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Memories of Casper
June 13, 2018 We lost our precious Roxy to kidney failure. It was unexpected and quick. She started to feel bad on May 30th. We took her to our vet and a specialist 3x. Our 2nd to the last visit we were told there was nothing that could be done. Roxy was a very unique JR. She would talk to you. She was the gentlest dog I have ever known. Thank you for the 15 years if love and loyalty. You will be missed forever. One day all of you will meet me at the bridge. Love all of you!
March 29, 2018 We made the hard decision to let Cassie go this morning. I prayed I wouldn't have to make this decision. But she started to have pain. She will love being with you now. Love and miss you both. October 8, 2017. You will always be my special fur baby! You are so beautiful! Cassie is still with me. She is 17 now. She is blind and deaf. She was your special friend!
October 9, 2016
8 years ago you went to our heavenly home. You are missed! I will always have you in my heart. One day we will be together again. Until then run, jump in the leaves and play with your friends. Love mom!
October 2014, my precious fur baby. I love and miss you. One day you come running to me at the bridge! We will play together for eternity. Love Mommy
November 5 your buddy Scrappy went to Rainbow Bridge. Casper look for him and welcome him home. Play with him like you did before and let him know his Daddy misses him terribly. Love Mom
October 16, 2012. You have been gone 4 years and 1 week. I will always have you in my heart my special fur baby. Love Mom
April 27, 2012 Casper you have been on my mind so much, I miss playing with you. You were the best fur baby anyone could have. I know you are running and jumping instead of struggling to breath. I thank God for you! Love Mom Oct 9, 2011 To my special fur baby, you have been gone 3 years.It seems just like yesterday that you and I would be walking in the yard and you would play in the leaves. So I hope you are running in the leaves in heaven. I will always love and miss you. The other dogs cannot compare. :) love Mom May 17,2011,You are always in my heart, love Mom Oct 13, 2010 Casper it has been a long 2 years. I have lost alot of loved ones in the last 2 years. But you and I were so close. I will never love another as I do you. We do not know when, but we will together again. Always in my heart, Mom. 5/21/2010 Baby boy you are missed sorely. There is no other fur baby that can take your place. I love and miss you, Mommy. 2/8/10 You are still in my heart and I will never forget all the good times we shared. God bless you my handsome fur baby. Love Mommy 12/16/09 Hi my little fur baby, you are in my thoughts everyday. Maree bought you a statue of a little maltese for your grave for Christmas, she misses you too. I miss you, but I am thankful you are not suffering any longer. I have faith in God and I know we will be together again. Play with all the other fur babies and welcome the new ones entering trainbow bridge. Love, Mommy 10/16/09 Casper my sweet boy, I miss you as much as I did when you left. I go over that day over and over. Sometimes I wish I would have let Dr Erik revive you, but I know that would have been selfish. You sufferd too long. I know you did not want to leave me. I will always remember the way you looked at me. I seen and felt the love you had for me. I truly was your mommy. Play and be happy until I meet you at the bridge. Love Mommy. 9/09/09 You have been gone eleven months and it feels like forever. I miss you and always will. Play with all of your new friends and be happy. Mommy loves you' 8/05/09,Your birthday just passed and I thought about last year. We buried Ron on your birthday, so we did not get to celebrate your last one. If I would have only known''' I miss you baby. You were special. You would always look at me and I felt like you knew what I was thinking and feeling. I miss that''' None of the other fur babies can ever take your place in my heart' Someday I will see you running to me at the bridge. I Love you, Mommy 6/3/09 Hello my darling fur baby. I love you and miss you. We worked on your grave, we put mulch on it. The flowers growing around it are beautiful. I think about you everyday. It is still hard to believe you are gone. Last year on my birthday we planted the garden and you were right there with me. I let grandpa & grandma plant it this year. I remember when you would get into the tomatoes and eat them. You were so special' 5/13/09 I am sorry I did not visit you earlier. It is so hard knowing I will not get to hold you until I meet you at the bridge. I love you and always will. There will never be another fur baby like you. You were so special. On Mothers day, Maree, Jen and I put flowers on all the fur baby graves. Maree asked me to visit you and her pets. She is Grandma's special little girl. It has been hard on her since her Daddy went to heaven. She knows Grandma misses you and understands what it is like to loose someone you love. I cannot help from crying over you. Some people do not understand how you can love a fur baby as much as I do you. It is their loss. It would be a sad world without fur babies. You are always on my mind. I will see a date and think my you were here then or you were gone then. 4/9/09 My precious little Casper, I love you. You have been gone six months now. It hurts' I miss you soo much. I hope you are running and playing your healthy heart out. Things will never be the same without you baby. I let Cassie, Roxy and Max smell your fur and they knew it was yours. Cassie even teared up. You were her big brother. I think of you every day. I went to your grave today. There are alot of flowers blooming around your marker. I will make sure it has blooming flowers on it all summer. Someday we will meet at the bridge, until then play and meet all the new friends you can. Mommy loves you' 3/25/09 5 months have passed and it has not gotten much easier. I think of you every day and wish I could hold you again. Remember I love you. We had such good times together. You were so smart. I miss you being at my feet no matter where I went. It will not be the same this summer working in the garden without you. Or when we have camp fires by the pond. You loved to go out by the pond. You would always sneak past me at the gate. You did not know it but I always knew you were trying to. You were the only one I trusted not to cross the invisible fence line even without your collar on. You will always be special. I got you six months after Larry died. I needed you. It was scary living in the country after I was widowed, Amy and I needed you to watch out for us. Play with all your new friends and watch for me to meet you at the bridge. Love, Mommy 2/17/09 Casper you have been gone 4 months now. It seems like an eternity. But you are the one living your life in eternity now. One day Mommy will be there with you to play. I miss you so much. Life has given us some rough roads, but we will survive with our memories until we are together again. Knowing that you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge gives me comfort. Play with Sassy like you used to, I know she loved playing with you. Just remember Mommy thinks about you everyday. I love you baby.
