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Memories of Candy
Candy, Puppy, Baby girl,Baby bear, Puppiness, all these names you had and each one you answered to without fail. The day we were so lucky to rescue you will be forever in all our memories. You were such a tiny little girl who fitted in your Mum's handbag and you didn't want to leave it.
"She can't lie on the bed" Mum said that night and she left you in the kitchen. After 2 minutes hearing your little puppy cry she told me to go and get you, you were so tiny you had to be lifted on and off the bed and you cuddled in between us both licking our faces, the day you made it up yourself we cheered.

You were our first baby and arrived before all three of our children, and when they did you loved every one of them, sniffing them in their prams and kissing their foreheads, and playing with them, always so very gently.

You loved to play all the time and run through the daffodils in the spring, back and forth time and time again. You were so small we just seen the ripple going through them but not you, you tiny little bundle of fun. You loved the summertime lying outside on the grass getting all the attention from the children in the street. You enjoyed the attention of everyone but I think especially the children when you lay down having your belly tickled and rubbed. In the winter you had lots of fun when it snowed, you quickly got the hang of eating snow! Your best friend Aunty Mary you loved in a way I can't comprehend. She must have had a spell over you as you adored her over pretty much anyone else except your Mum and me and got so excited and vocal every day she came round, watching you I would have given anything to know what your little noises meant. I hope you are both together over Rainbow Bridge, I'm sure that would make us all and you really happy.

When you got cancer at only 8 years old we were devastated at the thought of losing you and no amount of money was going to be too much to get you the care that you needed. Thankfully you got back on top and healthy again and back to the little girl we knew and loved so much.

In all our pictures of everyone you were there, you were so beautiful and your coat shone pure black on your back with your tan and white legs you really were a perfect little girl. I sit just now and see your picture, you are lying in front of the fire on your rug and find it so hard to know I can't cuddle you anymore.

On the day we lost you I'm so glad we were all here for you and you were not alone, we held you tight and cuddled you as we said goodbye to the most pure heart adorable little girl.

1 year on we still miss you terribly, but we know you have no pain anymore and you are free to roam over Rainbow Bridge until we come to meet you again.

The Earth Stopped Moving the Day you Left
The earth stopped moving, my head was spinning, the birds were silent, no sound, except for my anguished cry.
You left me today, my beloved friend. I held your limp little furry body, so I know it was real.
The sun was shining and still i had shivered, yet there never was a day..nor night. Was this fear,this feeling, my heart, pumping to a wild rhythmic tune..
Crazy, that's how I felt, this can't be happening.
I know the moon fell, I felt the heavy darkness.. Would there ever be light?
Things were never the same since you left, everything is still topsy turvy, Upside down.
Could the earth please stop once again..

Candy, you are forever our Pet, our Baby, our wee bear, our little girl. The gorgeous little girl who enriched our lives every day, Love Mum, Dad, Rachel, Erin and Dean.

My Daddy made a video of me so that he could watch it anytime. If you like you can watch it too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKD9aiY5wr4

These are my first tributes to you Candy. I saved them all, I'll put them here for you as well as the ones to come so you can always see them. Love you little bear XXXXX

Candy, the most gentle, beautiful girl we could ever have rescued, We love you and will never ever forget you sweetheart. XXXXX Sleep tight our little Baby/Puppy/Candy/Bear. We adore you.
Dad, Mum, Rachel, Erin, Dean XXXXX

Candy, 6 days have now passed beautiful girl long & lonely without you, We love you and will never ever forget you sweetheart. We bring your remains home tomorrow forever XXXXX Sleep tight our little Baby/Puppy/Candy/Bear. We adore you. Dad, Mum, Rachel, Erin and Dean XXXXX

Candy, 13 days have now passed beautiful girl long & lonely without you, We love you and will never ever forget you sweetheart. Sleep tight our little baby girl. We adore you. Dad, Mum, Rachel, Erin and Dean XXXXX

Not a single hour of the day goes by that we don't think of you precious girl. We all miss you so much. Sleep tight darling Mum, Dad, Rachel, Erin and dean. XXXXX

We all miss your presence and love and kisses sweet girl, you have left us and the place feels so empty. We will never forget you darling. We think about about you every single day. Love you always Dad, Mum, Rachel, Erin and Dean xxxxx

You are always in our thoughts baby girl. Each day and night we miss you terribly and the joy you gave the whole family and everyone that knew you. Forever with you would not be too long sweetheart. We long to see you again someday, until then stay beautiful as you always were XXXXX

Beautiful girl, we will never, ever stop thinking about you. As your Dad my heart will always have your beautiful little paintbrush tail wagging in it. One day we will see each other again and I cannot wait for that day. In our thoughts every day you are, be happy sweetheart over rainbow bridge until we meet again XXXXX

Hey baby girl, so sorry I nearly missed this weeks ceremony for you. It's not for the fact you're not always on my mind. Miss you everyday sweet baby XXXXX Sleep tight gorgeous girl..

