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Memories of Carter
11/26/10 I hope you touch all your new friends the same way you've touched all of us. Now that you can run again, I hope you don't run so far that you're lost when I come to visit you. Hannah and Daunte are lost without you but I told them about the promise I made to you, and now they understand that someday we will all be together again. The kids are home for the holidays, and send you all their love. I hope you like the spot I picked out for you. Now I'll be able to talk to you every time we sit by the campfire. I love you so much Carter and I will carry with me what you put in my heart for the rest of my life. Thank you for always being you.
11/27/10 I thought I better tell you before you find out from someone else, but Hannah stole your heating vent. I think its her way of being close to you. I miss you poohs. I'll try not to be so sad when I think of you, but its hard. Later.
11/30/10 I hope you liked the ceremony last night. Its snowing today, and I remembered how much you disliked snow. Not one hour of every day goes by that I don't think of you little guy. I hope the time will come that I can look back and only smile. I just miss you so much. I'll talk to you again soon. I love you.
12/3/10 I changed your flowers today. I hope you like what you see. I promised myself I wouldn't be sad when I said hello today, so I'll try and get through this with no tears. Daunte and I talked to you for a while tonite outside, I hope you were close enough to hear us and not off playing with your new friends. I miss you Carter. All my love.
12/8/10 Well pups its been 2 weeks today, and it still doesn't seem real. Weather is getting worse by the day, so I'm sure you're not missing that. The girls don't spend alot of time outside anymore. They never liked the cold either. Every time they go outside they still look in all your spots for you. I'm sure they miss you as much as I do, and wait to hear that bark of yours again. Someday my Carter we'll all see each other again, so all we can do now is wait and enjoy life. I'll talk to you again soon poohs. I love you.
12/10/10 Its this time of nite, when everyone is sleeping that I miss you the most Carter. This was our time for snuggling, our time to lay on the couch and watch TV till morning. You spent 13 years sleeping right between my legs every single night, and now even though the girls are still there, it seems so empty. Someday I promise we'll do it again. I will talk to you again soon. I love you.
12/21/10 Well my wonderful friend today is the first day of Winter. We had a big storm last nite, and the girls couldn't, or wouldn't go out until we shoveled. Things are going a little better now, I still struggle at times when I think about all the sadness that went with losing you. But, I've had many happy dreams about you, and I think they're your hello I love yous. You have to promise me you'll keep my dreams about you happy ones, and in return, I promise to keep you in my dreams forever. I miss you little guy. Please stay in touch.
12/24/10 Hello my brother Carter. Today is Christmas Eve, and its also been one month you've been gone. We celebrate over the next 2 days, but its hard not to think about my greatest friend. I know you listen when I'm thinking of you so always remember you're always here inside of me, you'll always be here beside me. I love you Carter. Merry Christmas.
1/1/11 Never would I ever thought I would be starting out a new year without my wonderful friend. It still seems so unreal like it never happened, but it did my poohs. I miss you Carter. I think about you every day, and I will for the rest of my days. I love you.
1/27/11 I know its been a few weeks since I said hello Carter, and I know the easy excuse is I'm busy, but its hard when I think about you every time I'm around your girls. They miss you just as much as I do, and I know they still look for you every day. Sometimes I can tell they're dreaming about you just like I do. I miss you Carter and I promise I will talk to you again soon. I love you.
2/7/11 I just want to say hi my baby. We miss you my littlest bestest friend. I just hope you feel everything I always feel about you. Someday I promise I'll be there. Please wait.
2/23/11 I know. I haven't said hi in a while. Its not that I will ever forget, my Carter, its just that sometimes I dont quite know what to say to you. I always think each time I come here that it will get easier, and I won't be so sad when I say hi to you but its not true. Each day is supposed to be easier than the last, each day is supposed to be better than the day before, but we know thats not how it is. I love you and miss you more and more each day you've been gone. I try to look at it the way everyone else looks at it but it doesn't work like that. All I know is that someday I'll find you again my poohs. It will be something won't it. I love you little guy good nite.
