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Memories of Cassie
Cas you came to live with your family at Easter time 1998. Your registered kennel name was Yurana Cassandra. You were just so cute and settled in well with Sheree our Samoyed which we lost not long after getting you. In January 1999 your sole mate Jus came to live with you and after overcoming the initial shock that Jus was here to stay, you became the best of mates and were inseperable until Jus's death in 2009.

You were so sweet and lovable but oh so very determined and knew exactly what you wanted. You knew how to unlock the doggie door and no one knows how you did it. Apart from the love for your family you just adored our next door neighbour Joseph. When we shifted house and went walkies near where we used to live you would walk very quickly and turn up the streets so you could see Joseph. You would yip through the fence with tail wagging to let Joseph and Anika know you were there. If they were not home you were so disappointed. You loved food especially chicken, sitting on Dad's knee, your walkies, trips in the car and going to see Nan on the farm and the animals. Mum clearly remembers the days that I went to work and at lunchtime went to eat my sandwich and it was gone. Initially I thought that I had left in on the bench but found the wrapper in the garden so I realised that my little girl had taken it out of my bag. You and Jus enjoyed it while Mum went hungry. I soon learnt to put my bag up so you could not take my lunch. You used to love me coming home with the groceries and you would go through the bags looking for what you can find to eat. You took over Jus's spot waiting at the window for Mum to come from work and I miss that so much.

When we lost Jus you missed him so much but because of you being 11 years of age we thought that it would be unfair to bring a puppy into your life and you would live out the remaining years as an only dog with Mum & Dad. At Easter time 2009 our special friend Philippa came over from Tasmania and suggested that we get a mate for you and Mum. She had a very special boy for us named Dickens a Black & Tan Cavalier who was 5 months old. Dickens came on a trial basis to see how you liked him and you just adored and mothered him. He gave you a new lease of life and you would sleep together and go walkies. Philippa sure knows how to pick the best!

Cas the day we had to say goodbye was so heartbreaking but you looked so peaceful, your pain and suffering over the past week had ended. We are all still hurting so much not having you around. You are now reunited with your best mate Jus make sure you give him big hugs and kisses from all of us. We love and miss you so much Cas the house is not the same without you.

Until we cross the bridge lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Mum, Dad & Dickens. XXXXXXXXXXX

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