Hi baby girl, I was listening to a song today and thoughts of you just washed over me listening to it "I guess it feels like you're always alone And I feel that way too It's so hard to explain to you Please understand what I do" I Miss you so much baby!XXXXX

2 months baby girl have gone by since you had to leave us all. Not one day has gone by we don't talk to you. Never will be stop being your best friend. until we meet again gorgeous girl sleep tight XXXXX

Hi baby girl, it's still so hard without you. I know you are at peace but I miss you so very much, the first Christmas without your little presents under the tree for you to open. It makes me so very sad. Love you always little bear XXXXX Dad

Hi sweetheart, still loving you and cherishing the long time we had together but wish it had been so much longer. My little baby I always love you, one day we will be together again and will be so happy. Love you always XXXXX your forever Dad

Hello sweetheart, Another week and the first Christmas have passed without you. So sad not to see you opening your presents again. Be sure we are all thinking about you baby girl, Sleep tight XXXXX

Hello sweet girl, into a new year without you was so very hard. You still occupy a massive place in the home and the hearts of us all and always will. I know you're still around everyday when we talk to you. Sleep tight baby XXXXX

Beautiful girl, we will never, ever stop thinking about you. As your Dad my heart will always have your beautiful paintbrush tail wagging in it. One day we will see each other again and I cannot wait for that day. In our thoughts every day you are, be happy sweetheart over rainbow bridge until we meet again XXXXX

My gorgeous little rescue girl, you crossed rainbow bridge on 1st October 2014. I doubt I will ever find another like you. But if I ever do she'll be right here by me, rescued and loved forever just like you are honey! I miss you so much baby XXXXX

Hi sweet baby girl, I wish you were here for just one more day to love and cuddle you and feed you treats and sweets like we always did. Missing your love every day. XXXXX

Hi baby girl. You are always in our thoughts and hearts. How precious your time with us always was. Missing you as always, take care baby until we meet again. Dad XXXXX

Hello Baby, I want you to know how much you are missed, your beautiful nature and beautiful face I miss so much. There will never be another baby quite like you and it makes me very sad to think i'll not know another like you. Sleep tight sweetheart. I miss you terribly XXXXX

Your Mum's tribute, You know she doesn't like computers. My most beautiful little girl, I miss you so much every single day. I doubt I'll ever love another animal as much as I love you. You were one in a million. XOXOXOXOXO

Hello my wee baby bear. We have pictures of you everywhere and a little piece of hair from your beautiful tail still with us. ( it still smells of you) I would give anything though to have you back. You were a little legend of a dog. Love you always XXXXX Dad

Hi my little baby bear, missing you as always. You were such a massive part of my life and living without you is so much less happy. I long for the days when we can again be together. I love you always and forever. Dad XXXXX

Hi baby girl, Dad stopping by again to show my love for you that is permanent. The house will never be the same without your sweet little self roaming about and cuddling up and kissing us all. Very sorely missed you are sweetheart. Love you, your Dad XXXXX

Hello Baby girl. sending loads of love to you across rainbow bridge. You're never gone in my heart and never will be. I know i'll see you again someday and when that day comes i'll never be away from your side. Love you eternally my best girl. Dad XXXXX

Hello Baby girl, It's exactly 6 months today since you left and crossed Rainbow bridge but time will never stop me from thinking about you and loving you every single day. Thinking of you always sweetheart. Dad XXXX

Hi sweetheart, still loving you and cherishing the long time we had together but wish it had been so much longer. My little baby I always love you, one day we will be together again and will be so happy. Love you always XXXXX your furever Dad

Time passes without you in our lives precious girl, but not a single minute passes without you in all our minds. We love you and remember you every single day. Miss you so very much my sweet baby girl! Love always, Dad XXXXX

Hello Baby girl. Sending loads of love to you across rainbow bridge. You're never gone in my heart and never will be. I know i'll see you again someday and when that day comes i'll never be away from your side. Love you eternally my best girl. Dad XXXXX

13th October 2015, Hello Baby Girl, Your residency is here now and so many people have paid such lovely tributes to you. I hope you see them and all their fur friends and you all have a great time there. I'll just wait until we can be together again. Love you always my wee bear. Dad XXXXX

