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Memories of Carlyle
Dearest Carlyle:
You showed up one morning in May, 2010.....along with you, was who we think was your brother, that we named "Virgil" (LOL). You were the most magnificently "painted" cat that God had ever created. You were creamy-red with your fur "swirling" in a circle like a hurricane formation on each side of your body. Your tail was typically tabby, with little round red circles on it. But your face, oh my.....what a face ! Beautiful heart-shaped, with green eyes. A tiny little "squeaky" voice. We had tried and tried to corral you in a carrier because you needed to be neutered in the worst way. My goodness, you were really "packing heat", young man ! Dad finally caught you around 6:15AM on Tuesday, October 6, 2010. He took you up to his sister's house, because she is a veterinarian technician. Mary took you to the clinic. I wanted complete blood work done, get you neutered, and then completely vaccinated. Knowing that we probably would not be able to catch you again, we told Mary that you were to stay at the clinic for as long as necessary to get eveything done. They had just put you under anesthesia for your neutering, when your test for feline leukemia came back......POSITIVE.......we sent you to heaven at 2:30pm on October 6, 2010. One day we will be with you again. You were only two years old. WE MUST FIND A CURE for FIV and FeLV, people !! PLEASE, PLEASE donate to the charity or animal research hospital of your choice. An animal dying SO YOUNG is unacceptable !! We will ALWAYS cherish the time you gave to us, sweet Carlyle. We are, at least, at peace knowing that for the last five months of your life, YOU HAD THE BEST !! Love always, Mom and Dad. AND: one more thing: it has been weeks since we have seen your brother, Virgil. We pray that he is alright.
You were such a sweet boy, one of the most loving kitties I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. You were the best "head-bumper", I can still feel that. I miss you Carlisle, your soft love bites, and swatting at my hand when I pulled it away, and when I walked away, you swatted at my feet, and legs. It took me awhile to win your trust, but it was worth the wait. Look up JK, he'll show you the ropes. I will always cherish the short time we had together. I love you Kitty Carlisle. "Dad".

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