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Memories of Cali
Cali was a 1lb. stray kitten when she came into our lives and blessed us with her wonderful spirit. She was so smart, had a strong sense of self, was very loving and affectionate, and so very playful and fun. She was very petite and only grew to be 4.1 pounds in her too short, but very full and fun life. She had health issues that resulted in her losing her sight at four months, her hearing at one year, and the diagnosis of severe heart disease at almost two. Through her sight and hearing loss, she thrived, but the heart disease was just too much for her little body. She was such an inspiration because she never let anything hold her back -- she embraced life, played hard, ate a lot, and had lots of fun! She was so full of life and joy, and touched everyone who met her.

We miss you so much angel and will be with you again one day. You will always be with us and in our hearts forever.

Here are some fun things to know about Cali:

She made everyone fall in love with her

She was a blind and hearing impaired 4 lb angel

She touched everyone who met her

She had the most beautiful spirit

She was a wonderful gift

She was so very sweet

She was so smart

She was so fun!

She was so beautiful

She had the softest fur

She had the best little appetite and LOVED to eat!

She would use her sense of smell and knew when I walked in the room - she would get up and stretch and start scratching the carpet and walk toward me

She had the most wonderful, full, squirrel-like tail

She had a strong sense of self and was very determined

She had the cutest little ears --no fur on the tips and adorable

She would never use her claws when playing or when she wanted down - she would just wiggle!

She was loving

She loved to be kissed

She loved Zack and absolutely loved being groomed by him and playing with him - she would jump on him as soon as she smelled him!

She loved to play

She was so curious

She was so confident

She lived life to the fullest and never let anything set her back

She loved to rub faces

She loved to lie on your lap

She loved to lick you

She purred easily and often

She loved to have her chin rubbed and face scratched

She had a huge presence

She loved to snuggle and sleep on top of you

She loved sitting in the windows and feeling the sun and breeze

She loved to bat ice cubes around

She loved to jump in the laundry basket with the warm clothes!

She loved going outside -- walking outside and feeling the breeze - and wandering about (under close supervision)

She loved rubbing her face on the sidewalks and bricks

She loved affection

She was very brave and adventurous

She loved sleeping on the cable box

She loved the fireplace

She loved sitting by the refrigerator

She loved soft blankets

She loved her ferret bed(s)

She loved her cubby where she would play with the dangling ball and sleep

She loved for me to hold her on my shoulder

She loved drinking out of the water fountain

She loved wrapping paper

She loved being in the middle of everything

She loved playing with her toys in a paper bag

She loved playing in plastic bags and boxes

She loved walking around proudly with a ball or mouse in her mouth - her favorite mouse was a beaten-up faded yellow mouse with no tail or eyes!

She loved for me to hold her like a baby with a play mouse dangling in front of her so that she could bat at it

She loved to play with toys -- her tunnels, mice, and balls

She loved to crawl in bed in the morning and cuddle and play after spending the night in her ferret bed

She loved to sleep in her soft tunnel and would pull it down over herself and grunt if you disturbed her!

She loved the smell of Frangelica and cream in coffee!

She loved playing with shoe strings and would get very excited

She loved sharing every meal with us!

She had lots of nicknames: Cal, Caliper, Angel, Little Muffin, Calster

She loved for Grandma Carol to come by and take her outside and share her food with her!

Angel, you brought so much joy and I loved taking care of you


She took a big part of my heart to heaven with her

She is loved and missed deeply

She was the most wonderful gift

She will always be my sweet little angel


My 3, 2008: Angel, it's been a long year without you here with us. I miss you so very much; you are in my heart always and I think of you all the time. I miss everything about you, especially holding and kissing you, taking care of you, watching you eat and enjoy it so much, playing with you, watching you being groomed by Zack....just having you share our home and being around your pure sweetness everyday. Zack missed you so very much and looked for you for a very long time. You have the most wonderful spirit and I can't wait to see you again one day and hold you and kiss you again. I love you.


May 3, 2009: My sweet little Cal, I can't believe it's been two years since I held you, hugged you, kissed you, and played with you. We miss you so very much and we think and talk about you often. Every night we eat dinner, we think of how your little head would pop up and be swaying from side to side with that sweet nose in the air sniffing out the food, and then....you would be in our plates! We moved in March and on Sunday in memory of you, we planted a beautiful red flowered hibiscus bush by our mulched mailbox in memory and in honor of you; it's really beautiful and the first thing you see when arriving at our home. The painting of you and your pictures are everywhere and you rode beside me on the last trip from our old home to our new home. Zack, Zoe, and Morgan are doing well, but we all miss you. We thought Zack was going to be with you last year, but he survived his brain tumor and is like a kitten again; you'll have to wait a while longer to be with your buddy and caretaker again. We feel you with us always and hope you're happy in heaven. I love you.