14th November 2015, Hi Baby Girl, I'm really sorry honey I've not spoke to you in the last few weeks, the house has been upside down with decorating. You always hated the upheaval that caused. Please know baby I miss & think about you every single day sweetheart. Sending you all my love forever! Dad XXXXX

21st November 2015 Hi Baby girl, Sorry i didn't speak to you on here for a few weeks. You need to know though that I have never for 1 day not missed/thought about you. I see your pic every day next to my PC and I treasure the time we had. I'm always talking about you to people too. You were such a massive part of my life and a fabulous little friend, I love you forever Candy, Sleep well sweetheart, Dad XXXXX

24th December 2015 Hello baby girl, Sorry I've not spoken for a while. It's Christmas eve and the second one without you my wee girl. What I would give to have you back for Christmas! Your picture is looking lovely with all the beautiful decorations around it. Missing you always Candy. Love Dad,Mum and kids XXXXX
This wouldn't fit on the tribute baby but it's here for you. We all Love and miss you so much sweetheart. A part of all of us went with you and will forever stay with you until we can be all together again. On Christmas Eve your loss is felt probably more than at any other time of the year, time and space will never let us forget the time we had with such an adorable, sweet girl. Goodnight our little angel. Our love goes out to you today and every day. Goodnight sweet Candy. XXXXX

15/01/16 Hello my baby girl, I sometimes wonder where to begin. Your loss to me was so great and I miss you so, so much it hurts even after all this time. You are and were my little baby girl, Candy. Your loss to me I will never overcome, I will never stop Loving you ever. My little baby, Hold u soon XXXXX

Tribute 2 15/01/16
Hi Baby, We got 2 canvases made, one of you by yourself and one of you with the all of your family who loved you from the day we saw you. We hung them so we could see you every day to remind us of our love for you forever. Your memory will never die while we live to remember you. You were perfect sweetheart!!

Hello my wee girl, I was reading of other poor dogs left by their owners and all I could think of was you and how anyone could have left you as the tiny little puppy you were, only weeks old. I'm so glad we found you in that shelter that day and had you for all but the shortest time. Love Dad XXXXX
Tribute 2 21/01/16
From the moment we saw you and held you there was never going to be anywhere we would go that we wouldn't take you. Without you life is never the same. Miss you every day baby girl.

26/01/16 Hi baby bear, missing you as always sweetheart. My love for you will never stop. You're embedded in my heart forever with the love, warmth, pleasure and fun you gave us all, every single person that seen you loved you. For me you were the best little friend I will ever have honey. Love Dad XXXXX

02/02/16 Hello Candy, it's good to be back where you are baby, where all pets are so well loved by everyone and to be with all those who have visited you. I don't imagine you will ever be lonely. I know you know it but we all Love & miss you every single day. Have fun sweet girl over the bridge, Love Dad XXXXX

11/02/16 Hello wee bear, I hope you're okay up there and having fun. Every day I miss you more and more. I loved how you would come with your tail wagging every time I came in from work or from just being out and how you cried when we came back from holiday. I miss you that much and more baby girl. Dad XXXXX

21/02/16 Hello baby girl, we went and looked at some little dogs that you seemed to be related to. They were just like you, small beautiful and perfect but they weren't you. Dad misses you so much and wants to have another wee bear to love like he loves you! forever. Always loving you Candy, Dad XXXXX
I held a little puppy today just as old as you were when we got you, I smelled it's little fur and all I could smell and think of was you, this little pup smelled just like you and for a minute I was cuddling you again. You have had more influence in my life than practically anything my wee girl. Til the day I die I will never forget you baby. XXXXX

29/02/16 Hello baby girl, yet another week goes by and it still feels like you should still be here with us all. It doesn't seem so long as we see you every day and always think about you. I'm so glad we got the time we had and that we had you nearly all of your life. Love you always sweet Candy, Dad XXXXX

02/07/2016 What can I say baby girl, I have not been here in so long. We have your little ashes and you go to bed with mum and dad every night, your pictures are everywhere sweet girl. We think about you always and every day. So sorry it's been so long. I can never forget you, you were the best friend anyone could ever have. Until the day I join you sweetheart you will always be on my mind, and on that day you will be in my arms, never to lose you again. I Love you always, Dad XXXXX

16/07/16 Hi baby girl, I just want to say hello and let you know how much we all love you and enjoyed you being part of our family. Time and space will never keep you from us. Still love and think of you every single day sweet Candy. You were one in a million baby. Love Dad XXXXX

