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Memories of Bruiser
Bruiser was never seen without his Cookie Monster. He loved to show us "bashful baby." Feb.20, Bubby i visit your site every night. Guess what Bubby? Your Dawn is going to have a baby!! Isn't that great. It makes me sad that you won't be here to give it a kiss. Well now for the bad news, Fluff isn't doing too good, I have a felling that she will be with you in Rainbow Bridge before too long. Her old 18 year old heart is failing. Please wait for her. you know she was always shy. She might be scared but if your there to get her she will be fine. your sister Ellie is doing good. she misses you though. Feburary 27,2005-Well Bubby, Fluff passed away tonight. Dad and I took her to the emergency vet's in Winchester, Dr. Gilpin wasn't open as this is sunday. But they couldn't make her any better, just end the pain she was in. I know you were there to meet her, just let her stay near you and I'll see you both again one day. Love Mom March 4-Hi Bubby, your mama Fluff has been with you for a week now. I hope you are taking care of each other. Bub,tell Fluff everything is OK and don't be scared Mama. I love you both and miss you very much. Especially at supper time when all little eyes were on us waiting for a hand out. Bub we had pork chops last night they were your favorite and I thought how strange not to have to check and see where you stashed the bones you cleaned off. March 27- Happy Easter Bubby, Tell Mama Happy Easter too. We really miss you both and you are always in our hearts. Love, Mom, Dad, & Dawn April 4, bubby today is Fluff's birthday. Please put 18 candles on her cake, I know you didn't forget. Mama I love and miss you on your special day. Love and Miss you both. Love Mom, Dad, and Dawn April 7, guess what Bubby, your Dawn is having a little boy, we found out today. Please watch over him. Tell Fluff I miss her. Love and miss you both--Mom Dad and Dawn June 7 Hi Bubby, hope you and Mama are having a good time there at the Bridge. Bubby I had a dream about you and Mama, but I just wonder if it was a dream, you came back to visit me, Bubby you were so chubby just like when you were young. You ran up and kissed me all over my face. but in this dream I knew you couldn't stay-I knew you were living somewhere else, don't know where but not with us any more. You stayed about an hour it seemed, and then you had to go, I wasn't sad you just trotted down the road as happy as can be. And Mama my girl you came at a different day, just running around the yard barking like you always did when I would come home from work. Was I dreaming this or did you somehow visit me to let me know that you were both ok and just like I believe, have been restored to your healthier times. Love and Miss You Both sooo much.Love Mom Dad and Dawn June 17-bubby we are getting things together for when dawn has the baby. just about 2 months from now. His name is John, you would have been so good with him. You were always so loving with the other kids. But this baby is special he is your Dawns baby. Please keep a watch over Dawn and John for me. Tell Mama hi for me, love and miss you both, Mom,Dad,&Dawn Sept. 6,2005 Happy Sweet 16 Birthday Bubby. I sang to Ellie this morning, and she still misses her brother. Your Dawn had a baby boy on the 1st. He is very healthy and he looks like Dawn. You would have loved him. Blow out all the candles on your cake. Tell Mama hi for us. Love and miss you both very much, Mom Dad and Dawn November 17, Hi Bubby, it's been 1 year already since you left us. We still miss you now as much as we did when you first left. I know you are at peace now and your heart is all better. no coughing anymore.Ellie is just fine and misses you and her Mama very much. Give Mama a kiss for me, Love and Miss you both very much-Mom, Dad and Dawn. Jan.1,2006 Happy New Year Bubby I know you enjoyed the holidays at Rainbow Bridge. I bet iit's beautiful up there. Dawn and baby John are fine, he's really growing. I know youweren't very fond of Vinny but he is taking very good care of them both, and I know that's what you would have wanted.Love and miss you both. Mom,Dad&Dawn Feb.7,2006- Bubby today Kruger joined you and Mama. Please watch over him, and stay by his side until Grandad gets there to get him. You know that they will be totally lost without each other. Just let him know that no one here will ever forget him, and that we all loved him very much. Teach him all the great things I'm sure you have learned that you can do now, like watch over all of us.Love and miss you and Mama very much.Mom Dad and Dawn March 5-Hi Bubby, Tell Mama that we did not forget her on leaving us. We remembered the day tat