other furbaby could ever replace you. Please send me a sign when you get a chance. I love you forever. Mommy ❤❤🐶🐾🌠

5/27/17 I love you ❤🌈☄

6/7/17 Thank you for the sign you sent me on Monday 🐶💙. I love you baby.Please help us tomorrow, we need you to ask God to look down upon us make things ok .Please give my mommy and daddy a kiss from me😘and tell them that I miss them both. I'm blowing kisses to the Bridge for you 🌈💋💋. Breathe easy my love until I 6see you again. You are forever in my heart, love and miss you every minute of every day. Mommy 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

6/13/17 Happy St.Anthony Udi. Please ask him to watch over Daddy today while he takes the exam around 2pm. 🙏🙏🙏. I miss you more and more each day, I love you always 🐶💙🌈🌘. Mama

6/13/17 8pm Daddy passed!! Thank you baby. We love you and miss you every minute of every day. Breathe easy my love. Blowing kisses to heaven 💋❤❤❤💋🌈🌈🌘🌘⚘⚘🐶🐶🐾🐾

6/14/17 Good Morning Chewy, thank you for the sign yesterday ☁⛅, it was the most beautiful cloud formation I ever saw. I will remember it forever. I love you ❤☁❤☁

6/18/17 Hey Boo Boo, wanted to make you laugh, I saw that short little lady that cussed us out when you tried to nip her ankle when we used to walk by the school. 🤣🤣. I laughed so much.I love you 💙🐾🐶💋

6/19/17 Thank you for the rainbow Udi 🌈🌈🌈🌈💙💜💛💚❤
Thank you so much my baby. I couldn't believe you heard me. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤❤. We will always be connected by the silver cord, just hang on until we can be together again. I love you forever 😍😘

6/27/17 Good Morning Chewy, Daddy is sick again, he's having a test now. Please ask God to watch over him and to help the doctors to figure out what's wrong. I love you and miss you every minute of every day. Love,Mom 🤗❤🐶🖤🌅🌛🌟

7/2/17. It's 5 months today since you left for Rainbow Bridge. The pain is terrible. All I care is that you are pain free, can breathe,see and hear. I picked some Calla lillies for you and put them in the vase from Meghan on yoyr,memorial table. I love and miss you forever. ❤🌈🏵 Mommy

7/4/17. Happy 4th of July Udi. Thank you for the sign you sent today. I remember hiding in the closet with you 2 years ago when you were so scared of the fireworks. I love you. Sleep tight 💙🌈

7/8/17. Another rainbow!🌈🌈Thank you Uds, I couldn't believe it at 8pm last night it kept getting brighter and brighter. It lasted for a really long time too. I watched the sunset with Samson,I cried because I miss you so much. I love you so much and can't wait to see you again. Mom 🌈🐶🌅💙🌛☄🌹

7/24/17. Hi Udi, miss you so very much my baby,still hurts so much. Been talking with some nice people in the chat room who lost their babies too,it helps alot. Thank you for the feather I found on my path to my car on Saturday. I love you. 💙💜❤🐶🕊😇. Nero is almost full grown, he looks so much like you, I can feel a connection to you through him. Samson is well, he takes all the toys and chew stix away from Nero 🤣, they play all day. Please continue to watch over us. Sending you lots of love and Rainbow kisses. Mom. 🌈😘❤🤗🌠🙏😇🌛🍉🌽🍗🍖🍟🌭🍤💞🐕🐶🌸

8/2/17. Hi Chewy, can't believe it's been 6 months today since you left for the Bridge. My heart hurts so much, I miss you my love. I asked Daddy this morning to pick flowers in the garden for you. The pink hydrangea bush where you used to pee is loaded with flowers, there's pretty gladiolas out front too. They will be in the white vase by your urn. Please send me a sign soon, need to know that you're ok and breathing easy, and your sight and hearing are back. I love you always. Can't wait to see you again. Mom 🐶🎇🙏🌸💙😇🐇💔🌗🏵❤

8/8/17. Hey baby,I got your sign today 😅😅😂,I was at work and it made me laugh. Thank you my love.🖤💚🖤💚🖤
I will never forget how you would go crazy when the Vonage commercial came on 😂.
I had Chinese food last night and was telling Daddy about all the times we shared beef and broccoli together. 🎎,I left some for you. Samson and Nero don't really care for it.🙄. I love and miss iyou everyday 💗💗💗💗💗💗Mom

