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Memories of Calli Bouvier
Calli...I think we understood each other yesterday while I was taking you to the hospital that I said I don't want you to go but you can go and I will understand and it's OK. You looked at me on the entire drive to the hospital. I knew it was going to be the day. I wish I could've done more for you. Words cannot explain how much I'm hurting. You certainly made me laugh you made me shed a couple tears and may be a frown or two but I will do it all over again just to have an hour with you. The entire veterinarians office were there when I brought you in. They were all crying and they all loved you but they don't want tlove you more than I do. I will always have the scars that you put on my forearm is a puppy and some of your antics made me laugh. In the end we were good for each other but I want to thank you for everything you did to me. Love, protect,, serve, a nurse, a teacher, an psychologist.

Please say hello to Macy, Pepper, Blue, Bucky....I want to see your eyes when I crossover..I will be looking for you. And thank you for looking over me when no one else would. I will never forget when you met Tanner who was autistic and yours and Tanner's eyes met. He was a sick boy but with him looking in your eyes you made him able to speak.

And I'll never forget how you cared for me when I had pneumonia or when I overdosed.You got all the dogs in the neighborhood to get your neighbors out to look in on me. I could write so much more but it's very painful. But you were loved, missed, and a true companion. I'm glad that last 36 hours of your life were spent with me although I don't like the ending. But I would rather that we spend the days together versus being alone in a hospital of no one you know. I have no doubt you won me over and I'm sorry that I never will see those beautiful eyes Calli you will never be forgotten.❤️🙏❤️ Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

August 27 Calli ... I am missing you so much I can't sleep. You had a tough act to follow with Macy. And I miss you so much. I know your best friend was ginger and I've got a little dog that reminds me of her and her name is Shelby Bouvier. It's so hard for me to read this when I think of the last three days of your life. I was given a promise that you were getting better but that didn't work. I'll always have your picture rent that's a promise. Now I know you know Macy please find play with her employee with blue and Bucky add pepper. Oh I don't want to see those beautiful eyes when I crossover. You girls are going to get the biggest hug. And as much love as you should be 30 years I can't believe God would not allow dogs in heaven. How are you girls ours much a part of me has any human relative and may be more. I am struggling Calli and I wish I could've done more. You were took rate of a dog to go through that horrible ending you did but I am glad you were with me. Calli Bar I love you so much and I miss you. This is so hard.

Hi Calli.....I hope you were able to find ginger and show her around rainbow bridge. It's so hard losing the two of you within 30 days. I look at your paw prints in your picture every day and missing you so much. I hope you seen Shelby. We have a lot of work to do with her. And both you and Ginger know Macy and hopefully you're playing in a beautiful meadow with no pain. I never thought I could mess anything as much as I miss you. Just a short note that I'm thinking of you. Love all of you

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