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Memories of Catfish Regina Douell
The beginning of our story with our baby girl named,CATFISH,started around the end of march and the beginning of april 1,1996,so we picked april 1 1996 for her birthday,because she could act like a fool,or make you look like a fool,either way you would end up laughing,making us fall deeper in love with her.If you wonder where she got her name,CATFISH,let me tell you,it was all her daddy,you see he used to go fishing all the time,and said,;she was so different looking,and act so different from any cat he ever knew,she reminded him of a catfish,if CATFISH knew this she would have bit him and walked away and turned around and stared him down,she was good at giving you the eye,and we could always knew what that eye meant,either cut the volume down on the tv or answer the phone,or she just needed to have a little attention givin to her,which she always had and never did without our attention and undying love and devotion,but we didnt either,you see we got to become HER babies,and we had her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,and if you never have had that,well than i can say,you have never have been loved.It is undescribleable and something i will never forget and i will hold precious always and forever in my heart,all due to our JUJU BEAN.Well let me go on with my story,the 1st day we went and got her,we picked her a SHE did it,she wrapped us completly around her paw,we had to stop at walmart and get her some food,liter,and a pan,which by the way she was so small,she ended up using a pie pan for her liter pan,that 1st night she kept AD up all night,she meowed,meowed in that small little voice,she was under the stereo,chair,bed and dresser,which i kept AD busy getting her for me,finally he put her in bed and snuggled her up and off to sleep she went,the both of them.Well our story continues,she grows up,we went through stages:finding her little face covered in potatoes,digging chicked bones out of the garbage,getting her off kitten chow with milk,which took a couple of years,getting fleas and ticks,climbing the poles,trees and house,just to have her prince AD to rescue her,yall that was a site to see,watching AD trying to teach her to catch a mouse,while he was trying to kill it,CATFISH was on the bed with me looking at him like he was crazy,because if momma was on the bed screaming,it had to be bad,so what, we didnt end up with a mouser,that was ok.I remember our first Christmas together,we had been out shopping and came back and open the door,i thought we had been robbed,nope,it was just FISHY exploring-Christmas tree in the middle of the floor,everything she could get off the tree was everywhere,center pieces on the tables in the floor,flowers had been picked and scattered everywhere,the curtain rods all bent in half,with the curtains all down,and finally she decided she would scratch some presents open and i thought to myself,i will never be able to keep this crazy,insane cat,we just sat down on the couch and just looked at the destruction this tiny little kitten did,well you should know she jumped up on the couch between us and laid down,we all was home ,together,and everything was ok,she never did that again,she would pick off a couple of ornaments each year and scratched open a few presents but if you think about it,it was her CHRISTMAS too,and we always made sure she was much as part of Christmas as anybody else would be.This is just a little story to begin with- Our life with CATFISH,can you believe this was only one year with her and i still remember like it was yesterday.The story of our life with CATFISH will continue another day,but for now,thank you for letting us share and taking us down memory lane.Memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives.Thank you for visiting,Anthony and Tracy


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