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Memories of Chas
Chas came into our lives in 1993 before the births of our children. He was our first baby. It was love at first sight. My husband picked him up and never put him back down. He was 8 weeks old and so small and sweet. He was with us for 17 wonderful memory filled years. He welcomed home each of our three children from the hospital. He would get in the car and give them kisses while they were still strapped in their car seats. He was such a good and loving soul. He was always at my side. My little shadow. When he went to the Bridge he left such a hole in my heart. I will never forget that day. I am getting by though there are still days when I can't help but cry for the loss of such a huge presence in my life. He was a part of me for 17 years. A part of my children's lives since they were born. He's taught me so much about patience and loyalty and above all love. Pure unconditional love. I can only hope that we gave to him as much as he gave to us. I can just see him at the Bridge playing with his new friends. He is whole again. Now I take it day by day, month by month, year by year until the day we are reunited at the Bridge. What a joyous day that will be. 'Til then my sweet boy will hover over us with his little angel wings and maybe, just maybe, he will land on my shoulder.

June 24, 2011

Today is one year since you've been gone from our lives. We miss you and love you always. Always and forever in our hearts. It's not the same without you here. Tears are still shed. Everyday memories of you are talked about. I know that you are still with us. Nothing can ever replace you. You are my angel boy forever. Play and be happy with all of your Bridge friends. Please welcome all the new babies who come to the Bridge. I know how very hard and heartbreaking it is for their humans to see them go. Mommy's tears are flowing as I write this and your little girl's too. We send you our love and lots and lots of kisses. A special lipstick kiss for you too right on your sweet nose. Visit us sweet angel boy and keep sending us signs. Flap those little angel wings and fly.

With All of Our Love,
Your Loving Family

November 28, 2011

Hello my sweet boy. I know you had a fabulous Thanksgiving feast at the Bridge with all of your new friends. We missed you once again my angel boy. We put the tree up and missed you laying in the branches as we put it together. That was one of my favorite things you did. Always made me smile and laugh you crazy little boy. I receive your signs now and again. I love when you send them. I will miss your little face at Christmas sitting around the family room with us. I know you are there beside me always. Always in my heart. Mommy thinks of you everyday baby. I know you will have a wonderful Christmas at the Bridge. Catch my kisses my sweet beagle boy. Here they come!

We Love You Always,
Your Forever Family

June 18, 2012

Hello Chassy, my precious boy. I can't believe it is going on two years since you went to the Bridge. We all miss you and think of you always. Mommy is in tears tonight. I miss you sweet puppy. I know you are there hovering over me at times. I can feel you my sweet angel. I'm sorry it's been a while since I've visited but I get your signs still. Please send them more often. We saved a puppy. I know that you would approve. His name is Dagger. He has his own personality and we love him very much but he could never take your place. You have your own special place in Mommy's heart that only you can fill. Dagger has his spot staked out already too. Oh the love I have for my fur babies! Keep having fun with your Bridge friends sweet pea. We're one year closer to meeting at the Bridge! Hugs and kisses to my beagle boy! Your little girl wants to say something too. Here she is...

Hi Chassy! I'm going into middle school already! Miss u sooo much and we wish you were here at the house. Your little bro got his license and wishes you could see how happy he is. I miss you Chas and I love you so much. Your with me everywhere I go no matter what! The new fur baby is doing fine and he is living in our house. Love you Chas, have a fun summer with your friends at the Bridge.

Sending You Lots of Love,
Your Family Forever and Ever

February 1, 2013

Hi my angel puppy. I'm missing you my sweet baby boy. I know you're havng a great time at the bridge with all your friends. You are in my heart always. Do you know that I call your human brother by your name by mistake sometimes? And when grandma comes over she constantly calls Dagger by your name. We have to keep correcting her but I guess after being around you for 17 years its a hard habit to break. It makes us all laugh. I think thats your sign to us and your way of poking into our thoughts out of nowhere. We all love you and miss you. You are in our thoughts often my sweet beagle boy. Dagger has quite a personality and has worked his way into our hearts. I think he senses you at times. I think you would have had a blast with him. Although he is special, he will never take your place. You both have your own personality that I adore. Know that I hold you in my heart and in my prayers everyday and that Mommy loves you soooo much.

Love always and forever,

June 24, 2013

Hello my puppy! I can't believe its been 3 years since you left for the Bridge. You are always in my heart and my mind. Your name still passes my lips often. I miss you very much my Angel boy but I know that you are running free and having a fantastic time with your friends. I still get your signs and I appreciate each and every one. Don't ever stop sending them! Mommy looks forward to them always. Everyone misses you, not just mommy. You have pierced our hearts forever. Remember the very top of the staircase, your favorite place to chill out and the best view of what was happening? Dagger has taken a liking to it too. He has his crazy moments like you did where all of the sudden he runs all around the house. So you see, you're never forgotten. Always something to remind me, even though I never need the reminder that I once had the awesome company of a special and precious Angel. I will always cherish you, you are a special gift from God that I will love forever. Always remember that my sweet boy. Keep having fun with your friends and know that mommy is always here with love for you in her heart. I miss you sweet pea!

Hugs and kisses and lots of love,

December 6, 2013

Hi my precious Angel! We put the tree up and memories came flooding back. I miss you laying in the middle of the tree branches. Your kids are growing so much. Time seems to fly these days. I love you and pray for you always sweet boy. I thank God for giving you to us to love and care for. We miss you but we know you are well and happy at the bridge. I know that when my time comes you will meet me at the bridge and it will be like time never parted us. It's supposed to snow soon. You were my snow puppy! Loved the snow! Dagger likes the snow too, and also like you he doesn't like getting wet. He is funny, you would like him. Please keep giving mommy signs. I love you always and forever. Have a Merry Merry Christmas my love and celebrate with the angels. Hugs and kisses, especially a lipstick kiss!

Be well my angel,

April 8, 2014

Hi baby! It's spring time!! Time to play with the bunnies. I miss you my puppy. I think of you every day. You are always there in my heart and on my mind. Keep having a ball at the bridge sweet boy. Send me some signs soon. I will be looking for them. Your kids are doing good. All growing up and driving mommy crazy! I send kisses and hugs to you and lots of love. Stay happy my sweet beagle boy and know that mommy loves you so much!!

Run like the wind angel boy,
Love, Mommy

June 6, 2014

Happy Birthday baby!!! I hope that you have an awesome birthday with your friends. Wanted to tell you also that your little boy isn't so little anymore, he graduated high school! He still misses you as do we all. Always in our hearts my sweet boy. Keep sending me those signs and be happy sweetie. Have fun on your special day and know that mommy is celebrating too.

Love you lots and lots,

December 17, 2014

Hi sweet boy! I miss you so much. I hope your had a great Turkey day. I hope that you and grandpa found each other at the Bridge. We were all heart broken when he passed back in July. If you haven't met up yet start looking for him. He would LOVE to see you! We are all ok. Trying to get through the holidays with out gramps and another year with out you my angel. Keep those sweet wings flapping and watch over us. I love you baby. I give your picture a kiss before bed wishing it was your soft fur and silky ears. Merry, Merry Christmas!

Always in my heart,
Love, Mommy

June 25, 2017

I haven't written on your page in a while my angel boy but it doesn't mean I don't think of you. I miss you sweet boy. I get your signs and you make me smile. Be happy Chassy.

Love you always,

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