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While in California, we visited the beach, play games but, you have been through a lot for a doggie of your age. Introducing you to all my friends when I brought you back to Pennsylvania was a great thing, I was able to let you touch more peoples lives than just mine. I was so proud of you Charlie. Your love was so unconditional and all I can say is that I will miss you terribly bad. You came into my life four years ago when I needed you the most. You became my best friend and teammate through some pretty trying times. You were my baby boy, my pride and joy. I love you so much, Charlie and I will miss you so much. I remember the first time we met at the ASPCA, you looked so sad in your cage but, I adopted you and brought you back to my house...for the first few weeks it was hard for both of us. You didn't know where you were and I didn't know how to make you feel more comfortable. But over time you opened up to me, you laid with me on my futon and bed, you followed me around everywhere I went. I can't put into words what you've done for me. You will always be my pride and joy! I can't wait to see you again and see you running through meadows and behaving like the up beat puppy I am used to. Be careful and mommy will see you soon baby boy, Char-Char Bear. I love you baby.

Until we meet again my friend, I will always love you and be looking around the corner for you to be there. I love you baby boy, Mister Man...you will be missed by all. <3 ur momma.

Throughout the first couple of months after you passed away, I visited your site to feel close to you again and many times it made me more sad because I couldn't pet you anymore or hold you in my arms as I once had. I only wish that I could have made things better for you and that you wouldn't have gotten very sick that not even medicine would help you. I am happy that we found peace in knowing you are in a better place and not suffering. I will forever love you, Charlie.
(Message combined from 8/20/08-12/13/08 I love you, Charlie and will forever miss you!)

The first year that you were actually gone seemed to be more difficult that the first full month you were gone. I managed to hold on to your memory while completing college, getting married, buying a house and opening my heart up to a new furbaby - who more than likely would not have gotten along with you. But still, I am happy that you are no longer in pain or suffering from the illness that took you from me. I love you and miss you, baby boy :o)
(Message combined from 06/03/09-12/18/09)

As the years tick by, I realize that you have now been gone for two years. From celebrating the one year birthday for Chloe to sadly remembering the day I had to take the sad drive to the emergency vet clinic and sad goodbye to you as they admitted you. Remembering that I told you, I'd be back and you'd be okay. Those words haunt me even today as I think about to how sad you looked as though you realized that it was too late and we couldn't make you better. As of August 22, 2010, Eddy (my husband)'s cat (Gwenie) passed away tonight. Please look for her and let her know she's okay. I hope that you know that I will always love you and cherish our memories together as you helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. You're dear to me and will always be loved. 'Til we meet again my little man. I love you! (Message combined from 7/20/10 - 8/22/10)

Each year passes making it a little easier to come and see you laying comfortably on your blanket. Now coasting past three years since you've past away. I can tell that you gave me the strength to love again. During 2011, we introduced Chloe to the newest edition of our family, Tallie. Who just like you and Chloe is a rescue. She quickly fell in love with the house, Eddy and mommy but, Chloe didn't mind her. It took some time but, they came around. I am certain you would have watched that from afar and chuckle to yourself. Please watch over the new editions to Rainbow Bridge as more furbabies come home. I love you and miss you, Char-Char. (Message combined from 1/16/11 to 7/9/11)

All I can say is OMG, it has now been four years since you passed away. This year is a somber year - in January, Charlie the Border Collie lost his battle to bone cancer and is now a resident at Rainbow Bridge with you. Please look for him and keep him safe. With his passing, it has made my dad a little depressed but, in February he was able to adopt a new furbaby and open his heart and mind to another Border Collie named Dylan. If you think Charlie was playful...you would have been a little upset with Dylan because he would probably nip at your ears to get you to play more. Chloe and Tallie are doing well, they have begun to love each other like siblings do and have managed to tolerate each other's personality. Chloe is the first of our two kitties who helped me heal and remember mostly the happiness with you and Tallie has cemented herself in my heart as you and Chloe have with your love and the times that you loved me back. (Message combined from 1/18/12 - 7/18/12)

Hey buddy! Life is getting easier until that day comes when I am reminded of that awful ride I took to try and make you better. I lost your puppy body that day but, I didn't lose your soul or what you've given me in my heart. I will forever love you and will see you again. It's amazing how quickly things have changed and where I've gone. I trust you're doing wonderfully where ever you are I am always thinking about you when something reminds me of something you would have done or a pup looks like you. Thank you for the love you showed me and the help you gave me. I love and miss you, Char-Char. (Message combined up to 7/19/13)

How crazy? You've been a resident of Rainbow Bridge since 2008 and each year I remember you as you were not as you left me. I still miss and love you buddy. Until we meet again. (7/20/15)

My little man, its officially been 10 years since I made that heartbreaking decision to send you to the bridge. I miss you so much. You have sent me two beautiful kitties to love as much as I loved you. Thank you, my friend. Love always mommma. (7/20/18)

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