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Memories of Buttons
I can't believe it's been two years since you left us, Buttons. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. We miss you very much. Hope you and Petu are having fun "dancing" up in heaven. Buttons, Gimli has joined you. I hope he doesn't bite you up in heaven. I miss my little monster, Gimli, so much, just as I miss you, Buttons. Buttons was a very spoiled and very loved miniature poodle. We got him when I was 15 years old (in January of 1985) and my brother, Steve, was 14 and my sister, Donna, was 12. My mom took care of him most of the time, and in the last two years, Steve took care of Buttons. One of my favorite memories of Buttons is the time that my mom had made blueberry pancakes for a Sunday breakfast. We had some leftovers, and she left them on a plate on the kitchen table and we went to church. Somehow, Buttons managed to get up on the table and eat about 5 or 6 pancakes. He left one pancake on my mom's pillow as a present. He was a very sweet dog but could be mischievious when he wanted to. Buttons suffered a stroke on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and Steve took him to the vet, who kept him overnight Wednesday night. Steve called us Wednesday night to let us know and we all prepared to go to the vet on Thursday, 3/11/99, to say goodbye, knowing that we would probably have to do that. The four of us (Mom, me, Steve and Donna) went Thursday morning and held Buttons for about 20 minutes in the lobby of the vet's office while we waited for Dr. Hart, and then we took Buttons in and let him be free of his pain. We miss you little Butt-Butt! See you in heaven one day.--------11/22/01 - Happy Birthday, Buttons! You would have been 17 years old today. We miss you so much. I have a little poodle/terrier mix puppy now - her name is Raven and she was born in 7/01. She is black (hence the name) like Petu was, but she has a white spot on her chest. She loves to lick just like you did. Sometimes it was impossible to get you out of my face, you liked to lick so much! I hope you and Gimli are getting along up there. I miss my little monster, Gimli, so much. His birthday was 11/2 - he would have been 10 years old this year. Today is Thanksgiving and I remember how much you liked the leftover turkey we brought home from Helen's. I'm thankful that we had you.--------------3/11/02 - Buttons, I can't believe it's been three years since you left us. We miss you so much. Raven does so many things that remind me of you - must be the poodle in her. I hope you are getting all of the blueberry pancakes you can stand up in heaven!------11/22/02 - Happy birthday, Buttons! You would have been 18 today! We miss you so much. Grandmom is now with you; hopefully you are on her lap.--------3/11/03 - I can't believe it's been four years now since you left us. We had a funeral today for Bert (Grandmom's sister), so hopefully you are sitting on both of their laps. We miss you so much, Buttons.-----11/22/03 - Happy birthday, Butt-butt! You would have been 19! We still think about you so much and miss you.-----3/11/04 - I can't believe it's been five years now since you left us. We miss you so much. --------11/22/04 - Happy birthday, Buttons! You would have been 20 today. I have a little girl of my own now (Sarah) who is 19 months old. She would love to pull on your hair just like she does Raven (and Sam used to try to pull on yours). We miss you.--------3/11/05 - Buttons, it's been six years now, so hard to believe. We miss you and love you.------11/23/05 - Happy birthday yesterday, Buttons. You would be 21! We miss you so much. You loved turkey at Thanksgiving!------3/11/06 - Hard to believe it's been seven years now since you left us, Buttons. Simba joined you on 12/19/05. Raven still does so much poodle stuff that reminds me of you!------11/22/06 - Happy 22nd birthday, Buttons! Mom-Mom, Donna and Sam are coming over to my house for Thanksgiving. We all miss you so much.-------3/17/07 - As of 3/11/07, it's been 8 years since you left us. We see dogs that look like you all the time and always think of you. We miss you so much.-----11/22/07 - Happy 23rd birthday, Buttons! I wish dogs lived longer than they do, it's not fair! Max and Raven are looking forward to going to Roanoke to see Ozzie and beg for Thanksgiving food! You loved leftover turkey, just like other dogs!----3/11/08 - Buttons, it's been 9 years now since you left us. We miss you so much. Skylar has now joined you - he was a big Golden Retriever! It's so unfair that you guys don't live longer :*(.---11/22/08 - Happy 24th birthday, Buttons! We saw a doggie, Toby, at Tim and Bebe's house that looked so much like you, but was part cocker spaniel. We miss you so much.------I can't believe it's now been 10 years since you left us. I recently uploaded a bunch of pictures of you to my Facebook profile and think about how much we miss you.-----Happy 25th birthday, Buttons! Toby reminds me of you every time I see him, and the way Raven hides her bones reminds me of how you would hide your bones, too! We miss you so much!----5/26/10 - Today is 9 years since we lost Gimli, and we lost you 11 years ago on 3/11/10. I saw a dog that looked just like you at the dog park, and then saw another look alike tonight at Burger King. We miss you so much.----11/26/10 - Happy belated birthday, Buttons! You would have been 26 - wouldn't that be nice? I sometimes see poodles that look like you and miss you.----5/27/12 - You have been gone for 13 years now, almost as long as we had you. I still see dogs that look like you and think of you. Yesterday was 11 years since we lost Gimli. You would have been 28 by now - how nice would that be to have a dog live that long??!! Miss you!-----11/22/14 - Today is your 30th birthday, Buttons! Happy birthday! Wouldn't it be nice if dogs lived to be at least 30??!! One dog in Louisiana almost lived that long. Max and Raven are still doing well, as well as Lucy and Bella (our collie/shepherd mix and our foxhound, respectively). Max is about 14 1/2 years old and has his old man attributes, but he is also still active, and Raven is crazy as ever, although a bit hearing impaired. It's so hard to see you doggies get old. Lucy and Bella are both 4 and are big girls who love to run and chase each other. We still miss you, Buttons! - Love, Lisa (LiLi)

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