8/31/17. Hi sweet Baby Boy, how I miss you,I still shed tears when I remember how close we were, I could tell you anything and you would always listen, I miss that so much. Thanks for watching over Daddy on Tuesday,he needs you again 9/7, another test for his throat is being done. Kiss grandma and grandpa. Remember I used to say to you "You didn't know your grandfather"and you would look at me so serious. I hope you met up now. Love you until my last dying breath,Mom. ❤🐶🌛💋🙏🌈 ❤

9/7/17. I love you Chewy. 💙 Good night 🌛Mom,Samson and Nero. Daddy's test went ok today,thank you for watching over him. 🙏❤🐶

9/11/17. Hi BooBoo , I miss you more than anything. Please give rainbow kisses to all the service animals that helped rescue and recover the victims of 9/11 🕇from me. I love you Chewy until the end of time. ⚘💙🙏🐶💔🌈. Mom

9/18/17. Hi Uds, please ask Jesus to watch over me today,I'm having a test done, please ask for negative results. I love and miss you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Mom

10/2/17. Hi my sweet baby boy. Thank you for asking God to watch over me,the results were negative. Today marks 8 months since you left for the Bridge. The pain is just as bad as it was in Feb., I miss you more and more each day. I'm stressed again about Daddy, please watch over him. I found the feather yesterday ,thank you. Never stop sending signs Boo Boo. It's October now,our favorite time of year. I miss being with you at the park. Sending you lots of love and Rainbow kisses. Mom. 💙🌹👼🐶🌈🌈😘😙

10/5/17. Good Morning Chewy. I love you Chewy. Please watch over us. 🐶🙏❤✨🌛☄🌹

10/8/17. Hey ,I miss you baby. Today at noon I took Samson and Nero to church to get blessed like we always did. The pastor remembered you! I brought a picture of you and blessed you from afar ,so ,we're sending rainbow blessings to you today and to all the Bridge Kids 🙏🙏🌈🌈. I love you forever. Mom,Samson and Nero. ❣💚❣💚

10/15/17. Hi sweet baby. Thank you for the sign you sent. We were heartbroken to learn that little Jameson was going to be taken to the shelter and have an uncertain future. All of us decided to adopt him, I knew you wouldn't mind and you would be happy if we did. He'll be here on 10/24,coming from Florida,just like you did. He's really tiny,just 4lbs. I Hope to honor you by rescuing Jameson, he will be 3yrs old next month. Watch over us always. I love you Chewy. Sending you lots of love and Rainbow Kisses 💙🌈

10/31/17. Happy Halloween Chewy,I miss you so much today. I miss dressing you up and taking you everywhere with me in your cute costumes. Jameson is getting along fine with Samson and Nero, he's a real sweetie, took a liking to Daddy, follows him everywhere. Have fun at the Bridge trick or treating with the other Bridge Kids. I love you Chewy, always and forever. Mom 🎃🌛🦇🕸🌈🖤💋. Please send signs and watch over us. Love you.💔💔

11/13/17. Hi sweet Chewy. Please watch over Daddy today. I love you. 🌈💔🐶🐾⚘

11/18/17. Good Morning my sweet baby boy 🐶💙.I miss you. I'm on the couch now with Samson,Nero and Jameson sleeping next to me,they all get along so well. Say hi to grandma and grandpa for me. Please watch over all of us especially Daddy. I love you forever and a day CHEWY. Thank you for teaching me patience, I really need it now. XoXo pushy face. Sending rainbow kisses to you and all the Bridge Kids 💙🌠🐶🌈☄🌛🌠💋💙⚘🍉🌽🍗🧀🍤🍼✨

11/23/17. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie,I miss you. Today was hard,you loved your turkey and green beans,it just wasn't the same without you. I miss everything about about you. It hurts so much. Thank you for the sign you sent me on Monday,it was beautiful ☁☁🐾🐾. Sending you lots of rainbow kisses
💋💋🌈🌈. Love you forever Mom 💗⚘

