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Memories of Champ
Oh my dear sweet old man. How do I say goodbye to you? It feels like I just said hello for the first time. I only got to spend 3 years with you but it was my utmost honor.

After we brought you home 3 years ago, I wasn't sure you would with us for even a few months. You had been dumped at the shelter by your owner ( I use the term loosely here) at the age of 12. You even had to be neutered before you could leave the shelter. What a traumatic experience you had to endure at a time in life when you should have been taking it easy. Springer rescue was contacted as that's what your vet paperwork said you were. They didn't even get your breed right! They did pull you but had nowhere for you to go so you were taken to a kennel. They put out a plea for a foster home and that's how we found you. We brought you home and knew you had to stay with us. You were so depressed, you hung your head and hair was coming out in handfuls. At least your owner had taken care of your flea and heartworm needs. Off you went to the vet. Your neutering did not go well so we had some swelling issues but they did subside. Other than that you seemed to be healthy. Later on we found some neurological problems that caused you to have incontinence issues. How I miss cleaning up your poop!

You settled in after a few weeks and just became part of the family. Willa attached herself to you and endlessly tried to get you to play. It was so cute watching you try to get away from her. I think you secretly enjoyed her attentions though. Cookie and Annie mostly left you alone but I know they loved you too. We did get to take you to the beach one year. I wish we could have taken you more places.

You were so funny to watch. You would run thru the yard with both hind legs together. You also did, what we called, the Champie dance when food was near. That's how we knew the end was coming, you quit dancing for your food. You played stubborn when it came time to get up for any reason, especially walks. But I think you enjoyed Daddy helping you up. At the end, you could hardly stand anymore and it broke my heart to watch you fall down so many times.

Another piece of my heart is missing now. I miss cooking for you, picking up your poop and dragging you down the street for your walk. But most of all, I miss seeing your head pop up everytime I walked into the room. I'm still looking for it.

The Rainbow Bridge is a better place with you there. I wanted you to stay with me forever but it could not be. Please find Sage and PJ and I'll see you again one day. Daddy sends his love. Your heartbroken Mommy.

11/4 My dearest Champ, I have been missing you so much.I'm sorry I haven't visited before now but please know that you have never left my thoughts. I hope you are happy and running free there. I have doubted my decision to set you free since the moment it was done. I wish I could know that it was the right decision. I think of you every day and wish so much that I could see your smiling face. I love you so much still and hope to see you again one day. I long to kiss your head goodnight. Mommy

11/22 It's Thanksgiving and I just want to tell you how thankful I am that I had you in my life. I miss you every day! Mommy

12/24/12 Our first Christmas without you. We only got three, way too few. Please feel my hugs and send some down for me. I love you Champ and Merry Christmas my sweet boy. Mommy

3/29/13 Happy Birthday Bud Boy! You would have been 16 today. But 15 had to be our last with you. I miss you like you just left us. We all love you so much and I'm hoping you're celebrating today with all the new friends you have met. Kisses from all of us and have a happy day! Mommy

6/9/13 My dear sweet boy, I can't believe it's been a year. Time just goes so fast but not a day goes by that I don't miss you with all my heart. I hope you had a wonderful day there with all your new friends. You were my Champion and still are. All my love, Mommy.

6/9/14 I can't believe it's been 2 years, how time flies. Every day I see your handsome face on my wall at work and I think of you. I miss you so much, Champ, and can't wait to see you again one day. My love and kisses to you each and every day, sweet boy! Mommy

6/9/15 3 years, so hard to believe. It seems like yesterday I was watching you do your little stroll thru the yard. I hope you and Sage are having a blast and that Cookie is not too much trouble to you. I miss you big buddy and wish I could kiss your sweet head just once again. I love you and until I see you again...... Mommy

6/9/16 I miss you more than words can say. Love, Mommy

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