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Memories of Casey
Casey was always a people dog with her immediate family but not so much with outsiders. She had to know you before she would allow you to give her belly rubs. She enjoyed those belly rubs with her eyes half closed. Umm.. She did not have the most sociable personality when it came to meeting other dogs. Our one phrase to describe her is to call her standoffish. Daddy & I miss the walks we would take on weekend mornings with Casey & her little upstart, Miki. The two dogs have such different personalities. Casey would strut in such a strong, bull doggish manner while Miki would go slinking around, sniffing at everything and not concentrate on doing the business she's suppose to be doing on these walks. Such typical puppy behavior is what we think Casey was thinking of Miki even though Miki's been part of our family for over two years now. We say that Miki would have to learn from Casey, to be so predictable and reliable when we go out on our walks. I think Miki misses the races she had with Casey when it's chow time. It's not as much fun to eat alone without the frantic pace of a race. We rarely heard any crunching when the two were eating. We think those two dogs inhaled their food.

Casey always displayed such strength for a small dog. She always thought she was bigger & stronger than she really was, going after cars, buses, motocycles and even scooters. We never quite cured her of her ferocious barking of these moving modes of transportation. The same goes for squirrels and rabbits that we might encounter on our walks. When will she learn that she can't climb the tree after that elusive squirrel? I will always have the memories of the fun rides she'd given to her human litter mates on the little red radio flyer wagon.

Casey was always so strong and healthy during the twelve years we were blessed to share with her. It came quite as a shock that one day she ended up so ill that her favorite activity, eating no longer had any appeal. We knew we were losing her, when she didn't even take notice of the motocycles that roared by on the streets. We tried our best for her during those last few weeks but really wish we could've done more.

Our family realizes how precious life is with our fur babies after Casey is gone. We let Miki get away with so much more, like slinking up to the bedrooms or sitting at the kitchen bar stool, which Casey never did. Casey had the name of "Old Reliable" and Miki's nick name is "El Unreliable" but we love them both. Those furry paws and wet noses wormed their way into our hearts and forever made a home there.

We know she is made well and whole again, without pain, frolicking in an open field at the Rainbow Bridge with the other fur babies, all missed and loved by their human families. Someday we will reunite again and we will never forget Casey. Love Mommy, Daddy, Kimmy, Mandy & Miki

9/14/12 To my special girl Casey. It's been almost 2 months now since you departed for the Bridge but the sorrow of missing you is still lurking just under the surface of doing ordinary people activities. Hope you are well and making lots of new friends. We all miss you a lot. Miki's been pretty good lately, She's taken up to barking loudly now, trying to fill your steps as the family's watchdog, LOL. Please continue to watch over all of us here since you are one of God's special angels. Love, kisses & tummy rubs - your loving family

12/21/12 Casey- It has been over 5 months since you departed for the Bridge. We continue to miss you a lot. We hope you are making lots of friends there. Christmas is upon us, but you will not be here when the girls have you and Miki put on the funny antlers and bells as we play near the tree. Please continue to watch over all of us as one of God's special angels. Love- your loving family. Merry Christmas dear Casey!

6/5/15 It's been a while since I've visited. We have your cousin Lucky staying with us since April, 13th while his Mommy recovers from her surgery. So, Miki has someone to be alpha over. We miss you dear Casey and hope you are enjoying yourself at the Rainbow Bridge. Love-Your Loving Family

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