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Memories of Cash
You came to us one week prior to Halloween 2012. I picked you up from some a nice couple from the English Springer Spaniel Rescue America, who had just picked you up from the emergency veterinarian hospital, where you had to have all but your front teeth remove due to lack of dental care from the "puppy mill" you were rescued from 3 day before. On the way home you crawled up in the passenger seat next to me and rolled over on your back to get a nice long belly rub. At that point I knew you had found your forever home and we had found our forever baby. Your new brother and sister were so glad to see you, and you them. You were skin and bones, but with help of our Vet you quickly gained weight. You had to learn how to be "dog' since you never had that change before. Your human Mom became your best friend, since you would lay on the couch with her almost all day, and at night you slept on our bed at her feet for the 3+ years we had you with us, and you grew older and could no longer jump up on the couch or bed, I would help you up. As old age set in you lost your eyesight, but you kept on trucking even with that problem. You developed a heart condition which you fought with until last night when you lost the battle, and the angels came to carry you away. You will always be in our hearts and memories for as long as we live, and then we will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you so much and wish you didn't have to go so soon. But we know you can now see, have all of your teeth and are free of the pain you had for so long. Enjoy playing with other dogs until we see you again. Will always love you Mom and Dad

27 Apr 16: Today I found out from the Veterinarian after he completed an autopsy that you died for Pneumonia not heart disease. I feel sick to my stomach that we did not know this before now so it could have been treated and you would more then likely not have gone through the pain and suffering I know you went through, and would still be with us today. But I know you are in enjoying yourself playing with your brother and sisters who went before you (Bear, Nipper, Jade and Hunter). Take care my beloved fur baby. Love Dad

2 May 16: It has been one week since you passed over to the rainbow bridge, and we certainly miss you. Time goes by so quickly, one second turns to one minute to one hour to one day and now one week. Soon it will be on month and so on. We sat around talking about the things you use to do, like when you would lay down by the chair or our bed you would always stick your head under them and then bonk your head on the bed rail or the chair when you got up. When you would go outside to go to the bathroom, you would stand at the end of the deck and work up the nerve to go off the deck, it was like you were counting 1-2-3 go and you would jump. It was funny to watch. When you got up on the couch you would throw yourself on Mom and hold up you paw to be played with. Hopefully Bear, Nipper, Jade and Hunter have found you and you are all playing together. Tucker is doing Okay, he still misses you, but he is enjoying being the only dog in house now. Well my little one take care and we miss you and love you. Mom and Dad.

26 May 16: It has been one month and one day since you left us for the bridge, and we miss you as much now as when you first crossed over. I forgot to mention how you would try toilet paper the house from the inside. You would find the end of the roll in the master bathroom and see how far you could unroll it and drag it out of the bathroom into the master bedroom see how far you could get it out of the bathroom. You could not get it around the bathroom door casing, so that is all the far you got it. All we could say was good grief and pick it up. So funny. Tucker is doing great, he has not had a seizure in over a month. Hopefully, you found everyone and are enjoying yourself. Will write again soon. Love you!! Dad and Mom

30 May 16: Your brother Tucker is now at the bridge with you. He passed away on 29 May after a very violent seizure. We will miss him so much, but I know you are there for him and are showing him around. Take care of him, he was so young. Love you and miss you all so much! Love Mom and Dad

6 Jun 16: Cash just a note to say hi. Did you find Tucker? Hopefully you two are having a great time together. Mom and I still miss you very much and will always love you. We miss the way you would try to get on the couch put couldn't jump up on it any more and you would put your front paws up on it and look at me as if to say "dad I need some help here". You were so sweet, in fact you and all your brothers and sisters were so sweet, not a mean bone in you bodies. Take care by fur angel, and take care of Tucker for us. Love you Mom and Dad

10 Jun 16: Hey buddy, how goes it? Just a note to let you know we got a new fur baby, his name is Zeus and he is Springer. He just turned 5, so he is handful. Very sweet and loving just as you were. Take care and play on. Love you Mom and Dad

29 Jun 16: Just a note to say hi, its been just over 2 months since you went to the bridge. Hope you playing with your brother Tucker and all the rest of your brothers and sisters. Still miss you and love you very much. Take Care! Love Mom and Dad

2 Aug 16: Another month has passed since you went to the bridge. We are doing good, think about you and your brothers and sisters all the time. Still miss you and love you very much. Play on my sweet boy! Mom and Dad

1 Sep 16: Hey sweet boy! Another month has passed, summer is coming to an end. We are doing fine, think about you often and look at your pictures. Always wondering what if the vet would have conducted a blood test, would he have found your real problem and treated it, would you still be with us. We will never know. Anyway, hope you are playing and having a great time with your brothers and sisters. You are in our thoughts and hearts. Love you Mom and Dad

3 Oct 16: Well another month has passed since you went to the bridge. We are all doing fine, and we think about you often. At the end of the month it will be 4 years since you came to live with us. You had just been rescued from a very bad situation. How time flies and the years go by so quickly. Hopefully all is good with you. Take care our sweet boy. Love you Mom and Dad

26 Oct 16: Well buddy it has been 6 months since you crossed over to the bridge, and 4 years to the day that you came into our lives. I can still see you standing at the storm door while I was outside passing out candy to the trick or treaters. The look on your face as if to say "what is going on"? How time flies by, it is now fall in the Northwest and the rain is here. We still think of you often and miss you. Take care sweet one and we hope you are enjoying playing with all of the other dogs. We love you and miss you!

2 Dec 16: Will another month has come and gone, time goes by so fast. Hopefully all is going well with you. We are all good. Winter weather is upon us, rain, rain and more rain. Hopefully you are enjoying playing with your brothers and sisters. Take care. Mom and Dad Love you.

13 Jan 17: Hey buddy, how are you doing? Another month has come and gone since you left. You were missed at Christmas, last Christmas you were our baby. It seems like such a long time ago. The weather is cold, but no snow. Hopefully you are having fun with all the other babies who have passed away. Take care, Mom and Dad love you!

1 Mar 17: Another month has come and gone since you left us for the bridge. I can see you laying at the foot of our bed at night, and when you would have a bad dream I would comfort you until you were asleep again. We still miss you so much! Its almost spring and warmer weather, which will be nice. Take care and enjoy all your new doggie buddies. We love you and always will.

29 Mar 17: It has almost been one year since you went over to the Bridge I hope all is well. Mom and I still miss you very much. I will never forget picking you up and bringing you home. The ride was over an hour and you came up to the front seat and rolled on your back for me to rub you tummy all the way home. You were so sweet. Take care buddy and play on with your brothers and sisters. Love you and miss you Mom and Dad!

28 May 17: It has been one year since you went off to the bridge, and we still miss you. Mom misses her couch buddy and bed buddy. We hope all is well with you, and you are playing with your brothers and sisters. Take care, we love you!

25 Jul 17: It has been a couple of months since I visited you. How are you doing? Mom and I still miss our fur baby. You have been our only black and white springer. You were so handsome with you "bed skirt" hanging down. We still miss you and always will, since you stamped your paw print on our hearts for ever. Take care my sweet boy! We love you Mom and Dad

1 Sep 17: Well another month has come and gone since you left us. How are you and all your brothers and sisters doing? Hope all is well. We still miss you, and think of you often. I look at your pictures and smile. Take care sweetheart, we love you Mom and Dad

26 Sep 17: Hey buddy, how are things going? Hopefully you are doing good. Mom misses her couch potato! Take care Mom and Dad love you!

27 Nov 17: Gee I am so sorry, I forgot to write to you last month. Hope all is well with you! You are stilled missed very much. Take care Mom and Dad love you!

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