she came to the rainbow. I'm sorry I didn't write her that night but we have had some trouble here. Dawn's baby has to go for tests tomorrow, and we're pretty upset about it. We have all prayed and prayed for him. Please won't you look down on him tomorrow and help Dawn out however you can. You know you always were her first and best love. Hope Kruger is doing ok. Tell him Dad is fine but misses him terribly. If he can find a way to let him know he is ok please try, he feels really guilty about sending him to the bridge. Love and miss you all dearly,Mom,Dad,&DawnMarch 17-Happy St. Patricks day Bubby, I hope you and Mama are wearing your green. Keep looking after Kruger, Grandad sure misses him. But tell him to wait for him he'll be there to get him. Bubby I know it's been a while since I talked to you. I know that you have Ellie with you. I just find it very hard now with all of you gone. This house has never been so empty. I still go to your graves, but I can't go there without crying. I know we'll be together again but my heart is so lonely now. Dad tells me to get another dog but I just can't do it. I miss you all so much. Take care of one another and tell Mama and Doo that I miss and love them too.Aug.4 Hi babies how I miss you all. Hope you are doing good and enjoying the bridge, I know you all feel better. John has 6 teeth now. Ellie please tell bubby about him, you were the only one to see him. May be bubby could smell him on you.Sleep well tonight loves. Miss you all terribly tell Kruger that no one hass forgot him Dad still misses him very much.Sept 6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bubby and Ellie!!!!!!!!You are 17 years old today. Goodness I miss you all so much still. I know you are happy there at the rainbow and playing just like you used to. Go lick Mama's face for me and tell my girl I love her. I know you're watching out for Kruger, give him my love too. Dad still really misses him Baby John is doing good, I wish you could be here with him though. I'll talk to you all soon. Love and Miss you all very much, Mom Nov.17, Bubby it was 2 years ago today that you went to the bridge, I still have an ache in my heart. I still miss each and every one of you. The house is so empty. But you have Fluff and Ellie with you now. Thanksgiving will be here soon. Be nice and play with each other and look down on us when you get a chance. I still talk to your picture hanging in the dining room. Love and miss you all-Mom Dec. 25-Merry Christmas babies. it's just past midnight and I wanted to talk to you. This is my first Christmas without all of you and the house is so empty. Ellie how is your first Christmas In Rainbow? I hope you get some presents. How I miss you all so, Dad said he should have gotten me a puppy for Christmas but I'm really glad he didn't. I don't want one just yet. Vinny is here every day that I have baby John and I don't think he would like it. I'm going to go now but you dear ones have a beautiful Christmas. You know that you will be here in our hearts all day. Love and Miss you very much-Mom HAPPY NEW YEARS my dear babies Happy Easter babies. I hope you got a little candy in your basket. Bubby, Dad was here over the weekend. He told me how much he misses Kruger, he cried. Could you please tell Kruger to somehow let Dad know that he is ok and that he is waiting for him? Love you all very much. Mom Sept 6, 2007 Happy Birthday Bubby and Ellie...you are 18 years old today!!!!!!!! Gee I really still miss you all so much. I thought it would be better by now but it's not. Baby John is 2 now and just beautiful. Bubby you would have loved him. Hope you blowed out all the candles on your cake, and had a wonderful day. I love you, tell Mama I love her too and miss you all very much. Mom Oct.22 2007, Hi babies, first of all I want to tell you that I love and miss you all very much still. Dad and I are getting another dog tomorrow. It's been a year and one half since all of you left and the house is just not right without a dog. His name is Bailey and he was abandoned. Babies someone just dumped him out along a road. He is really good with John, and he loves other dogs. I know you understand, don't think I will forget you that would be impossible. Please come down and help him feel at home. Love you and miss you-Mom Hi bubby it's been 3 years since you went to the rainbow bridge. We still miss you as much as ever, and there is still a hole in our hearts. Love and Miss You All Very Much. Mom, Dad, and Dawn Dec.25,07-Merry Christmas babies! I hope Santa came to see you. You were such good babies. It's Christmas night, and everything here is quiet now. Baby john had a ball opening his presents. Bailey is doing much better, thank