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Memories of Cameo
Cameo a.k.a. Rosie lived 17 years. She survived 2 ACL injuries and surgeries and cancer. She had traveled around the U.S. and to Mexico. She loved rides, treats, Frisbee, chewing on stuffed toys, and just being alive and with her human parents. She was loved and will be deeply missed. Mama misses your kisses and caressing your face.

4/23/2016 Mama misses you! I see you in all things I do each day and miss you. We are going on a trip next weekend which will be difficult because of how much you were part of our trips. We will make sure to leave some of you there so that you can be there always. We love you! Moxie had to have surgery on Monday to have 5 teeth removed, hopefully this helps her health so she does not meet you too soon there. She misses you too!

5/8/2016 Rosie it has been 1 month since you left us and mama still misses you something fierce. I miss seeing you waiting for me when I get out of the shower. I miss at bedtime how you would snuggle into my 'c'. I miss your face when you came around the corner in the hall when we arrived home from work. I miss having you sit in front of me, (in)patiently waiting, hopefully, to get something I am eating. I miss how much you loved going on road trips/car trips. And mostly I miss your kisses and petting/snuggling with you. Rosie you are swimming forever in the creek as we spread some of your ashes there last weekend.
A line in the Mercy Me song The Hurt and the Healer sums up how I am feeling: 'I'm alive even though a part of me has died'.

7/11/2016 Oh Rosie Mosie it has been 3 months now and just when mama thinks it is getting easier; how much you are missed slaps me in the face. We spread your ashes at Lake Pleasant, swim forever! Sister Sister swam with you. We spread your ashes at the cabin. Mama has missed spending the summer with you!

8/30/2016 Sister sister is with you now! Take care of each other. We love you both! mama and papa

9/10/2016 Oh Rosie Mosie it has been 5 mths now. You have been with your sister sister almost 2 weeks. Please watch over her the way you did when you both stayed at Camp Bow Wow. Mama and Papa love you and miss you 2 soooooooo much!! We are trying to move on with new adventures (that will be hard to do without you). See you both later!

10/9/2016 1/2 a year Rosie. We see you in pictures and can smile and laugh, but the tears still come. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH! You were a best buddy. Friends forever friends for life. The bestest in the westest. Take care of sister sister. ENJOY!

11/19/2016 Mama and Papa sold your home and truck. It is sad. We bought a new truck with a window for you. Mama is sad that we can't enjoy this with you and sister sister. I know you would love having your own window to poke your head outside during a trip. Mama LOVES and MISSES you daily.

12/25/2016 MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our sweet baby! We Love and Miss You!

4/8/2017 Hi Rosie! I miss you!

8/1/2017 Hi Rosie! Mama misses you everyday! We went on a road trip to West Virginia and Ohio and spread yours and Moxie's ashes. We missed you, your cousins and aunt missed you too.

11/30/2017 Oh Cameo cranky misses talkin to you! I do I do, I always look at the pictures of you with me at the Ditch & the one of your last trail ride with me! You were a darn good companion! Mama still misses you too! Bun bun I think helps her deal with the void that you left! We talk about you often! I hope you found Moccasin ok she sure did miss you after you left! Her tail never came back up after that sad day! Watch over her. I hope Rainbow Bridge is as fun as I think it is! I miss you ole girl!
Love Papa

4/2018 Hey Rosie my heart is not dry of tears for you. I miss you everyday.

4/2018 Cameo Cameo Cameo oh Cameo Mama is right the tears still haven't dried up. I saw a random video of our Bronco the other day, I wished I could've jumped in to the video because I knew in that moment when the video was being recorded you and Moccasin were alive and in the back seat. Then and like now the wetness on my face unfortunately wasn't your kisses it was proof my tears haven't dried up for you yet. Go nuzzle with Moccasin let her know she isn't missed either.

9/15/2018 Rosie it has been over 2 years since you left us and I still miss you deeply. I am sure that you have found Bunbun now and that you and Moxie are fast friends with her and taking care of each other. WE LOVE YOU!

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