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06-01-2017 My dearest Casey I am so very sorry its been so long since I visited. There is not a day that goes by when I am not thinking of you. So much has happened Casey sine I was here last. On September 23rd 2015 I lost Ryan, I am so sad all of the time. I miss him so very much. Its talk about as the pain is overwhelming. I never expected to lose him, especially in the way it happened. My pain and grief is severe. Ryan was my son, my best friend, and the sunshine of my life. I have sent him to the Rainbow Bridge because I know you were there when he entered heaven. Please tell him how much I love and miss him. My heart is broken and I don't think I will ever heal. Thank you for taking care of him. He loved you so much. I will visit you often Casey and through you I will send messages to Ryan. Please place your paw upon his heart and let him know that one day we will all be together again. The pain continues Casey. If losing two of my children was not enough pain to bear, On July 23rd 2016 Ronnie passed away in his sleep. God I will never understand the reason my 3 children had to go way beyond their time. Please hold Ronnie in your arms and put your paw on his heart. I am still in disbelief over his passing. I love him more than words could ever say. I miss him deeply and my only comfort comes from trying to believe that my 3 wonderful children are all together and with you. Please tell Ronnie how much I love him and how deeply he is missed. I try not to be angry but sometimes I am so mad at God for taking my children. I will never understand it in this lifetime. God Casey I miss them so much. All I do is think about them, I see them in my mind every second of the day. I spend my entire day and night looking for signs that they are ok and that they know how much I love them. When I see a Rabbit, I know its Ryan trying to tell me he knows I love him. When I see a Rainbow, I know its Kelly, When I see a cross I know its Ronnie. Honestly Casey I cant handle this pain. A mother should never lose a her children. The pain does not subside. Please gather together and send me a sign that all of you are together, happy, healthy, and know how much you are all loved and missed. Until we are together again Remember, I will always love you... Mommy
ps I sent Ronnie and Ryan to the Rainbow Bridge love them softly....
06-03-2017 Casey my big boy, I want you to know how much I love and miss you. I miss touching your long soft fur. I miss looking into your brown eyes. You had such a depth to your eyes, I could see right to your soul. There was just something about you, that allowed me to believe that you somehow understood the "why" I'll never understand. Please tell Ronnie, Kelly, and Ryan how much I love them and please touch them with your paw and keep them safe until we are all together again, remember I will always love you... Mommy
08-05-2017 My darling Casey, It has been 8 years since you went to the rainbow bridge. It seems like yesterday when you were running and playing. How I miss you the many words I write cannot describe the pain and the emptiness I feel without you. I know that you, Maggie, Sam, Drufuss and Boo are all together. One day when it is my time we will meet again. I know that all of you will be waiting for me at the gate of heaven. Until then my friend play, run and be happy. I will forever miss you. You were one of a kind Casey, I'll never forget the day Ryan and i found you at the shelter. We brought you home and you immediately knew you were loved and safe. I will be forever grateful that I had you in my life. Ryan is with you now and I know you were there when he arrived. Please take care of him my dear boy, tell him how much I love and miss him. Lay your heard upon his shoulder. Send me a sign that all of you are happy and together. Until we are together again, remember I will always love you. Mommy
08-26-2017 My darling Casey, I love you and miss you so very much. You were such a kind loving dog. I'll never forget the day Ryan and I rescued you. You knew you were home forever. You were so sweet and loving. We all loved you. Now you are in heaven with Boo, Maggie and my children Ron, Kelly, and Ryan. I trust you were there when they all arrived and that you are keeping them safe. Casey, Please send me a sign that you are ALL ok and happy. I need to know for sure. Well its football season again. Remember the Broncos shirts and the apple pie. Ryan and I would both eat an entire pie that I baked during the game. God, it was so much fun. I miss you all so much. Please send me a bunny. I love you forever. Tell Maggie and Boo, and Ron, Kelly, and Ryan how much I love and miss them. Until we are together again Remember, I; will always love you...Mommmy

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