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Memories of Chase
Chase came to our home unexpectedly in the summer of 2001, after a little boy who lived in the neighborhood had brought him home but was told he wouldn't be allowed to keep him. Knowing that I am an animal lover, the boy rang my doorbell and asked me anxiously if I would take him so he could visit the little kitten, telling me hopefully that the kitten was "very good, and he eats pudding, and he likes to do backflips!

Concerned as to why a kitten was doing backflips, and wanting to help, I took the kitten in with the intent of fostering him until I could find a home for him. I had two cats already, and reasoned that I would be able to place him easily as he was such a beautiful little baby. After less than three days, however, loving and cuddling with him, I soon realized that he had already found his home with me, and that I would gladly keep him.

Chase quickly found his way into our hearts, and as he grew, we often remarked that even as he aged, he still demonstrated the energy and playfulness of a kitten. He was extremely vocal, with his chattering often sounding like was saying "hello," "mom," and "no." Like a puppy, he met me at the door as I came and went, and was often found sitting nearby gazing at me lovingly when he wasnt sitting on my lap or gently resting his paws on my face. He was very sweet and funny, and quite the character, bringing me items, such as a bag of cotton balls, with great fanfare as he dropped them at my feet and looked up at me for approval. "Chase is a good boy," I would tell him enthusiastically "thank you Chase!"

Chase became ill with hyperthyroidism in recent years, and at the age of 15 was taking medication daily to manage his symptoms. Still, he remained playful, with a peaceful, trusting demeanor that, coupled with his loving gaze, indicated that he was devoted to his family in spite of any discomfort he may have experienced while receiving his care.

On June 21st, I was fortunate to have spent a quite afternoon cuddling with Chase, holding him and telling him he was a good boy while kissing him gently with great tenderness, completely unaware that it would be our last day together. Later that evening, I heard Chase cry out and ran to him, only to find him on the floor struggling to breathe and unable to stand. I rushed him to the emergency vet where he passed away from cardiac arrest shortly after our arrival, the CPR performed by the staff unable to save him. I sobbed as I held him for the last time, relieved only by the knowledge that he is in heaven now with my parents, and all of our family pets that had gone before him.

Chase was one week short of his 16th birthday, and although I wish he had remained here with me, I know he's healthy and happy now as he passed over the Rainbow Bridge, and that we will be reunited again in the future.

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