11/29/17. Good Morning Chewy 🌞. I miss you so much, every minute of every day.💔 Please watch over Daddy today at 1pm,he's taking another exam. Please ask Jesus to help him pass the test today. Nero is on my lap now,looks so much like you 🐶💙, he's such a comfort. Sending you lots of love and Rainbow kisses 🌈💙💋. I love you forever Chewy. Mom. 🙏💙🌛🐶👼🐾🌳🌅🌊

12/4/17. I love you Chewy 🐶🌘💜. Daddy has to retake the exam on 12/7, Thurs,please watch over him baby. Love and Rainbow kisses, Mom 🌈😘😗😍💙

12/7/17. Hi Chewy,I love you Chewy 💙💙💙. Please watch over Daddy right now. Thank you my sweet baby boy ❤❤❤🌈🌈🌈☄☄☄🌌🌌🌌🌅🌅🌅💜💜💜
Thank you Chewy 💞❣💞❣💞, all is well.

12/15/17. Hi BooBoo ❤🎄, thanks for watching out for Daddy. I put the tree up last Sunday, I missed you sitting by the coffee table watching me decorate. It's Nero and Jameson's first Christmas with us, I didn't want to spoil it for them. Everyone loves the Christmas Card with your picture on the back of it. I love you Chewy. Mom. 🌈🎄❤🎅🕯💚🌅🌌🌛

12/26/17. Hi BooBoo ,Merry Christmas baby. I hope you had a great holiday at the Bridge 🌈🌈🎄😗🎅🎅💚💚. I know you guys had it all lit up😊😍. I miss you Chewy. Love you always until we meet again. Kisses ,Mom 💝😗😇🎆🙏

1/2/18. Happy New Year Chewy,I miss you so much.💙 😍Today is 11 months that you're gone, still hurts like it happened yeterday.💔🌈. Love you always ❣💚❣💚🐶 Mom

1/10/18. Hey Chewy, I left your favorite dinner and snack for you. My heart aches for you, I miss you so much. I hope you're with Grandma and Grandpa at the Bridge, sending all of you rainbow kisses. Love forever ,Mom. 🙏🐶✨

1/12/18. My tears won't stop,I miss everything about you. I'm so sad today. I love you Chewy. 🌈🌠💔🙏🐶

1/23/18. Hi Boo Boo, I miss you so much my sweet baby boy. Please send me a sign,watch over me and Daddy always but especially tomorrow. I love you Chewy forever. 💙🌹🌈🙏🐶🍖🍗🍉
I know you're there,it was the reddest sunset tonight 🌅🌅❤❤. I love you 🌅❤🌅❤🌅❤🌅❤

1/24/18. Good Morning Chewy 🌞 I love you ♥☄🌠. Please be with us today. 😍😍. Give grandma and grandpa a kiss for me. ♥♥♥♥

2/2/18. Good Morning Chewy. Today marks 1yr since you left for the Bridge.🌈😢💔 Letting you leave was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I know you understand, I hope you're breathing ok, able to see and hear again.❣❣. I miss everything about you, I hope you hear me when I talk to you everyday. I know when God says the time is right I'll see you again. I love you forever Chewy. 🌈🐾❤😍🤗 Mom.

2/7/18. Hi,today is,one year that I went to ASC and picked up your ashes and brought you home. I look at your little urn everyday and say good morning and good night to you. I miss you Chewy. Love, Mom. 💙💙🌈💜💜🏺👑🐶💞🌈🌹

2/14/18. Happy Mardi Gras and Happy Valentine's Day baby 🎭❤💘❣💟💞💗💖💕💓💜💛🎭👑🎷. Sending you lots of love and rainbow kisses to the Bridge 🌈🌈💋💋💘💘🐶🐶. I love you. MOM💚

2/25/18. I love you Chewy 💚
I left St. Patty's Day clover for you. You loved that day . MOM ⚘🤗

3/2/18. Good Morning Chewy ❤🌈. Please look for Cocoa 🐰, he left for Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Marina and Auntie Ann are so sad.😢 Show him around and stay together until we all can be together again. I love you Chewy.⚘💙😍☘🍀. Mom

3/12/18. Hi Baby, how I miss you. Please watch over Daddy this afternoon, he sees the doctor, we hope all goes well. We talk about you everyday.Nero got groomed yeterday, he looks exactly like you after you would get home from your grooming with Megan.🚿 I hope you found Cocoa 🐇. Give grandma and grandpa a kiss from me. 😘. I'll be at tonight's Candlelight Ceremony 🕯. I love you forever Chewy. 🖤🖤Mom.

