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Memories of Charlie
I lost my precious African Grey rescue parrot Charlie 12/31/14 after he flew out the door on 12/4/14. Charlie came to me as a feather picker and neglect case and he blossomed when given freedom from his cage and lots of love and attention. He would not tolerate wing clipping as he would pick his feathers again so he was fully flighted. Despite a massive rescue effort and ongoing search, he was not found until 12/31/14 and had succumbed to the elements. My heart is broken and I am more devastated than I have ever been over the loss of a pet. He was a loving, intelligent, goofy, quirky child who made me smile everyday. I will never forget you Charlie and I will see you again when the time comes. I love you forever as you loved me. I miss you terribly. Fly free and wait for me.

1/3/14 Thank you to everyone who has shown such compassion and empathy for my baby Charlie and me. I miss him so much my heart has a constant ache.I am so very grateful for this website. Thank you everyone for caring about my sweet Charlie and for helping to ease my grief. Keep flying sweet Charlie with all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you so.

It has almost been a year since I lost my sweet Charlie. The grief has not lessened and is still very acute. I have not visited your residency often Charlie because I have not processed my grief yet and it brings pain. That is probably selfish, but you were like my child and you are missed and loved so intensely that I still cry when I think of your loss. Your precious life was cut so short and it is hard to understand. You were so loving. So goofy. So quirky. So very intelligent. And so very perfect in every way. There is a ragged hole in my heart that will never be filled until we are together again. I just renewed your residency Charlie, and I promise to visit more often. I think of you every day. You will be my shining star during this holiday season and I know God is looking after you. I will someday see you again and scratch your head and cuddle you and hear your sweet voice. Wait for me Charlie. Never forget me. It has just been so very painful. You are so very loved. And I still miss you so.

12/22/15 I thought about you a lot today Charlie. Christmas is fast approaching and your quirky chirps and words fill my head as I prepare for the holiday. You are always with me my sweet baby. I hear you, feel you, see you in my head and heart. Your memory will never fade and I will always keep you close. You are loved my precious baby bird. Sleep well tonight.

12/31/15 Thank you Ginny for your sweet words on the anniversary of Charlie's entry to The Rainbow Bridge. I miss you sweet bird. My heart still aches. My thoughts are with you every day. Ginny's words of comfort really helped lessen today's pain. You are a very loved and cherished parrot Charlie, and your memory will always shine brightly every single day in my heart. I love you my baby bird. Happy New Year sweet Charlie and fly free. I will visit again soon.❤️❤️

1/5/16 It's the New Year. I have made a resolution to try to turn my pain from your loss into something positive. Another rescue parrot has come into my life. A Goffin Cockatoo named Sunny who is a feather picker and has toe amputations. I know you sent him to me Charlie to take care of and to bring some healing to my heart. I see you Charlie in all the mannerisms of Sunny and I know he was your way of saying to me that you are ok and to go on and keep giving love and care to other creatures who need my help. Thank you baby bird. I know now that you truly are still with me, watching over me, and flying free. Thank you Charlie and Happy New Year and new beginning.

01/02/18 It's the New Year again. I still think of you daily Charlie and know you are in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me. You are never forgotten. Your quirky personality and loving spirit resides with me daily, reminding me of the precious soul you are. I wish you had not been taken so soon, but God had other plans for you. I know you are flying free and playing with all the other pets while you wait for me. I love you Charlie. The ache is still there because I miss you so much. Just know I love you forever and will see you again someday and you will sit on my hand and say your quirky little phrases and give me your special look and kiss me with your beak. And I will embrace you with my spirit and envelop you with all my love just as I am doing now. I love you Charlie. Happy New Year my special angel bird💖🐦

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