30/09/16 Hello my lovely sweet girl, Sorry I have not been here for so long. Max your old friend has crossed rainbow bridge just a few days ago. Please look out for him and help him settle in baby. I know you will do anyway, I miss you so much little girl! I love you and think of you every single day, please don't think I don't sweetheart. love Dad XXXXX

Christmas Day 2016
It's Christmas sweet Candy once again and I miss you so much sweetheart more than you will ever know. I will love you forever, you were and always will be my sweet baby girl and life will never be as good without you. Sleep tight my darling Little bear, I love you until the end of time! Dad XXXXX

25/02/2017 Hi sweet baby girl, I'm so sorry I've not been here for a long time. You know I haven't ever forgotten you. You're still with me always and I see you all over the house every day and still talk to you. I love you forever sweet girl, I hope you are happy over rainbow bridge. Love Dad XXXXX

27/03/2017 Hi sweet Baby girl, I hope you are okay and happy, nothing else would make me happy. Separated by a dimension I still love and think of you every single day. You are and were the best little girl I've ever had. I love you always precious girl, your forever Dad XXXXX

14/04/17 Hi Baby Girl, I miss you still every single day. I'm glad that you don't have any hurt though anymore. Mum and me and your brother and sisters still miss you terribly. You will never die though, you are alive in all of us every day. Love you always Sweetheart. Always your friend and Dad XXXXX

3 Very sad years without you baby girl.

29/09/17 Hi sweetheart, I'm so sorry it has been such a while, I promise not to leave you so long again. Life passes so quick and we forget the most important people and pets sometimes, please know I never, ever forget you. It will be 3 years since we lost you in just 2 days time and you still sit fully in my heart baby girl, I still love & miss your beautiful little self every single day, there is nothing I wouldn't do to have you back with me. I love you forever baby. Although we have rescued some other pets which I know you would be happy about, none could ever replace you, not EVER. but we love them too and take care of them as we did with you. (You were beyond special, a one off gift) Goodnight baby girl All my love, my gorgeous little girl, Dad XXXXX

29/10/17 Hi my sweet baby girl, Love you baby, I hope you are doing okay. I really hope you have Aunty Mary for company, you loved her so much, that was always clear. I miss you each and every day sweet Candy, you were an incredible wee friend, Love you always. Dad XXXXX

22/01/18 Hi Baby Girl, I'm so sorry it's been a while and I missed speaking to you at Christmas, I had some troubles at the time and was not in a good place. Hopefully rescuing a little 9 year old Sheltie this week whose owner has passed away, I'm sure you'd approve, I so hope so. Love you always Candy XXXXX

31/01/18 Hi my sweet baby girl, Love you! Never ever forgotten about you, and I promise to be here for you much more from now on. I know I haven't been as much as I could and I really want to be. You mean everything to me sweetheart. I Love you always, Dad XXXXX my gorgeous girl.

05/02/18 Hello little bear, I'll be here for you now more as promised, still miss you sweet girl and the time we had together. You are in my heart always, your little paint brush tail, your beautiful tri-colour coat like ebony on your back. We'll always be together in our hearts baby, I love you, Dad XXXXX

13/02/18 Hi Baby Girl, I promised I would be here more for you, and I don't want to miss your ceremony each Monday any more. I miss you every day little girl, no matter how long it has been we never forget you baby, Love you so much sweet baby girl, you're forever in my heart, Dad XXXXX

23/02/18 Hello my little Puppiness, I miss you as always darling. you are never, ever far from me in thoughts or in pictures sweet Candy. I don't know how I get by without your little happy face looking at me each day. You are unforgettable sweetheart. I love you always baby. Dad XXXXX

01/03/18 Hello Candy, my sweet baby girl, I hope you're doing well. It's being snowing a lot in the last 2 days, you would surely be out eating it if you were here. Miss you so much little girl, having other dogs isn't the same as having you, they are just as precious as you are though. Love you always XXXXX

09/03/18 Hello my wee Candy bear, it's nice to be here with all your tributes. Even those who never met you say how lovely you were, you are forever in mine and Mum's Hearts and your human brother and sisters too. Love you forever sweet baby girl. Dad XXXXX

16/03/18 Hello sweet baby girl Candy, another week passes by without you here by us all, we all miss you every single day, we never forget the joy and happiness you gave us, you wonderful little girl that you are. Hope you are happy and waiting for us across the bridge. Love you, Dad XXXXX