3/17/18 Happy Saint Patrick's Day my love 💚🦄🌈☘. This was one of your favorite holidays ☘. You loved to eat corned beef and cabbage, can't wait to see if Nero and Jameson like it. I left a pot of shamrocks by your urn ⚱. I love you Chewy 💚🍃☘💚🍃☘💚🍃☘💚🍃☘Mom.

3/26/18 Hi BooBoo. I miss you. Everyone loved the corned beef,not so much the cabbage 😅,we ate in honor of you. I need you to watch over Daddy tomorrow morning at 9am ,he's taking another exam and really needs to do well so things will go as planned. Please ask Jesus to be with him, he's very nervous. I love you Chewy, my heart is forever yours. 🙏🙏🐾🐾🌈🌈🌷🌷💙💙. Mom.

3/28/18 Hi sweet baby 🌷🌈🤗
Thank you for watching over Daddy, he passed! 🐶🙌. Give grandma and grandpa kisses from me. I love you Chewy, forever. 💙🌷🤗🌈💙🙏👑. Mom.

4/1/18 Happy Easter Chewy 🐥🙏🐰🕆💜. Miss you my Love 😢. Hope you're having fun walking around the green meadows 🌿🌾🍃and the grass tastes good, you loved eating grass 😋. Daddy is cooking lamb today, I'll miss feeding you. Kisses to every Bridgekid, special hugs and kisses for you. I L💞ve you 🐶. Mom

4/12/18 Hi Chewy my Love. I miss you every day ,Nero & Jameson were sick with a stomach bug. I took them both to ASC. They are both much better now. I remember when you had the stomach bug. So scary. Please continue to watch over all of us. Blowing kisses to the Bridge 😙😘🌈🌈🐶💜. I love you forever🙏🤗Mom.

4/19/18 I miss you 😢. Mom⚘

4/25/18. Hi sweet baby boy 🐶💙. I received the most beautiful gift ever yesterday from Karin and Kelly. Karin painted 2 perfect portraits portraits of you in oil.🖌🐶 Can you see them fro the Bridge?🌈. I cried so much, they are exquisite!Please send me a sign if you can see them Ok? In one of them ,you are wearing the the sweatshirt you left for the Bridge with.❤. I love you so much 🤗💖🌹Mom.

5/3/18. Happy Birthday Chewy 🐶🎆🍗🎈🎉💙🐾🎉🌈. I missed grilling your steak today. I planted a garden for you with stepping stones and pretty flowers in your memory. 🌺🌼🌾🌸Daddy picked flowers for your memorial table,the ones in the front yard. I was home today,took a day off from work, I'm so sad. I hung up the paintings Melly's mom made over the love seat in the living room. They are beautiful.🐶 🎨🐾
I love you forever and miss you so much.😢💔 Please send a sign soon. Love you forever. Mom 💜

5/16/18. Hi honey,hope yoyre ok and breathing easy, and you can see and hear everything everything at the Bridge🌈🌈. Your little garden is looking good 🌻🌼🌹🌺🌸🌷flowers are growing nicely. Thank you for watching over Anna,she's feeling alot better ❤❤. I miss you so much, I still cry daily, miss talking to you and kissing you.😟💔😢. I love you, please send me a sign soon. Sending you lots of love and rainbow kisses ❤🌈💜🌈💛🌈. Mom

5/24/18. Hi Chewy, thank you for your sign yesterday 😘😙💙, I love you forever. 🌈😍💔🌈. Watch over us always. MOM.💖🖤💖

5/25/18. UUDOD 😀😍😘 I got your sign this morning! Thank you!! I love you so much 💙💚💙Mom

8/15/18.  I got your message yesterday ,8/14/18! It was the most beautiful rainbow I ever saw 🌈🌈🌈🌈. The colors were so bright and it stayed a long time. Thank you so much Chewy! I love you forever and miss you so much sweet baby. Today you sent more signs, "ANGEL" license plate 😇 and OD truck, thank you for always thinking of me ♥♥♥☄☄☄. I pray you're breathing easy and are not in any pain,your eyesight and hearing are restored too. Sending you lots of love and rainbow kisses to you.💓 🌈😚💙💓. Mom