Casper, Mommy will never forget you. You were the best little friend. Mommy and Dr Eric fought hard to keep you around. I guess I was lucky to have you this long. Your little heart could not take anymore. I miss you being at my feet all the time. You and I had a special bond that cannot be replaced by anyone else. Your sisters miss you too. Cassie cries for you like Mommy does. She knows you are gone. I have clippings of your fur, when I need to feel you I get them out and touch them. It is not the same as having you but it is all I have left but the memories. I cry everyday for you. I know in time the pain will ease up but it will never be gone, because I love you more than any other. You were a trooper allowing us to give you all the meds to keep you going. I knew when you would not let me give you any more breathing treatments that you were not going to get better. I thank God that I did not have to make that terrible decision to put you to sleep. Grandmas prayer to God that he take you if you were not going to get better was answered. Within 15 minutes after the prayer, you fell over and never woke up. Mommy was a mess. We were with Dr Eric when you passed. He would have tried to bring you back but I knew I could not allow you to suffer. Up until that last hour I had hope that we could continue to be with the together. But God called you home to the Rainbow bridge to play until we meet again. Play with Sassie I bet she was so happy to see you. Look for Uncle Ronald he will watch over you until Mommy meets you again. You are always in my thoughts and missed every day. I miss you waiting for me where ever I would be. You were always so happy when I came home. I thank you for all the good years and your faithfulness. We fought a hard battle together. I cannot help but to weep as I write this to you. I have you in my flower garden and had a memorial stone made for your grave.
It gives me comfort to stand at it and let you know I miss you and always will.
Hi Casper, it is hard to believe you have been gone almost 2 months. I miss you. Christmas is coming and you get to spend Jesus's birthday with him. What a great honor. Someday I will be there with you. But until then play ball and play with all the new friends you are making. Love Mommy
12/15/08 Merry Christmas Casper. Mommy hopes you are having alot of fun with your new friends. Look for Tiffany, she passed on Dec 11, her mommy is so sad. I know you loved to play with her. Tell her to let her mommy know she is with you and young again (Tiff was 20 years old).
I sure miss you buddy. Mommy will never forget you. Grandma & Grandpa came home for Christmas. Grandma sure misses you too. She wants you to look for Sammie, who passed away in March. You were one of the few dogs Sammie would let near him. So I know he will be happy to play with you. You will always be my special little one. I LOVE YOU< Mommy
12/23/08 Hello my special boy, it is so lonely without you. I know I still have Cassie, Roxy and Max, but they are not like you. You and I had a special bond. Mommy got another little one. His name is Spooky "the tuff little ghost". I named him after a character in the cartoon Casper the friendly ghost as a tribute to you. Spooky is a toy poodle and he is all black. He will never take your place but he is helping Mommy. I love you and think of you every day. Mommy
01/09/09 Hello my handsome little boy. You have been gone 3 months now. I cannot help from crying. I miss you so much. You were the best friend I ever had. Cassie has not felt good lately. I worry she will leave me too. Roxy is doing fine, she hates the new puppy. Max plays all the time with Spooky. Spooky has been good for Max, he could not get you or Cassie or Roxy to play with him. I guess it was because you and the girls were older and not as active. Max turned 1 on Jan 1st. I think of you every day and visit your grave. I hope you are having the best time with all your new friends and with Ronald. He has been gone 5 months now. Between losing you, Sassy and Ronald, my heart has been broken. Jen and Maree are doing ok. Maree drew me a picture of you and told me she was sorry that you had to leave. For only being 4 she has been through too much for a little girl. She misses her daddy (Ronald) alot. Jen misses Ronald too. She is doing as he wanted her to, she started back to college today. She wants to make a better life for Maree. Jen set up a memorial for Ronald on caringbridge.com. I pray to my heavenly father that 2009 will be a better year. I do not think this family could take another year like 2008. I miss and love you my little furry friend, Mommy.
02/05/09 My sweet little furry friend will soon be gone 4 months. It still hurts so much. May God hold you in his loving arms for Mommy. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. Love, Mommy.
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