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Memories of Cash
Cashie Girl....You came into our lives so unexpectedly that sunny day in July 97. Jim said that he just stopped into Anti Cruelty on a whim before he went back to work and there you were with your big brown eyes looking up at him with that expression on your face saying "Hey Mister, what about me?" and he could not wait to call me to tell me he found you. When we adopted you 2 days later you were so sick and skinny. You were my first pet ever and I was so nervous about taking care of you but you were patient with us and you were there when we needed you the most. Your smile and bright eyes always brought joy to us. Oh how you loved your macaroni and cheese. You always made us laugh dancing around the kitchen and barking, you couldn't wait for it to be done so that you could have a little. Though you are part German shepherd, you must have some Italian in you since you love pasta so much.....and pizza too.
You always loved your morning walks no matter the weather. It didn't matter if it was 20 below or 90 degrees. I remember if I tried to just let you go in the yard you would just stand there looking down the alley and refused to do your business until I got your leash and we went for our walk. You sniffed everything you could find...
You loved to look out at the world either from your stand on the back porch where you could oversee YOUR yard or from the living room window with the drapes over your head. We always called you Maid Marion or Queen Neferteri depending how they draped over your head. You looked so adorable and regal......
When did you decide that you were Jim's Conscience? You came running and butting your head into his hand if ever he got upset. You always made him smile.
We miss your morning kisses and your nighttime snuggles.
We hated leaving you when we went on vacation but we knew that you were well cared for while we were gone. We just didn't foresee that you would get an aggressive tumor that would burst and take you from us while we were gone.
The house is not the same without you. You should be sleeping on the futon or in our bed but you're not there and it's lonely without you.
Cash Kuuipo MacTavish Tiki - We love you and miss you terribly.

Cashie, tomorrow we bring home your new sister Mai Tai Hula Girl. We found her at your alma mater Anti Cruelty in Chicago. The house is not the same without you here with us. You were and are always a part of our home, our life and family. You gave so much and asked so little. Mai Tai is coming into our life to help fill the void we feel without you here. No one will ever take your place in our hearts. We want to give another dog a good life and rescue her. Mai Tai has some very big paws to fill, please look down on her and give her some tips on living with us and give us the help we will need to make her part of our new family. Cash, we love you and miss you every moment of the day. Come on Cash it's time for a "Frosty Paw".... Love J&J.

How's our Baby Girl? How we miss you. Do you hear us talk to you every day? We can't believe it's been a year already. Next Tuesday will be a year that we brought home Mai Tai. She has become a very good girl but you should know, you watch over her.
Love you Cashie, always will.
Jan & Jim and Mai Tai too.

Hi Cashie
It's been 3 years since the last time we saw you, how the years have flown. I look at your pictures on my desk every day and remember all the good times we had and wish you were here with us. We still talk to you everyday, do you hear us? Your little sister Mai Tai is being a good girl. We swear she hears you talking to her. She will be lying in her bed and she looks up at the ceiling and stares. When we try to see what she's looking at there's nothing there but she is so intense, we know you're giving her advice. I'm sure you're keeping Joe & Kay company, they always loved you too. I miss our walks together, Mai Tai doesn't like to walk like you did. She would rather come back to the yard and play with her balls. You and I always had such wonderful walks in the neighborhood. I miss you sitting in front of the window with the curtains over your head,you were always so cute. You will always be my first doggie love. Take care Cashie Girl, we love you and miss you. Jan, Jim and Mai Tai


It's now 4 years since we said good bye to you. We know you did this your way to save us the pain from being there when you left us. We know your safe and well playing in the grass and keeping Kay & Joe company. We think of you every day nd miss you just as much today as the day you left us. Instill miss the walks we use to take, Mai Tai is not the walker you were. I still get compliments on your picture on my desk, you're a beautiful girl. We miss you like crazy.hi

Cashier Girl,
It's been 6 years and we still miss you like it was yesterday. I hope you hear us when we talk to you. You now have Ernie with you to spoil you like he did. Take care of him for us. Mai Tai is a good girl but likes to tear up her bed. She's had her medical issues but is still a happy dog. Please know that you will always be our first doggie love and we will always be thinking of you.
Love Jim, Jan &.Mai Tai

Cashie Girl
How I miss you, it's 10 Years today but now you have Jim with you as of February. I know you are giving him love and kisses. I miss you both terribly and I try to always remember the good times.
Mai Tai is adjusting to Jim being with you instead of us, she has gotten very protective of me with lots of barking.
I think of you every day even if I don't write as much as I use too. Always know that you were my first little girl and I always hope that I took good care of you. To this day I regret not being there when you went to Rainbow Bridge but Jim assured me that was how you wanted it and it turns out that Jim did the same thing, he waited until I went home from the hospital to join you.
Please take care of each other.
We Love You and Miss You!
Love Jan and Mai Tai

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