May 3, 2010: Hi Sweetheart, another year has passed since you went to heaven and I miss you so very much everyday. Today is especially hard. You are always in my heart, my thoughts, and prayers. I hope you are eating lots and getting tons of love in heaven. We miss you so very much and talk about you all the time. I miss holding you, kissing you, taking care of you, walking around with you on my shoulder, having you climb in my lap, eat dinner with us every night, and watch Zack groom you. I planted the beautiful Easter Lily by our mailbox in memory of you today and it will be beautiful, just like you. My heart aches for you and I feel you with me everyday. I can't wait to be with you again someday. I love you.

May 3, 2011: Hello my sweet little Cal - it's been another year. I can hardly believe it's been four years since you left us for heaven. I can feel your sweet, pure spirit all the time and miss you so very much. Zack is lying right beside me as if he knows that I'm writing to you. Your pure sweetness is always in our hearts. I love you very much my little Caliper and am looking forward to being with you again one day. We planted another Lily in memory of you this year by our mailbox. I think about how much you would have loved our grass wandering about and sniffing the air - I loved watching you explore and loved watching you sniff the air and roll about. I hope you have lots of beautiful lush grass in heaven. You're always with me and in my heart. Sweet dreams, love.

May 3, 2012: Hi My Sweet Little Angel, I can hardly believe it's been five long years without you with us - you are always in our hearts though. We talk about you often, tell fun stories about your sweetness and fun little antics. We miss everything about you, but feel you with us every day. Your painting hangs in our living room near the huge aquarium that you would have loved. I'm sure you know all of this, but it's comforting to write it here. I miss you so very, very much and I know that you are healthy, happy, peaceful, and loved in heaven. Until we meet again, my sweet little muffin...


May 3, 2013: My sweet little Muffin - it's been six long years without you and we miss you everyday - Zack, your sweet kitty caretaker, is right here with me as I write - we planted begonias in front of our mailbox this year in honor and in memory of you. We try to live our lives each day as you did - courageously, sweetly, with lots of love and adventure....my heart aches for you but I know you are at peace and are happy and we'll see you again one day....you are always with us in our hearts and never far from our thoughts....with lots of love my sweetie....I love you.


May 3, 2014: Wow, Cal - it's been 7 years. Zack is right here beside me, as always! We all miss you so very much and will always feel that hole in our hearts without you. You're always with us and we feel your sweetness and presence and hope you are peaceful and happy and having fun in heaven. Love you.


May 3,, 2015: Hi Sweetie - As you know, our Zack is not right here beside me today because he's beside you now. We miss our big boy Zack like we miss you, but there is comfort knowing that you and Zack are together in heaven. When he left us over two months ago, he was ready, and although losing him is as heart wrenching as losing you, there is comfort knowing that you both are together again. I know you greeted him when he passed over and I know how happy he was. You both know how loved and missed you are - we'll see both of you one day and feel such peace that you are together. We love you both so very much. Love you and sweet dreams my Cali and Zack.

February 18, 2016: Hi Zack and Cali - my sweeties. It's been a year today that you left us Mr. Handsome. I know you were greeted by Cali and I know how happy she is to have you. I can hardly believe it has been a year since I held you, kissed you, cuddled with you, spoke to you, and saw your sweet, handsome face. We miss you and Cali so very, very much. We are very relieved that you are not in pain and you're with your little buddy in heaven. Zoe and Morgan miss you everyday too and spent weeks looking for you after you passed. We all still feel your big, fun presence and are so happy you and Cali are at peace. We love you will all our hearts.

Everyday I feel this and miss you both so very much. It's been 2 years since my Zack passed and almost 10 since my Cali passed. I feel comforted that you are together. I know Littlest is with you too and you both are looking out for her, playing with her, and giving her lots of love.

Good Morning, sweethearts. I miss you both so very much. Zack and Cali, you were my heart and soul. We feel your presence with us, think about you often, and with tears streaming down my face now still, I know in my heart you are together and happy in heaven and are with each other. You both lived your lives so courageously and sweetly and I'm so happy that you are now healthy and happy in heaven, but we miss you more than you can imagine. I know you know though. You are in our hearts everyday love bugs and I so look forward to being with you again one day. Morgan and Zoe are doing well and miss you so very much too. Have a beautiful day Zackerdoodlesnoodlepoodledoodledo and sweet little Cali. We love and miss you.


May 3, 2017: It's been 10 years since we lost you, Cal, but we know you're in heaven and we know how happy you were when your Zack joined you. We miss you both so very much and I have faith that we'll all be together one day. My heart still aches for you both - that will never go away. It brings comfort that you are together, but not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. We love you both with all our hearts. See you again one day, sweethearts. Love you.

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