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Memories of Caleb
I bought Caleb at 6 weeks old. I had lost a sheltie 4 months before at age nine. Sparky's death hurt beyond description. I wanted another sheltie exactly like him. Strangely Caleb and Sparky were alike in almost every way. Caleb was a cracker jack just like Sparky. He was full of charisma, but a dog with a mind of his own. Yet he read my every mood like any good Sheltie. Even the vet noticed how Caleb loved me even as a puppy. I had two other dogs Angel a creamed colored mixed breed that was small with a "ballet skirt. She was around nine years, and another Sheltie Rusty who was seven years old, but a rescue dog. He had lived in the breeders barn for seven years. As a result he was a very shy dog. I called him my little barn boy. When Caleb came he put energy in the nine year old, and in the shy seven year old. The house was not the same again. Energy and life were everywhere as a result of baby Caleb's presence.

Within three years the older dogs died, but new ones came on the scene. A little Dachshund mix with Jack Russell and a Sheltie with a lot of Collie. Scottie is on this website also and was my angel dog, a dog of light and in a sense an inspiration. But Caleb was my constant companion. He seemed to be aware of my every feeling he was more down to earth than Scottie yet he was a dog of my heart.

He had no real physical problems until the end. On Christmas day 2014 I noticed redness in his right eye. It grew worse The vet thought it was only an eye infection. After three rounds of antibiotics the condition worsened and a lump came in his right jaw. The vet determined that it was either a tooth abscess or a tumor. It turned out to be a fast growing malignant tumor one of the worst that had spread from the jaw bone to the tongue and to the throat within a month. My dear little Caleb died March 2, 2015. I still have Penny my Dachshund mix. She misses him even though she too is full of energy even at around ten years old, but very healthy. She too has had few illnesses in her life. Caleb is greatly missed, and his mama will always remember the happiness that he brought to me and his brother, Scottie. But little Penny gave him a run for his money.

Caleb is unforgettable and I am missing him greatly.

4-2-15. Caleb it has been a month since you left me so suddenly at the vet's office. I will never forget that horrible day when my life seemed to fade away. You died around 2Pm that very dark day. As I write this it is 2:14 Pm. Penny and I have endured the long days and we have comforted one another. I have not been able to get another Sheltie that would probably have a few of your wonderful characteristics. Maybe it is God's will that I haven't. Maybe the time is not right. I can deal better with the sadness than little Penny can. After being one of a three dog family she is by herself, and needs a doggy companion bad. I have taken on foster care for a while with a little sheltie mix puppy, maybe some beagle there, I don't know. Its puppy presence has cheered Penny and charmed me as your small presence used to so many years ago. I have pictures and memories of your puppy days and your cheerful puppy ways. This little pup was not as fortunate as you. It is about eight weeks and was dumped by its owner near the Blytheville humane society. Because of you it has been given a place at the table that was prepared for you. But it is a little on the big side, maybe even a collie mix, and in Mamma's circumstance right now, a too big dog might be a problem. I have named it Mo short for Moses for it has been out of the water of my tears. Any way I am keeping it for a while, maybe to even own it still. You have opened the door already for a little puppy and your sister, Penny, for she is not as lonely and my heart may be healing just a little. It is Easter time and thoughts of the resurrection and the Bridge. Even here I can feel the Rainbow Bridge's echo of life and eternity's cross that will renew all things. Mama.

Caleb, I did adopt that sweet little dog that I told you about. He belongs to Mama now like you did. Mo's face and his ways are somewhat like yours. I could not find another sheltie like you in my area, but there is "something" about this dog that reminds me of you. It is the expression in his eyes and the way he shifts them, and avoids looking directly at me. He may be too big. But for now he is a sweetheart and has some of you in him. Even a full sheltie like you, might nor have that expression and way that I loved so much in you. You are my sweetheart forever darling, and anything that reminds me of you is a treasure to Mama.

12-14-15 Caleb I have not written in a long time. I have had many problems to deal with and my grief for you has been the biggie. It's Christmas. You got sick on Christmas day 2014. Little Scottie died on Christmas eve of 2011. I think of you both so much. But little Mo is still a comfort and Penny is happy with him. Dr. Gall the vet that you know well, said that Mo was probably a Shletie Basset hound mix. I think you sent me a Christmas Rose from the bridge, the best Christmas present I could recieve.
While applying for my medicare insurance, I talked with a man that owned a Basset Hound. He told me that Basset Hounds were the sweetest dogs ever, and Mo, with the Sheltie mix has two dogs within him that are the sweetest dogs ever, Sheltie and Basset Hound. Since Mo had to be a mix, I think Sheltie Basset Hound is the best possible. My Christmas rose from you, Caleb is the tribute to the Basset Hound a part of Mo. By the way, Mo is not a too big dog. He is a little taller than Penny and that is not very tall. He weighs at nearly a year, 27lbs. No big dog at all and probably God-given to me. Merry Christmas to my darling Caleb at the Bridge. Forever love, Mama.

12-14-15 Caleb there is another memorial to you that happened last summer. I visited yours and Scottie's grave site. I found the artificial yellow flowers that I had placed there in the spring lying in petals on the ground. Scotties flowers were in tact, but yours had been sepearated. It added more sadness to my aching heart, but in order to restore them I brought them home to the Rose of Sharon potted tree. But the tree was dying. I had it placed farther from the view of the house than it was when you were here. It was dying from hot sun and no water. Its leaves were brown amd wilting. I did not know that I could restore it. I faithfully watered it with the hose pipe every day. Soon it was thriving again with its little grave flowers still in the pot. Soon it was a beautiful flowering tree once again. It had been ressurected because of your flowers that led me to it on that hot summer day. I look forward to its beauty next spring. And the token of renewal that you indirectly brought to it. Again in the hot summer I thought anew of the Resurrection and the beautiful Rainbow bridge.

Caleb you are my heart and my light. After the tree you stood for light and life as well as Thanksgiving, home, and heart. I celebrated Scottie's life with light at the Bridge. Yours has been heart, and after this year's hot summer, light as well. my dear beautiful Caleb. Mama.

Calab, Penny, Mo and Mama celebrated your going to the Rainbow Bridge in Feb.
Mama, Peny and Mo enjoyed rainbow colored Fruit loopes. Mama enjoyed Rainbow lights and bottle colors of the rainbow with beautiful music such as When You Wish Upon A star, and It's Cherry Tree and Apple Blossom time, for the beautiful rainbow bridge. Scottie too was celebraed as your brother now at the bridge for four years, and I am sure accustomed to its magnifcient beauty and tge added wonder of you being there with him with love forever. Mama

Now Mama has given you her own spring view of the wonderful place where you, Scottie, and all my other pets await my arrival someday. Mama

Please also visit Scottie.

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