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My sweet baby girl I had to let you go today. I was thrilled when we got you from the animal shelter. Doug actually thought about taking you back in the 5 day tryout period but I had already grown to love you. On our 5th morning together I heard you crying and we found out that Strider had stepped on your foot and dislocated your toes. There was no way we could take you back now that you were "damaged" merchandise. You were always my little shadow and some nights would jump on the bed with me and cuddle. Of course it took you a while to get comfy and you would roll all over the bed until you found just the right spot. I wish I had known in September that the nasal polyp you had was cancerous because I would have done anything to take the pain away. I was so hoping that the specialist who did the exploratory surgery could take the polyp out and you would be good as new but once again my heart was broken when he confirmed that it was cancer. I know you wanted to stay with me forever but I didn't want you to suffer anymore. Having just been diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Nasal Carcinoma I thought we would have had more time together. I stayed by your side along with Grandma and let you know how much I loved you as I gave you kisses and hugs. I hope I was a comfort to you as you passed to the Bridge. I wanted to let you know that I would be with you always. I know that Strider and Bear are both with you now and that Bear's kidneys are all healed and Strider can finally run to his hearts delight. You haven't seen each other for so long so I hope you play nice. I know how painful your nose was and found myself being extra careful whenever I walked around you since I knew you couldn't hear me coming. Remember that I love you and we will be together again someday. Love, Mommy

02/10/08 - My sweet baby. I cried last night for you. I found myself dreaming that you were still by my side and sleeping soundly only to awake and remember that you were gone. Run free my sweet baby girl. Mama loves you so much.

02/12/08 - Hello angel. I felt your presence last night before I fell asleep. You were nuzzling behind my shoulder blades as you have done so many times. I needed that comfort. Thank you. I had such a hard time yesterday until you visited. We were together so long and it hurts so much to have you gone. I keep asking myself if we did the right thing or if there was anything else we could have done. I didn't want to let you go sweetheart. Love, Mommy

02/19/08 - It has been 10 days since you left me my angel. I still miss you so much. I went to see Dr. Kim today to pick up your ashes. I am so happy to have you back with us where you will always belong. I drove home with you sitting next to me so I could keep you warm. Dr. Kim gave me a hug and said she was so sorry she wasn't there to wish you a safe journey to your new home. But she did tell me that we did the right thing letting you go. I gave her all of your medicines in hopes that someone less fortunate then us could use them to help keep their loved ones with them a little longer. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday and cried since it was the first birthday in 12 years that you weren't there to share it with me. I miss you so much baby girl. As I write this note I'm trying to type through the tears. I wish you didn't have to leave me but we will meet again. I'm sending you big hugs and tons of kisses. Please do the same for me. I will be waiting. Love, Mommy

02/22/08 - Hello my angel! Tomorrow you will have been gone 2 weeks and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I feel a peace every time I look at your urn and know that you are flying free and once again healthy. You are sitting right next to your big brother, Strider, on the fireplace mantle. If only we had had time to think about keeping your brother, Bear, he too would be sitting with you. I hope he is not upset. He was our first baby to leave us and we were too devastated to think about having him cremated. I still miss you so much and it still hurts not having you here. Love, Mommy

03/18/08 - My sweet baby Casey. You have been gone for over a month but not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Your brother Syrus should have already met up with you on Sunday. Try and play nice. I know his size was always a little intimidating but you somehow managed to keep him in line. Remember that I will always love you and someday we'll be together. Love, Mommy

03/22/08 - My dear sweet Casey. I miss you so much. Shannah has been so upset lately with her furbabies leaving her. She did let me know that you and your brothers came to visit her the other night and she was so happy. Thank you for visiting her. Love, Mommy

05/31/08 - Hello angel! You have been gone from my life for 3 1/2 months now and I still miss you terribly! I still wish you were here with all of us and giving all the kids the kisses you loved to give. We will be getting a new puppy next weekend. She is a little red mini dachshund just like Milo. She will not be here to replace you as we all know that isn't possible. You were a one of a kind. I'm thinking of naming her Callie. We will just have to wait and see what she's like. I wish you would come to me at night and snuggle as you've done before. I really miss it. Thinking of you always, Love Mommy

02/09/09 - Hello my baby girl! Mommy misses you so much! Today is one year that you have been gone from my life. I hate not having you by my side. So much has happened in the year since you've left. First you left me, your brother, Syrus, followed close behind. Grandpa Tom was diagnosed with cancer and we moved to a new house. Your daddy and I are no longer together but you were allowed to stay safely with me because I never want to lose you. Grandpa Tom left us for Heaven on January 17th of this year. I hope he has found you and is playing with you like he used to do. You two were such buddies! We did get a new puppy in June. We ended up naming her Gypsy and she is rotten to the core. You would have definately had your hands full with her. Nothing seems to calm her down. I miss you terribly and you are always on my mind. Till we meet again by sweet baby girl, remember that I love you dearly! Love, Mommy

02/11/11 - Hello sweet angel. I can't believe you've been gone 3 years already. I still miss you so much. I hope you and Grandpa Tom have been playing nice together. He's been with you 2 years now. I so wish you were still here with me. I miss our snuggling time on the bed. I have not gotten any other animals since the last time I left a message. In a way it's too hard to. It really hurts when I lose one of my beloved babies. I know someday there will be more though, but none could ever replace you. You are always with me in my heart. I love you Casey. Love, Mommy

03/19/11 - Good morning my angel. I went and visited your brothers today and wanted to say hello to my special girl. Momma misses you so much. Even writing this I have tears running down my cheeks. I had another birthday without my special girl by my side and I miss that so much. I miss the way you would chase after the sweeper and bite at it every time I tried to clean the house. I know back then I would get so mad at you, but now I know it was one of the things that made you so special. I wish I could have made the pain go away but I know you are happier and healthier then you had been. Someday we'll be together but until that time I can only live with the happy memories I have of you. Be good and don't be too rough on your brothers. Momma loves you!

09/01/13 - Hello my sweet angel. It's hard to believe you've been gone for 5 years already. I've missed you coming to visit me at night and snuggling up against me. That's so hard. I miss your sweeper bites and I just miss you...period. Another birthday went by without you there by my side. I still wish we could have done more for you, but God had a calling to you. I hope you are helping others to cross the bridge and get them settled in. Remember you are always in my heart and I love and miss you dearly sweetie. Momma loves you!

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