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Memories of Cassandra
Cassandra I loved you so much. I remember when I first held you and held your five brothers and sisters including Misty at my sister, Trista's house. At the time I thought that I only wanted one kitty so I chose Misty from the litter. However, about two weeks later I called my brother in law Terry and he said that all of the kitties had been chosen and had good homes. You were the last one left. I said that I would take you as a companion for Misty when I was gone alot the two of you could be good company for each other. We wanted you very much to join our home and have never ever regretted that I did that. Even though you were the last one not picked in the litter I wanted you so much. It worked out just the way it was meant to. I think that because you were always the quiet and sweet and docile one that you didn't attract a lot of attention and were not chosen. You had a personality that was so different than your brother Misty. It was hard for me to determine sometimes that the two of you were from the same litter. You didn't look alike at all and your personalities were polar opposites. I called the two of you salt and pepper. When you first came to live with me you were very frightened and just like your brother it was two weeks before you would allow me to touch you or get near you. You also cried all night the first few nights that you were with me. You missed your mother and the other kitties in the litter. You would hide in the trundle bed during the day and I would have to clean the poop etc as you were litter trained but too afraid to come out and use the box. You finally came out at night and ate and drank as you became very hungry and thirsty and also began to use the box at night. Then one Saturday morning two weeks later I was playing with your brother on the bed and you jumped up on the bed and came to me. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that lasted for 17 years and was wonderful. I remember when you were about 7 months I took you with your brother to Animal Birth Control and had both of you fixed so that we did not have anymore kitties in our house. Two was enough as our first apartment was so small. I brought you home and your brother ran outside to play. However, your surgery was more major and you lay down on the table under the lamp and fell asleep. You never slept there so I thought that you liked the heat from the lamp because you were cold. I took a blanket and laid it over you while you slept. Your brother began to go outside and play almost immediately but you were more timid and shy. You were a little afraid. I would watch you sitting on the window sill watching your brother play outdoors in the sunshine. You loved the sunshine. You loved to sit on the window sill and tilt your head up so that the sun would go right into your face. For one year you watched your brother and stayed in the house. Then one day I looked around and couldn't find you anywhere in the house and low and behold you had gotten your courage up and jumped out the window and there you were playing with your brother. You had the best time playing outside with him. He was already bringing me birds as presents and you began to bring me little brown bugs too. You wanted to bring me something different and to establish your self so you never brought me birds just little brown bugs in my bed, in my car space near my car and at the top of the stairs near our front door and on the front doormat. It was so sweet of you to do that for your Mommy. You always had the sweetest personality and I was so thrilled to have you with us. You would have a blast playing with your brother and then I couldn't get either one of you to come in the house as you were both having so much fun. You were always Mommy's kitty though. You wanted nothing more than to be in Mommy's lap or to sleep with Mommy with your paw on my face or on my hand like we were holding hands while sleeping. You would sit on my lap when I worked on the computer and you would love to take your paw and help me with my school papers. You would type letters and many times you loved to press the space bar. You were so cute as you never typed with your right paw only your left paw. I would tease you and say that you were a south paw because of this. Days, weeks and months passed by and you were very healthy and happy. Then one day Mommy took a vacation and you stayed at Grandma and Grandpas while I was gone. Something happened and when I got home I found out that you had gotten out of the house and couldn't find your way home and that you were lost. I was devastated. I missed you terribly and Misty missed you terribly. We put up signs to find you but you were no where to be found. I had begun to give up hope of ever finding you again. You were gone for a total of four months. I hoped that some nice family had taken you in and that you had a nice family to care for you if you were not coming back with me. I was worried that you had been hit by a car or that you had expired because you couldn't survive on your own. I was heartbroken and so sad that you were not with me. Then one day some of the nice neighbors had seen the signs and called to say we think that we have your missing cat. It was raining and the weather had gotten bad during the four months that you were missing. Lo and behold it was you and I was overjoyed that I had found you and that you were with us again. You were very sick from being on your own outside and I think that you gave yourself up to neighbors who were very friendly and you knew that you would not survive if you didn't. I brought you home and Misty was so happy to see you and you were afraid at first and acted like a wild feral cat. However, you calmed down soon and were playing with Misty like old times. He was so happy to see you again. We were a little family together again after four months. I immediately took you to the Vet as you were sick. It took me one year to nurse you back to health. You had a terrible cough that just wouldn't go away. Your immune system was down because of being so sick and run down from not being taken care of like a wild feral cat. You kept getting sick easily. Finally, I got you back to your normal health. We moved shortly after to the new apartment that we lived in from then on in the Marina. However, you never again went outside. The big outdoors was too scary for you after what happened. You never again asked to go outside and play with Misty. You were happy staying in the house with Mommy. This made me sad as you had really liked being outside when you finally got your courage up but it was too bad of an experience for you and you had no more desire to see the big outdoors. You became an indoor cat again. We liked our new home. After I nursed you back to health you were fine. Days, weeks