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Memories of Caesar (Caesy) Kach
Caesar: I will forever miss your charm, originality, and fearless soul. I would give anything to have you back in my arms, and at my side. I miss waking up, and seeing you cuddling with your brother Rocco or Colby. I miss our morning stampede to the kitchen. The corner counter is empty without you sitting there with your cute and tiny face. I miss you following me along the counter top, and pulling my hand into your face. Hearing you little voice...always talking to me as you did.

I miss you in my office, sitting next to me on my desk. All of my binders and envelopes still have all your bite marks on them. You loved my desk, and you were my secretary. Greeting everyone that walked in. I miss you blocking my computer screen, demanding that I stop working.

I miss looking down on my office floor, and your dog bed (you never liked cat beds) is empty. Where there was once 3, there is 2. Rocco and Colby (your dog brothers) miss you so much. Colby cannot sleep, and Rocco cannot sit still. They love you so much, and their hearts are broken, as is mine. Don't ever forget how much we love you. Don't forget the times you were sleeping, and Colby would want you to get up. He would go over to your bed, and nuzzle his head into yours. He would plop down, and use his nose to wake you up. You'd just lay there, and finally wake up to chase him around the kitchen. Don't forget your cuddle time with Rocco. You would curl up next to him, and put your paw around him. Or when he would bark too much, and you'd hang around his neck until he stopped barking. You wanted every dog and cat to be your friend. You greeted every person that came in, followed repair men around the house and inspected what they were doing. Everyone always had something good to say about you. You didn't have a mean bone in your body. Every vet that ever saw you, you impressed them with how good you were.

I miss calling your name, and you come running to me. I miss opening a box, and you waiting to investigate it. I miss putting the water jug on top of the cooler, and you being so excited to see the bubbles flow up. I miss you carrying your chicken and squirrel around, they were as big as you! I miss laying in bed hearing you make your sounds downstairs, knowing you were on your way up to bed. You'd bring your chicken to me, and I'd tell you what a good job you did every night. I miss waking up to you sitting on my night stand waiting for me to get up. I miss just testing you with opening your treat jar very slowly, and you'd hear it from a mile away. You loved your treats so much!

You were my little boy, my youngest, my baby. It's not fair that your gone. It's not fair that your life was cut short. I only can think you were needed in heaven. I believe your with Pappy who loved you so much. I hope he is feeding you endless treats, just as he did here on earth. I can see you with Roxy and Mo, and I hope they are being nice to you. You know how you always had to win them over, but you always did. You didn't stop until they gave in to you. I can see you meeting my Mom (your Grandma), and her making a big fuss over you. You have a lot of people on that side to keep you happy, and I'm sure they are.

Never forget our last fun day together. I never saw you so happy being outside, feeling the air, walking the yard.
You felt free, and your free now of pain I didn't know you were going through. You were so strong and brave. You hid
your pain so well, and you never once complained. You taught me so much Caesar, and my heart is broken. My soul hurts.
I feel empty without you. I feel like a Father that lost his baby, and it doesn't seem fair.

You are a beautiful soul, and I hope your running free. Please come visit us. You know I'll be talking to you, and I hope you hear me. Everywhere I look, I see you.

I love you Caesy, my beautiful boy with your big shiny eyes that I will never forget.
I have to somehow find the strength to keep going.
We will see each other again my boy. My little tuxedo man.
You always hated when I kissed you so much. We all miss you. We all love you.

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