3/6/11 Well Carter today is my birthday. Just think its been so so long since I had a birthday without you. I guess its not really without you cause you're her beside me allways. Its just so strange yet to walk in the house and not get smothered with your greetings. The girls try, and they are special too, but I guess there was only one Carter. I have to work tonite, so their won't be any celebrating. I will be thinking about you all nite my little guy. I love you.
4/11/11 Today was the first nice day of spring so I put the doggie door up for your girls. They miss you as much as I do Carter and still look for you every day. I'll never forget you my friend, and I'll always be thinking of you. I love you.
5/10/11 Its summer now Carter, so I changed your background to show you. Its nice that we can go outside and talk to you again by the fire. I know how you loved to sit and watch us and now you can spend forever by our sides. I miss you Carter.
6/10/11 Hello Carter. I had many talks with you outside the last few weeks. I know you hear me cause I still can feel your love every time I'm near you. I sure miss you my baby. I try so hard not to be sad poohs, but you were so special. I love you.
7/13/11 I can't believe its been almost 8 months since you've been gone. I know you know how much we all miss you Carter. I say hi to you every single day, and I will every day until we can see each other again. Mom and the kids send their best too Carter, and I know you feel how much the girls miss you. Until next time Carter. I love you and will always think be thonking about you.
10/19/11 Its been too long again my angel. I think about you always. Its been almost a year now, and it still feels the same way today as the day we lost you. I hope someday soon we'll see each other again. I miss you poohs and I will always love you. I promise not to take so long to say hi next time.
4/7/12 Do you realize its been almost 6 months since I wrote you a note. It goes by so fast now Carter. We had a really early spring this year that you would have really enjoyed. The girls still wander some days looking for you. Daunte looks more and more like you every day, she even has the same bark you had. I don't know if she'll make it through another winter though. She's aged so much since you've been gone. Hannah's still the same. She looks as young now as she did years ago. But I guess you already know all this. The time goes by so fast these days my poohs. I hope you hear me every day when I tell you how much I love you. Every day I stop and think about you. I promise I won't be so long again.
7/1/12 Its been way too long again Carter. Im sorry. I still say hi to you every day and I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. The girls are still holding on. I know they miss you as much as I do and look ahead to that day . Bye my angel. Know that I love you and remember all the good times we had. Peace poohs.
4/27/13. Once again I've waited to long poos. Now I fear your girls arn't far behing you. Its all been strange these 3 years without you, but never a day goes by I dont think of you. I miss you Carter.
1/4/16. Im sure by now you have met up with Daunte. Her time went so fast Carter that she must have been thinking about coming home to you. It was so sad and she was so brave. You would have been so proud of her. Its very hard here too. I think for the first time mom found out just what it all means. Hannah is so lost now I know she wont last much longer. But I guess our loss is your gain. You and Daunte wait where Hannah can find you really easy cause you know how hard it is for her to see sometimes. I will be thinking about you two. Hopefully Hannah has alot more time, but I dont think so. Ill talk to you again soon. Give my bebe a hug and tell her how much I love her and miss her.......
2/15/16. That bad day came way sooner than I was ready for. Friday Hannah came home to you. I miss her so much Carter, but I know she is happy and healthy now with you. God I miss you three. I came home from work on Friday and it was the first time since the 1990s that one of you wasnt here to greet me. The house is so quiet and lonely without you guys. I hope their happy with where they ended up. I know youll enjoy having one on each side of you forever. Carter I dont know what the future is. I hope in my heart that I will see you guys again. I guess we have to have faith. I miss you, and I promise I will stop in to say hi to you three soon. I love you all so much. Thank you for all the happiness I could ever have wanted.
2/23/16. I have a few minutes today, so I just wanted to say hi to you and the girls. I want you to tell them how much I miss them. Tell them that I believe someday we will see each other again. Bye. I love all of you.
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