Hi my Love, please watch over Daddy right now ,he's taking another exam unexpectedly and he's very nervous, he needs to pass. Please ask Jesus to help him get through this successfully.  Sending you lots of love and rainbow kisses. I love you forever Chewy  🌈🙏💜🐶  

10/1/18 10/1/18. Happy October Chewy 🌻🍁🍂🎃
This was our favorite month. I was down at Glen Island on Saturday with Samson. I still cry when I'm there, it was a pretty sunset, I miss watching the sun go down with you, our favorite thing to do 🌅. Thank you for the sign on Thurs 18-503, yeah I know it's you. 🐶💙🌈. I miss you so much, still hurts very bad, it always will.💔 Please watch over us, especially Daddy. Please as Jesus to provide a favorable outcome to his situation. Love you forever and ever. Until we see each other again you live in my heart 🧡💛. Mom.

10/15/18. Hi Chewy, I'm so sorry, all the messages I left you are gone 😢😢, I'm trying to see if someone can retrieve them, I've been crying about it. I love you forever Chewy 🧡

10/24/18. I miss you Udi😢🌈💟. I love you forever.  I was able to get most  of the messages back, Ginny helped. I just found some that I saved and posted them. 🗒✉. Watch over us always.  🐶😇. Sending you rainbow kisses🌈💋💟🌠. Mom.

10/31/18 🎃 Happy Halloween my sweet Chewy 🧡🖤. This was our favorite holiday, you would love to dress up in all the different costumes, the devil, pumpkin, pirate and skeleton. I would take you to Marina's school and show you off at the Halloween parade. All the kids would love to play with you. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🐕. I miss you the most on Halloween 😢🦇🧛‍♂️👻. I hope you will have fun trick or treating at the Bridge 🌈🍭🍬🍫 with your friends. Daddy carved the jack o'lantern yesterday 🎃, Samson,Nero and Jameson helped out, they love Halloween too. 👻🧡🦇🖤🧙‍♀️💀🦉. I love you forever Udi 😍. I think about you every hour of every day, you live in my heart forever. 🧡🧡🖤🖤. All my rainbow 🌈love and kisses. Mom. I left purple and orange Halloween flowers by your urn ⚱🧡💜

11/5/18. Hi BooBoo 💙🐶. Please watch over me now, I'm having my mammogram in a little while. I miss you my precious little friend 😢💔. I love you. 😍. All is ok with me, it's negative. Sending Rainbow kisses 💙🌹😘😚💋🌈. Mom.

11/8/18. Thank you for the Double Rainbow sign 🌈🌈💙💙. It was an interesting way of showing me the sign, at first I didn't realize it was you. I know you hear me when I talk to you 😇😇. I love you forever Chewy, I miss you so badly😢. One day we'll be together again,just wait for me. 🙎‍♀️🐶🌈. Sending you all my love 💙🧡💚💜. Mom.

Happy Turkey Day Chewy 🦃🍖🍗🍠🐕, oh I miss you on this day. I remember making a plate for you with turkey ,green beans, and mashed potatoes. I love you forever my baby. I hope you're ok and are having fun at the Bridge.🌈🦃🐶. All my love until we meet again. 🧡💛. Mom

11/25/18  🌹🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌹. Wow! Thank you so much Chewy for the rainbow this morning. You heard me calling you right!?. 💛🌞. I miss you baby, but I do feel your energy every day. I love you forever Udi 💙❣💙❣💙❣💙. Mom.

12/1/18 Happy December Chewy 🐶❄  You loved to play in the freshly fallen snow. I always made sure you were dressed warmly. I miss you baby boy. I went to Stew's to get our tree today 🎄. I remember how you used to sit by the tree when I was decorating it. 💚❤. We're setting it up downstairs this year so your brothers can enjoy it better. I love you forever my boo boo . Not an hour goes by that I don't think about you.  Sending you lots of rainbow love and kisses. P.S. Thank you for the signs, 503 and bear claw 😊

12/10/18. Hi Chewy 💙👑, I miss you more each day😢, I love you. Please send me a sign soon 🌈🌠. I'll be at the candlelight🕯ceremony tonight,look for the glowing candle by your urn 🐶🌹💝. All my love.💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞Mom

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