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Memories of Chase
Our beloved kitty Chase loved to watch the leak in the bathroom drip. He loved to play with his toys that he got for Christmas, specifically the fluffy ones that he could toss around. He loved kitty treats, even though his sister Sweetie would try to eat them. He loved the watermelon Michele would buy for the family, knowing that he loved the taste of it. He loved to sit in Bly's bed on the top bunk, thinking that he was the little king he was. He loved to lay on his back, sprawled out in the middle of the bed or couch. He loved laying with his feet in a funny position that made the whole family laugh. He loved to make noise, really really late at night. He loved to lay at the end of Michele's bed, she would have to sit in a diagonal pose just so she wouldn't kick him off. He loved to stick his head in John's water cup, making sure to never get it stuck. He loved his sister Sweetie, even though they would bicker from time to time, they always cared for each other. He loved his family, Bly, Michele & John. & we loved him. We loved him more than anything in the world. We will never forget all the memories we had with him, and he will never forget the ones he had with us. Everyone and everything that met him or that knew Chase absolutely adored him. He was the smartest, most funny, most caring, most adorable kitty cat to ever exist. I, Bly, named him Chase due to the fact that when we were in the pet smart, out of every kitty in his litter, he was the only one who was chasing my fingers. He has been my best buddy since I was 8 years old, and he will continue to be my best bud for forever & eternity.
On the way home, after sending him off to The Rainbow Bridge, my mom and I looked up at the sky and saw just one little star in the dark beautiful night sky, and that's when I knew that our kitty was in a very happy place.
To Chase, thank you for all the happiness you brought all of us, I hope that we brought it in return. I had the best of times with you for the six years that you were on this earth, and I know everyone else did as well. We love you so so so much, and we never will stop. I love you little viking.
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