you for helping him. I do wish she would hold her though. It kind of is like holding you again. And it does make me feel like you are there with me. Love you and miss you all. Mom Dad and DawnSept,4 Hi babies, how are you? I'm sorry I haven't written for a while, but with Baby John being here most nights, I'm done when he leaves. I think about you all the time though. Bubby you and Ellie hab a birthday coming up in 2 days. Don't forget to blow the candls out on your cake. I think you all would approve of Bailey, he has a little of eack of you in him...he loves spagetti just like you do Mama, and he waves his paws at Dawn like you always did Bubby, and Ellie, he has the same fixation with q-tips that you do. Dawn says he is you three rolled in one. But he is not as well behaved as you all were. He likes to run out of the yard which is something you all never did. Such good babies you were. I know that Tommy is up there with you all now. Tell him I am so sorry that I didn't realize he was that sick. I thought he was just getting older. But the vet said that he had a mass in his liver and it was shutting down, poor thing was turning yellow. Baby John turned three on the first, he is such a joy, full of energy and sometimes a little mischeif. He fills my heart with love and contentment. I love him so much I can't even begin to tell you.Good night babies, sweet dreams I love and miss you all so very much. Seems like only yesterday you were just puppies. Till we meet again...I love you. Mom Good evening Babies it's Thursday October 14,2010. Please look down on Dawn and Vinny. I know that you didn't know him very long but he has been Dawn's life long friend, and a wonderful guardian to John. Babies he has lymphoma, Dawn tried all the treatments but none would help, and now it will soon be time for him to come to the bridge. Won't you please watch for him, and take good care of him till Dawn gets there to meet him. Dad and I will be there first to get you 3, so just explain to him that he has to wait for Dawn. Watch over her when the time comes and cuddle up with her at night afterward. Teach him the little things that will let her know he is still with her. I love you all very much, Mom Oct 20, 2010 Well Bubby Vinny is with you now, Dawn brought his angel dust home yesterday. Remember the first time you met him you bit him on the lip? He took such good care of Dawn and John for you. Please don't bite him on the lip . I know you won't, he will have such wonderful stories to tell you about Dawn and John. Smell him and you can smell them on him. Bubby, please help Dawn she is having such a rough time. She cries herself to sleep every night. Tell Vinny how to come to her in a dream like you did me. It would make her feel so much better. Give Mama and Ellie a kiss for me. I love and miss you all. Tell Kruger Dad is doing ok. Till we meet again, I love you. Nov. 17. Bubby it's been 6 years ago today that you went to the Bridge. IWe still love and miss you as much as ever. I hope you have had a good time there. How is Vinny doing?? I know he is doing ok, no more pain or needles. My group of angels is growing. Tell Mama and Ellie I love and miss them. I love you all angels. Nov. 25,2010-Hello my beautiful Angels, Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you cleaned your plates and ate some pumpkin pie. I love and miss you all, keep a watch over Vinny for Dawn and help her through the lonely nights. Dec.24,2010--It's Christmas Eve babies. Another year almost over. I Miss you babies so much. You have Vinny there with you now. Santa is going to bring you lots of presents because you were the best, each and every one of you. Go to sleep soon but don't forget to put some cookies out for Santa. Rocky is really helping Dawn, thanks Vin, I know you had a hand in that. He is taking good care of your "kid". I bet it's really pretty at the Bridge with all the lights. Sleep well Angels I love you all so very much. Merry Christmas,Love Mom and Mam Jan. 1, 2011--HAPPY NEW YEARS babies, hope you and mama and ellie had a good time watching the ball drop. I love and miss you all so very much. Be patient Dad and I will come and get you when the time is right. Love Mom and Dad Feb 14, 2011 Happy Valentines Day babies, I left you some candy, hope it has peppermint patties in it. They were your favorite. I love and miss you. Kisses to all my angels. Mom March 17, 2011 Hi babies, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Wear your green today but don't drink anything green unless it's water. Hope you had a green cake today, and if you did I know you shared it with Vinny. Please tell him to go his Mama in a dream, she needs to see that beautiful face and wiggle butt