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Memories of Casey
I had just turned 14 when I got my first dog, a two-month-old jack russell... One night I came home from school and there it was...

It looked like a very playful puppy and it wouldn't stop jumping and running around the kitchen where my mom had been waiting for me. =D It was one of the smallest dogs I had ever seen. Right away it reminded me of the dog from the movie My Dog Skip: same breed, same size... It was the same except for one little detail, it was MINE! =]]

When the furry animal's eyes met mine fo the very first time I knew things would never be the same. I knew I would never ever have to feel lonely again. I had been trying to convince my mom to get me a dog as a birthday present for almost two years at that point.

It was most definetly one of (if not the) most exciting moment of my life. It became my best friend. ^_^ He (it was actually a "she" but I always referred to Casey as a "he" was named by me. My mom didn't really like the name, but eventually got used to it.

Casey knew so many tricks! My doggie knew how to sit and stand, beg, shake hands, play dead, crawl, push things with paw (like doors), push something with the nose (like a ball), do a paws up (high four), bark on command, roll over and last but not least, fetch (this trick is a quite hard one =])

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