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Memories of Casey
I was supposed to be Casey's foster mom but the moment I saw him jump out of the car my heart broke in two. I was in denial about this though. So much so, that I found a home for him. But when they came to pick him up, I couldn't give Casey to them. He was my dog already and we had a special connection. From that moment on we were stuck to each other like glue. He was my shadow.

When he first came to live with me, he was very skinny and had no hair. I gave him the nickname String Bean but eventually it got shortened to Bean. No one (except me) wanted him and everyone called him ugly. He eventually filled out and his hair grew in. Then everyone wanted him but we became two peas in a pod and he was not going to leave my side.

We took a dog training class together. In the beginning he was the youngest and most timid dog there but the instructor said he would be the shinning star at the end of our 6 week class and she was right. He became center stage and even fell in love with a Greyhound named Tina. My small little sheltie and a huge greyhound sought each other out every week. It was an unlikely combination and very funny to witness.

Casey didn't make a habit of stealing food but when he did...it was seamless. Lesson one, do not leave a chicken bake from Costco on the coffee table and walk away. My mother learned that lesson a little late. Only the end was left when she figured out what happened to her chicken bake. Lesson two, don't buy KFC and leave it on the night stand in your bedroom to get something to drink. Most of it won't be there when you get back. Again, lesson learned too late for my brother. I can still hear him saying..."I just bought that chicken".

Sheltie traits are very funny. They are herding dogs so obviously they try to get you to go the way they think you should be going. Don't sneeze, run the vacuum, let the phone ring, say or spell walk (yes, spell), or put your shoes on unless you want a dog running around barking and pushing you around trying to get you to move and do something about the sneezing, the vacuum, the ringing phone, the walk, and the shoes. In Casey's case, if any of this happened, I had to take action immediately and sometimes with hilarious outcomes. I held my sneezes, turned the ringer off on the phone, decided not to say or spell walk ever again, and ducked taped the Dirt Devil (teeth puncture marks). Never figured out how to deal with the shoes. I tried to lock myself in the bathroom once to put them on but that totally did not work. He was my shadow. Anywhere I was, he was. Bathroom included.

I will miss his sweet face. I will miss he head on my knee. I will miss the sound of his nails on the floor. I will miss him laying by the shower. I will miss seeing him at the top of the stairs when I come home. I will miss him.

You have been out of my life for two years. I still miss you and think about you everyday. My baby boy.

I still think about you everyday and I miss you. I can't believe you have been gone for three years. Thank you for sending Shadow and Sophie to me!!

Missing my boy today.

I can't believe it's been 4 years since you passed. Missing you everyday.

5 years. I can't believe it. I still miss him so much.

You were my sunshine. Still miss you even after 6 years.

My boy has been gone for 8 years. I still miss you so much. Love you and hope you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge.

I still miss you and think about you. Hope you are happy and running free.

Still miss you after 10 years. Hope you are with my mom, Peanut, Rusty, Tillie and Mitzy.

11 years. Still miss you. My Sophie joined you at the bridge in 2020. Hope you are together. Love and miss you.

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