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Memories of Cherie
Cherie was a silent meower. We always loved to look at her and make her do it. She loved to sleep on her tuffet. Even after having 9 teeth pulled, Cherie loved to eat. She was content to live in the bedroom with her sister, Hectorine, and her friend, Tennille. When my Cherie first came to me with her sister, she was a tiny barn kitten. She loved to climb curtains and showed mr her daredevil side when she jumped off the balcony with no injuries.
July 11, 2013 Cherie. I miss you so much. Your tuffet does not seem right without you. I miss your silent meow. I miss cuddling you. Gene and I don't feel normal in the bedroom without you and Hector. I pray that you are eating at God's table and running around in the sunshine at the rainbow bridge. If you are able, please visit me and let your presence be known. I hope you know how much I will always love you. My days are still blue without you near me. You and Hectorine, please stay with Toby, Misty, and Jett (I bet he is not so bad now that he is a cat angel!) to wait for my arrival.
May 27, 2014 I can't believe I have been without you for a whole year. You are forever in my heart. I miss your cat clock eyes and your silent meow. I miss you snuggled in my bed. I know I will see you again. Until then, I hope you can feel my love for you. You and Hectorine must surely be together at the bridge, so I know you are not lonely. You will be my Cherie forever. Love always, Your Susie
May 27, 2015- I think of you all the time. I miss you and your pretty torty face. There are so many cats here now that you would be glad to stay in the bed, away from them. I wish I had you snuggled up with me. You would also enjoy the breeze from the open windows. I picture you sitting in the windowsill , but now your whole world is open to you and you can enjoy the breeze all around you. I know God is being good to you while you and Hectorine wait for me. I love you forever. You are beautiful. Wait for me at the bridge. Your girl loves you. Susie
June 30, 2017- I miss you and I can't believe how long I have had to be without you. You slipped away from me so quickly. I was thinking how Hectorine was going to leave us because of her cancer, and then suddenly, you were gone first. The two of you were such a gift to my life. I think of you and smile because you are so cute and full of personality. We have 2 other girl cats in the bedroom now and one of them reminds me of you in her attitude. She is sassy. Please look down upon me and make me feel your presence. I love you and need you. Enjoy the beautiful days until it is my time to reunite with all of you guys and girls.

May 27, 2018- My Cherie, Berie, Berito. I love you. Feels like a million years since I last touched you. In the past few years, we have lost Heath, Dennis, Jodee, and a little cat named Jason that you never met. Would you and Hectorine please look for them and play with them for me ? I miss your chubby self. I miss those eyes of yours. I hope time goes faster there than here while we wait for each other. Love, love, love. Your Susie

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