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Memories of Callie Mayo
We found our precious little Callie Mayo in a tree in our neighborhood and that was the day that changed our life forever. She was the most beautiful little thing we have ever seen and we fell in love. Our neighbor said that they were just about to take her to SAVE OUR STRAYS and gave us a call on a chance that we might want her. I grabbed her up in my arms and headed home to show her to Mike I told him the story and well the rest is history.Mike said she was so beautiful that we had to keep her so we did, we already had two other kitties but he said she can be an outside/inside kitty. Callie loved going outside every morning and enjoying her day but was always glad to come in to her room during the night time. She loved being with us and loved her brothers Midnight and Smokey (who are missing her something bad). Only today have they started eating again. I truly believe that pets grieve just like we do.
The day that she started living with the family was a special day for us all, we now had a little girl, and a little beauty queen. Her nickname was Gerbal because she was such a little feminine Girl, the sweetest, smartest little furbaby ever. She kept herself so clean and even though she spent most of her days outside every evening she had her bath time. Nothing like having a little prissy girl - we loved it. She could even talk and tell us exactly what she wanted. Calico's are so smart and so loving. Callie Mayo was a blessing sent to us during a very hard time in our life as we were caring for my husbands parents. She was more of a blessing to us than she will ever know. They have crossed the Rainbow Bridge as well and we are hoping that she finds her way to their side.
Our days now are sad but we will see you again our little girl. We love you Mom and Dad
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