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Memories of Candy Nicole Zulli
I received Candy as a birthday gift Sept. 1991. The Happiest days of my life. Candy was
3mos. old and weighed 4lbs. the cutiest little fur ball you would ever want to see.
I of course put her on the bed with us and for the past 18 yrs. she has been attached to my hip.
I took this little girl everywhere, in the car on trips to the beach, wherever I could bring her
she came with us. Candy Nicole was my heart and every breath I took was for and with my baby.
I loved her unconditionally and she loved me back, she was a little person. Candy Nicole Zulli,
was my daughter. Smart as a whip in fact my little girl was advanced, she thought she was the
little Mayor, no matter where I took her or where we lived. She did not like other dogs but she loved children and adults. My baby is so missed it is breaking my heart that she got sick.
She hung in there for me and gave me 18yrs of Joy, Love, Happiness and strength. My little girl will be with me always and I hope she watches over me always and helps me get through this rough time I am now going through. Candy Nicole is all over this house, her pictures, her wardrobe, she has her own chest of 4 draws of clothes. I think Candy has more clothes than some people have in a
lifetime. She was a happy dog and loved her home and loved to be with us no matter what. Food she loved food, she would hang around the table always and wait for something to fall. She loved Watermelon, Candy loved LIFE. You could not help but love this little girl when you met her.
I remember each time I bought her an outfit I would take her to the Job and everyone knew Here comes Marion with Candy, and Candy have on a new outfit. My mother was very attached to Candy, in my family we are all dog lovers, I should say animal lovers. Our pets were our family, friends just adored her. We used to go on vacation with my niece and nephew and Candy would come with us they just had a ball with her. Every year, I had a birthday party for Candy, cake ballons, hats. Each year I put a birthday hat on her and with the cake take her picture. My dog was a Model, she posed for pictures one sitting 24 pictures, all kinds of poses by a photographer. I was hiding with a friend of mine behind the counter so she wouldnt see us and each time the photographer snapped a picture, his wife would give Candy a treat and she pose for the next picture. You couldnt get an adult to pose for 24 pictures I dont think in one sitting. Candy you are a Superstar! Candy also told you when she wanted to go out, she would tap you on your arm until you paid attention to her. She would wake up everymorning and let you know its time to go out now to do her business. There where times we went away overnight or for a weekend and we couldnt take Candy, my friends mom would watch her and Candy would hide on her because she was so upset we left her behind. SHe would hide in a closet where Mom couldnt find her, her mom got so nervous she called the police and the Aspca to help her. She was afraid that she lost her and did not want to upset us. Had Mom so upset and then here comes Candy with her little face peeking out to see whats going on. Then when we would come home she wouldnt look at you for a while. Like who were we to leave her behind. I have all happy memories of her except of times when we thought she ran out the house or something. All and all Candy Nicole Zulli gave me the best years of my LIFE.I feel you are here with me again once I picked up your ashes. You will always be with me, you are my angel on my shoulder. The ride we took last week when I picked up your beautiful Portrait. You are the most beautiful little girl I ever saw my Sweetest Little Face. We will always love and cherish those 18yrs of Love, you are the light of our life and will always shine upon us and bring us closer and closer to you. There will never be another you, you will always stay attached to mommy no matter what you will always be our Lil Angel up above watching over us and making sure everything is in order. Im sure your still the Lil Mayor up in heaven too, always watching and looking to see whats going on. You are a leader and a lovable lil girl. Stay close by to us always and never forget all the good times we had together and remember they will be continued again when we all meet at rainbows bridge my Sweet Lil Angel Candy Girl Nicole.
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