21/03/18 Hi little bear, I hope you are doing great, please watch out for Dean's little Hamster Harry. He just passed over tonight with us all around him to say goodbye and to let him know he was loved. It's so sad to see our fur babies go but we know he is no longer suffering. Love you always, Dad XXXXX

28/03/18 Hi Sweetheart, know this one thing, there will never be another you, you are the best friend I will ever have!. I love you always until the end of time, Dad XXXXX

06/04/18 Hi sweet Candy, I love coming here to talk to you, you're always in my thoughts but when I'm here you just feel closer to me than at any other time of the week. I love and miss you little bear, I miss every single thing about you and there were so many to name. I love you always, Dad XXXXX

16/04/18 Hello sweet baby girl, I've just been looking at pictures and videos of you, it was so nice watching the videos, just seeing you back then is such a comfort. I wish we had more but there are so many special memories inside that I will never forget you. I love you always sweet Candy, Dad XXXXX

23/04/18 Hello sweet baby, I bet you were looking down on us this weekend, our latest little rescue dog was a hit at two fun dog shows winning 1st, 4th and 5th rosettes. I wish we knew about them when you were here. I would have loved to have shown you off to the world. I love you always, Dad XXXXX

23/05/18 Hi baby girl, Sorry I have not been here in a few weeks, Dad has now got three jobs and they are taking up a lot of my time. I will always try and make time for you though Candy, you are never far from my thoughts sweet girl every single day. I Love and miss you every single day. Love Dad XXXXX

06/07/18 Hi my sweet girl Candy, sorry it has been a while once again. I never have forgotten you, and never will I stop loving you sweet girl. I don't think there is anything more I can say about you, and how I feel about you baby that I haven't already said. You were, and are truly my best friend and I will always love you. We have 2 dogs now that I have told you about, both rescues like you were, and both of them are very well and loved liked you were. I think I need to give them all the love I gave you while they are here and I know you very much loved our time together as they do. So I will be popping in as much as I can to say hello baby, I'll never stop, and this year I want to make your memorial permanent, so others can always see my messages to you when even I am gone. I know you won't be upset as I know you have the sweetest heart and only have love in your heart. so please don't ever think I don't think about you and love you if I have not been here in a while. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are the best friend and most loyal and loving dog I could ever had hoped for. I love you always baby, your heart will be forever bound to mine. Dad XXXXX

29/09/2018 Hello sweetheart Candy, come Monday it will be 4 sad years since you crossed rainbow bridge, Never! has a day gone by you are not in our thoughts, all of us. You were our heart dog, as much as we love our rescues we have now we can never forget you baby. Love you always & forever darling girl, You gave us love every single day from the moment we were so lucky to get you from the SSPCA. You were one in a Billion baby and I am so happy we got to share your life with you, you were perfect in every single way. I miss you every day sweetheart, I love you always, Dad XXXXX

1/10/18 Hello sweet Candy, I can't believe it was 4 years ago today you left us all and crossed rainbow bridge. I'll never forget how broken hearted we all were on that day and for a great deal of time after. You gave us your love your whole life and we gave you ours,and when you left you took a piece of every one of us, your family when you had to go. We still love you baby and talk to you every day and you are never far from our thoughts. Your pictures are always close by on a desk and on the walls, as long as we are here you will never be forgotten. I hope you are happy over Rainbow Bridge and I'm sure you have hundreds of 4 legged friends. All our love forever sweet girl. Dad, Mum, Rachel, Erin & Dean. XXXXX

26/11/18 Hello baby girl, I hope you are doing well over the bridge, I was watching the video I made of all the happy times that we had, and there were so many of them it could have been a video that lasted for days. I love you baby girl and will always love you, you are exceptional and touched my heart like nothing I have ever known. Bless you sweet Candy. You will be here again this Christmas with us, and remembered as you are every day baby. You are never, ever forgotten as long as your family are here. Love you forever Candy, Dad, Mum, Rachel, Erin & Dean XXXXX

24/12/18 Hello my sweet baby girl, It's Christmas eve and if I could only have one present tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, it would be to have you back in my arms again! I love and miss you every day little girl. You were absolutely incredible! I hope you are not sad while you wait for me over the rainbow bridge, dad will be with you in time. Love you forever sweetheart, with all my heart. Dad XXXXX

31/12/18 Hello sweet Candy. On the last day of another year we all miss you sweetie more than ever. We have never forgotten you and I'm sure you know we never, ever will. You live on in the memories of us all, and everyone who knows you. You will never be forgotten baby girl. Love you always. Dad XXXXX

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