again. Love and Kisses, Dad and I miss you and are waiting to be with you again. Sept 6, 2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Bruiser and Ellie you are 22 years old today. Eat lots of cake and share it with Mama and Vinny. Hope you blow all your candles out with 1 puff. John is 6 already. He is growing so fast. Babies I love and miss you all very much. Vinny please look down on your Momma and kid and give them kisses, they miss you very much. Love you all, Mom november 18, Bubby yesterday was 7 years ago that you went to that beautiful bridge. We still love and miss you so much. But I know your not lonely, you have quite a few of my angels with you. Tell Mama and Ellie that they are loved and missed as much as the day they left us. But at least you are all together. Dad and I will be there one day to get you, please wait for us, our jobs here aren't finished yet. We have to see John grow up. Bubby he is 6 years old already, I wish you could have met him. You would have loved to kiss him. I know Vinny is there with you too, tell Ellie to be nice to him, but I know she is...she's at the Bridge. Tell Vinny that his Momma really misses him but she is doing better. I wish he would visit her in dreams more often. She loves him so. Tell him Rocky is taking good care of his "kid", they play and get into all kinds of trouble together. But he still talks about Vinny and misses him. I love and miss you all so very much. love Mom Merry Christmas babies, hope you got lots of toys. it's still not the same without you here. Bailey is getting better. He rides with me in the car. Thank you for helping him feel at home. Tell Kruger that he is often thought of, and that Grandad was at Dawn's yesterday. Tell him to be patient, I don't think he will have to wait for him too much longer. I know he's waiting for him. Good night babies, sleep well I will be there with you one day when my work here is through. Love Mom Happy New year babies, I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to bed soon. Watch over us and keep us safe. I love you babies. Love Mom Hi babies, hope you had a nice Easter. Who ate the ears off the bunny this year? I left Ellie some q-tips, she must have told Bailey about them because he loves them too. Love and kisses to all of you I miss and love you..till we meet again. Love Mom MAY 9,2012 My dear Doo, you have been gone 6 years today. Seems like only yesterday you were here with us. I miss you just as much today. Bailey is taking good care of us, he is such a good boy. You angels have taught him well and made him comfy here. I hope you are being nice to Vinny, but I know you are. Ellie you are the only one that got to meet John. Can you believe how much he has grown. He would have loved you all, but I know Vinny is telling you all stories about his "kid". He loved him so. Just wanted to stop in and see you on the day you went to the bridge. I love you all with all my heart, sleep well angels. Feb. 19, 2013 Hi Bubby, I know it's been a while since I talked to you. I know you have Mom and Dad up there with you. I bet Kruger was so happy to see Dad. How are they doing? Please watch over them till I get there. These days are so hard now Bubby, sometimes I just want to sit in a corner and cry all day, but I know that iwould upset them. So I go about my day and I try to make them proud of me. Please ask them to watch over us all, and tell them that they are very loved and missed. Just like my furry angels. I don't know if Dawn is renewing this or not. I told her I think it's time to let you go. Just know that you will be forever in my heart, all of you. And I promise I will still talk to you, you just have to listen with your heart. I will love you and Ellie and Mama forever. Take care of Mom and Dad and give them a kiss for me. Love to all my Angels. Sleep well Happy Easter babies, how are you. I miss and love you all very much. I hope Easter Bunny leaves you all your favorite things like, York Pepprmint Patties, q-tips, and spagetti. You were the best babies. Bailey is doing good here. He's a mama's boy though. But I don't know what I would do without him. Thanks for your help with him he is doing so much better. You have taught him well. Love and kisses to you all. Mom Nov.17 2013 Hi Bubby, it's hard to believe that you have been gone 9 years already. Seems like only yesterday that you were a little baby in Dawns hands. You were only a couple of days old when she picked you out. Your an old pro at this Rainbow thing now. I miss you every day. Give Mom and Dad a kiss for me. Help take care of them till I get there, and go give Jesus a kiss me me. Love to all my Angels, Mom

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