and months passed and you liked being inside with Mommy or with your brother playing. You were the sweetest thing that I ever had and the most loving and adorable baby. Whenever I came home you were so happy to see me that you began to cry and meow long before I would get to the front door. You would see me or hear me as I came from my car and you would be in the window looking out for me. My neighbors thought that you were amazing. I would take you and Misty to the groomers, the Vet or to get your shots and people would always go nuts about your brother Misty and say how beautiful he was and how much personality he had. They never said anything about you. I would tell you that you were beautiful to me even if no one else said so. You were so beautiful and special to me and I never wanted you to feel left out or ignored or unwanted or unloved. I told you that many people love their animals but that no one loved their kitty more than I loved you. However, eventually you began to get old. You slept more and more and seemed more and more tired. It got harder and harder for you to greet me when I came home. I told you to rest and sleep as you deserved it. One day I took you to the Vet and you had a thyroid problem. Hyper thyroid. I began to give you medicine and that worked for awhile. Then I had to give you twice as much of the medicine and then it didn't work either. I had to give you the thyroid procedure to zap your thyroid with a fast growing tumor. You were gone from us for 7 days in the hospital and I missed you more than I can say. I was so happy to have you back at home with me. You were healthy again. I understood now why you were always so small and thin and never seemed to have much of an appetite when you were younger. You always had a tendency to have hyper thyroid and it showed up in later life with a tumor that almost killed you then. Prior to that I discovered growth on your neck that didn't go away and kept growing. I had the Vet remove it and it wasn't cancer like I thought. I was so happy. However, you did not respond well to the aneasthesia and the pain medicine that they were giving you along with the medicine that you took for your thyroid and you got very sick after the surgery. One more time I thought that I would lose you and that you wouldn't live. I can't say how many times I thought that you would die and you rallied and lived. A cat really does have nine lives and you proved that. Grandma said that you lived all those times for me. Eventually, you had another problem and you began to really get old and your body slowly began to shut down. You lost your hearing and could no longer respond to my voice and noise around you. You had cataracts in your eyes and became blind. You were very good about finding your way around the house as you had lived here a long time and knew your way around as well as our house is small. You were so cute how you would balance yourself when you wanted to jump off or on the bed and then take a little leap. You bumped into furniture or the door sometimes. Once you bumped into your brother Misty and he didn't mind. Eventually, you had gastrointestinal problems and needed help to digest your food. Your breath was bad all the time now but Mommy didn't care one bit. I would kiss you on the mouth and didn't care one bit. I held you and rocked you like a baby. You would sleep on the bed most of the time by now but would get up in the afternoon when the sun came into our house. You would lie by the window or on the balcony if Mommy opened the door or you would sit on the windowsill in the kitchen and enjoy the sun that came in the window. You loved that. You would stay until the sun was gone and then you would go back and sleep on the bed. One day you were sleeping with Mommy and your whole body shook. You were having trouble walking and you chased your tail which you never did before. The Vet said that your heart was going way too fast and that you needed medicine to slow your heart down. You had a little stroke. Mommy gave you heart medicine everyday but she knew that you would not be with me for much longer. I gave you heart medicine for nine months and it kept you alive for that time. Then one day you just didn't get up for three days. You had never not gotten up for three days. You just lay there on the bed and seemed to tired to go on. I brought food to you. You rallied on the fourth day and came to Mommy. I knew that you would be leaving me very soon now. You ate less and less, slept more and more and got weaker and weaker. One day you had trouble walking and refused to take your medicine anymore. You had lived for thirty more days. Trista said that you were giving me a chance to accept that you were dying as she could tell that I was not ready to let you go. You began to die. Your nine lives were used up by then and it was time for you to leave me. God was calling you home. I laid you on the bed so that you would not run into things anymore and not stagger when you walked. I lay down with you on the bed along with your brother Misty. He put his paws around you and lay with you while you died. He knew too. Your breathing became labored and I knew the end was near. I fell asleep at some point and you woke me up with a very loud strange noise. I woke up and turned on the lights and ran and picked you up in my arms. You were still alive but just barely. You were waiting for me to wake up so that we could say goodbye and I could be with you while died. You knew that your Mommy wanted to say goodby and be with you when you left me. You stirred and sighed and then you let go and breathed no more. I laid your body on the bed but you were gone just your body remained and your soul was in heaven. I was so relieved that you were suffering no more. I then realized that you were never coming back and that I felt so sad and missed you terribly. My baby was gone forever. I am so grateful for the time we had together. We had a good long run together for 17 years. You were the best companion and friend that I could ever have. Misty has now gone to join you and I know that the two of you are so happy again together and young and healthy and suffering and old no more. I look forward to the day Cassandra when we will meet again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together for eternity. Until then enjoy the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me. Forget me not. Remember your old Mom who took care of you and loved you while you were here on earth. Watch over me now from the Bridge and be my Guardian Angel. Visit me once in a while and say Hi. Let me know that you are O.K. Bring your brother with you too. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge and will be together for all eternity. I love you still and more than I can say. Forever and ever and ever.


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