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Memories of Calamity Jane Wood
Miss 'Alamity 11/19/11
Your the one feline out of all our babies that no one really ever messed with. You were so beautiful when I adopted you from the shelter I worked at.You were so unsure of jumping that your dad had to teach you how outside on his truck rail & his toolbox & the tailgate one day. Even to the end you still studied every aspect of the maneuver. You were so funny. The places you slept in & on were so unusual and the look on your face was at times" I am the Queen, what do you expect".Our butterfly kisses you & I shared will never be forgotten & I miss those soft breathes on my lashes. Your "petty" song you sang all those years even to the last day are embedded in my heart and to hear those even tho in my sleep would be divine.As I held you that day you purred,I wanted you to know how much you were loved & you were letting me know,you loved me as well,that your spirit was willing but, your body was so tired. I so wanted you to feel the sun with me holding you on that last day, Me loving you,you loving me.You liked outside at times but when you felt bad you liked to feel the sun.Remember when you snuck outside I turned and there you were on the slab of pavement sitting enjoying the warmth.So I got you in my arms and we sat till I felt you were getting tired and needed your rest. I miss you so much, this home feels so empty without you. You had humans that will never forget you. You had many loving names,even Fasaman was calling your name,I had to catch my breath.What brings a smile is when you started eating with the other cats. Calam that was a shock to see,they seemed to enjoy your company. I know Rowdy misses you. He would go to you when you had a seizure,check you out ever so tenderly.Calam you loved to travel and you adjusted to any place we went. You talked to your dad in a clear loud voice and he would answer you,love on you. Remember when you kept jumping in his bag so he would take you with him as he was packing. He got such a kick out of that. He loves you and replied there will never be another as you, I agree totally.I know your better now at the bridge but, would rather have you here. We love you and miss you terribly. Love you forever,Mom & Dad
Calam Dr. Barnes & Amy were with Us that fateful day. You were so loved & thought of as a Miracle Kitty.There was Love all around us.I can just see you in those beautiful wings.Keeping your collar, My Love always.Your resting at Martha's house with all her babies so your not far from me.Till we meet again.
Hey Miss 'Alam it is a week now since you have crossed to the bridge & I miss you so. When you can, please come visit me as you did that first day that you let me know you're ok. I still long to see and touch you. Thinking about Thanksgiving & Christmas & I will light a candle for you & all furangels if you do not mind sharing.I was talking about you today lovingly with warm memories.Fasa keeps calling your name.Calam how do I go on without you??I love you!!
Calam it is now 2 wks.&3 days, I am so lonesome to hold you on my shoulder, feel your soft fur & hear that beautiful song. If only I could go see you.Merry Christmas Calam & all Babies
12/18/11 Soon to be Christmas & the first without you.Saw some pics. taken not to long ago & your sitting by the door.I miss you so much.I want to visit you here more but, Calam I can not hardly stand it, your not here.Your picture is in the ornament on the tree.Please come visit me.Love you Calam.I thank God for the time we shared.1/1/2012.Happy New Year Calam.I know you were treated Special where you are just as you would if you were here with me.I put your pic in a cute ornament & hung it on the tree.I believe you came to see me the other day. I was really glad you did.as always I love you forever Mom.
June, 16--HI Miss Calam, I still have trouble visiting you here. I know you know about Smoke in the clouds.Fasaman still calls your name& we miss you Lady.If there was a stairway to heaven I would bring you home. How I miss you & love you. This I hear will slowly heal but I just do not know this time.Please come& sing in my ear and let me think I feel your soft fur.Love you always. July 6,2012 Hi My sweet Calam, I have some news, Chance will be there soon if not already. I know you went to go meet him at the gates of the bridge.Was a bad cold & his heart, Calam Please tell him to come see me so I will know that he is ok. Show him the ropes you & Powder.Chance has 4 legs , He will do just fine. Three did not stop him,4 I can just imagine Chance now. Calam ,All of you are always welcomed to come for a visit with me,All my babies are ,you know this I pray. I miss you so still.You entered my thoughts today & I knew you would meet Chance there I had no doubt. Thank you my Friend.Please tell all of My Babies Thank you for this. I miss you all .10/24/12 Calam I have just not got on here. I missed coming to visit you so much. I so love you!your meds still in ice box I can not do this, I just can't.4/28/2013 Hello my friend. Your butterfly kisses and your lovely songs as you slept on my shoulder are the special comforts I so miss. dad finally able to talk of you with a smile. We love you so & this will never cease. I want to let you know to ask you to come visit me in our new home in the country. Never leave me. I need you always close. I know your ok but i'm not. Your meds still where they were when you left.Lass is getting better . Nellie and Kit are new, Nellie had a tough start but she is doing well & Kit was lost, & now he has 2 families who love him but he will live here. Until we meet here again i'm always lovin'You. Calam there was a cat at a friends house when I saw him I thought It was you,oh how I held my breath & My heart stood still.He was a little bigger' I knew after a few seconds it wasn't you.8/29/2013,Hello sweet Calam, Meds still there, we are in new home & Lassiter is now with you all. Miss you my sweet girl.Was thinking of your angel Kisses & I received 1 from Mojo who never gives me kisses like you did I knew it was from you Thank You, I miss those & your sweet songs still.My mom has joined you as well Calam.9-24-13,Dad said last nite to Nellie that he loved one & he could never love again.Nellie is so sweet ,no one will ever take your place in Our Hearts.So hard to come visit still. We love & miss you so Calam,My Angel.10 /5/13 My Angel Calam I so ache & miss our butterfly kisses.My love,Missing you so.11-17-13,Thinking of you always,Please come visit if you can, Miss you so much.7/7/14 Never have healed I can't bare the pain all over my friend. I know where you are but your not with me.Feeding syringes still in icebox. tears haven't dried my heart aches still for my 4 babies.will love you always my friend.i got all of you bout the same time and you all left this earth about the same time. to be together as you always were. Original 4Love you till we meet again my sweet friend .

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