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Memories of Buddy Guy Ayres Lynch

You brought me to this beautiful place
Where I don't have to hide my face,
Or turn away as I start to cry,
Or act as if you didn't die.

This beautiful place called Rainbows Bridge
Where we share stories of our kids.
Where each and every person knows
That in deep sorrow, friendship grows.

We share our laughs, we share our pain,
We come back here in sun and rain.
We start to heal, we learn to grow,
And all because of the love we've known.

We learn to live our lives again,
To love, to welcome others in.
To let them come into our hearts,
Our homes, our souls, our deepest parts.

You live forever, your legacy grows,
With each fur kid we come to know,
And treasure just as we treasured you,
You knew we'd find this to be true.

You had faith in us when we felt lost.
You knew the pain was just the cost
Of loving so well, so deep, so true,
Of loving someone as perfect as you.

Thank you for your deep belief
That I would learn, and find relief
From the suffering I thought would never end,
Thank you, my Bridge Kid, my truest friend.

Susan Lynch 2 December, 2005, In memory of Bingo & Buddy
In deepest gratitude to Ginny & Fifi


Buddy was the perfect name
For you, my little friend.
I gave you love, you gave the same
Until the very end.

Your "Butter Speak," I miss it so,
And that's not all I miss.
From your heady to your little toes,
It's you I long to kiss.

You came, timid and reluctant,
Into our lives that day.
I'd grab you, hug you, kiss your head
Til in my arms, you'd stay.

You grew to love us deeply,
Each in a special way.
These bitter tears I'm weeping
Are all I have some days.

Please wait for us at Rainbow Bridge
Until the day we come.
You'll see us high upon the ridge,
We'll frolic in the sun.

Stay with Bingo 'til that day,
He'll keep you safe and warm,
And tell you all about the way
You made our house a home.

-- Susan Lynch

(Buddy's message to Susan, Jim and TJ):

My time has come to leave you.
Think not that I have gone
Because I didn't love you,
Or didn't love my home.

I felt so safe there with you,
Each day that I did live.
You did all that you could do,
You gave all you could give.

I recall my Uncle TJ.
Our fuzzy little toys,
And all that we meant to you,
Your furry "little boys."

Now it's just you and TJ,
The uncle I adored,
Know until you come my way,
I could not have loved you more.

To me, you're each a blessing
I want you to know that.
I know that you'll be missing
Me! -- Your silly little cat.

-- Buddy & his mom, Susan Lynch


I know what you always called me
"He's one in a squillion," you'd say.
Then I'd jump up high on your knee
So the two of us could play.

I know that your lap feels so empty
But I want you to know I'm there.
I'll never be parted from ye
My wee cat-butt's still up in the air!

Oh! How I loved the "butt-mackin's"
You gave to me every day.
You'd throw your head back, just laughin'
"He's one in a squillion!" you'd say.

Now I know that you cannot hear me,
I know that there isn't a way
For you to know what I'm thinking,
"She's one in a squillion," I say!

-- Buddy Lynch (through his Momcat, Susan Lynch)

April 3rd, 2006

It's been 2 years now, Tubecat. We miss you just as much as ever, but the intense pain has come to an end. We know we'll see you again one day, and Jim-Dad, TJ, and I all hope you're romping with all the Bridge Kids, lapping up the butter, and being a good Town Crier and Anchor Cat on WCAT Radio in the mean time.

Thank you for all the lessons you taught us. You did well, sweet Buddy.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
Your Momcat I'll be.

(Adapted from the children's book, "I'll Love You Forever")

October 1, 2007

Dearest Bud-Buddy-Bud-Budrow,

I updated your page today. Ginny, our caretaker, did us a huge favor recently, and I will always be grateful to her because of it. Please give Fifi some extra special head bonks for me, and let her lap up some of that delicious butter with you, OK? You might even want to give her a special shout out on your show on WCAT! Make sure to mention your Auntie Ginny and how special she is.

You take care, my dear boy, and tell Bingo how very much we love him still. Our love for both of you grows and grows with each passing day.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
Your Momcat I'll be.

(Adapted from the children's book, "I'll Love You Forever")


Dear Bud-Buddy-Bud-Budrow,

I feel your presence with me this Mother's Day, and I thank you for all the signs you and Bingo have sent to us. I hope that, because of both of you, I am a better Momcat today to Uncle Teege, Stevie, and Gidget.

You and Bingo taught me so many valuable lessons, and you will forever be my furry little angel boys. Thank you for that, my Bridge Kids. Thank you, a squillion times over!

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
Your Momcat I'll be.

(Adapted from the children's book, "I'll Love You Forever")

Your Ever-Lovin', Brown-Eyed Momcat, Sooma

April 2nd, 2010:

Dear Buddy,

It's hard to believe that it's been six years since I last held you in my arms. It was right before your surgery that day, and you gave me such big, fat purrs and so much love.

I have healed well, and I have found that place of gratitude for having been your Ever-Lovin', Brown-Eyed Momcat for the ten years you were with us. Thank you for choosing us, and for tricking Sheryl and me into believing you were the one we had called "Buddy." I know in my heart that you were, in fact, "Screamer," the other little Blue boy. I wouldn't have had things any other way. You were meant to be my Silly Little Cat, and I was meant to be yours forever and always.

You must have been so excited to see T.J. coming your way! I know you knew that it meant heartache for me, but I also felt your presence with us when he came to join you. You and Bingo were there with us in that room that day. I felt you just as strongly as ever.

As I recall all the wonderful memories of our time together, the love drops fall, but the smiles are shining through just like the sun shines through the rain. I have a rainbow in my heart, thanks to my beautiful Bridge boys. What a magnificent and entertaining threesome you are! Please visit me when you're able to. All three of you are always welcome in my dreams. You all live in my heart forever and always, after all.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
Your momcat I'll be.
(Adapted from the children's book, I'll Love You Forever)

Your Ever-Lovin', Brown-Eyed Momcat, Sooma

Please also visit Bingo and T.J..

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