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Memories of Casper
Casper came to us as a kitten, and asserted himself as head of the family of pets. Sadly he never got on with our other cat, but they tolerated each other, and he knew when to push his luck and not push his luck :o) We don't think he ever really thought of himself as a cat. In his early years he was the best cat burgular in the neighbourhood and we regularly had to take various items around the neighbours to see where he had been last. One neighbour even woke up with Casper asleep on his chest - fortunately this was a cat friendly household. Our windowcleaner once came down his ladder to find the washcloth he had left there had vanished...yes, Casper had been a-visiting.

Tales of Casper could fill a book.. the time he walked on water after jumping in the hot tub without realising it was full, or kept our builders entertained by traversing the road via 30ft. high roofs. His favourite present was a live mouse, and we are a no-kill household.

We have had to empty rooms, leave humane traps down for days, or put barriers all around the house to try and contain the little presents Casper bought us to where they could be captured and released into the wild. Once we went out leaving a humane trap set only to find the mouse had got in it, but one of our dogs hearing intriguing noises had given it a good shake and let the mouse out again. Such was life with Casper.

Although he used the cat flap if he had to, he would stand at doors waiting for them to be opened for him, and one of his favourite tricks was to make it on to the conservatory roof and yowl his head off outside our bedroom window. Another trick was to walk over whatever part of you was available with cold wet feet... Casper had no boundaries.

There is a place in our hearts that will be forever Casper.

He was not an old cat really, just 12... when what seemed to be quite innocuous at first turned into the dreaded FIP. We all fought so hard for him, feeding tubes, interferon, prednicilone, latterly he took to eating the dogs food, even in his poorly state just taking over their food dish with aplomb. He had a reasonably nice January, and a couple of times even sat on a seat in the conservatory if the sun was shining, but FIP is insiduous - it crept to his brain, and caused a seizure, and really was unaware of anything as we rushed him to the vets with hope in our hearts. We all, including Casper, thank our two wonderful vets, Chris and Robin because they fought for him too,although we all knew it was a battle we probably would not win. Thank you to them both for their very kind personal condolences, and to Robin especially for his gentleness with Casper and with us at the final parting.

It was not to be. He was obviously required to go and cause havoc over the Rainbow Bridge. Jamie our gorgeous Westie will have been waiting for him I am sure, and now apart from when he is getting up to mischief he can relax in the sun amid the flowers, as he used to do here in the summer months. Enjoy, my little Casper, take heart, one day we will all meet again. Whilst you are there waiting you could also look up the beloved feline family belonging to our BFF Clare & Martha who also know the grief of losing a precious fur baby.

Any pet that dies leaves a huge hole in your heart and in your lives. By his very behaviour with Casper that hole will be chasm. How we will miss our little boy that kept us all on our toes.

Come for a hug Casper..... my darling....

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