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Memories of Bridgett
Bridgett was grieving over the loss of her sister, Lady Misty, on 1/29/2002 of this year, and she made herself so sick, she left me on 3/20/2002. This is my true baby...the one I raised from when she was the size of half my hand...my little gold lhasa apso with the cutest underbite, bow legs, and barrel chest. What a love girl she was! She just loved to kiss you right on the mouth! Nothing you did would be bad in her eyes. She just had nothing but love to give, always wanting to be near me, and always being my comfort in good times and in all of the bad times. If I got sick, she got sick with the same thing. It was almost like we were connected...really! This dog won my heart more than any human ever did and she has been with me for going on 12 years. She was so sick and I had to give her a rest. I did not want to...I just had to...for her. I hope she is now with Lady Misty at Rainbow Bridge and hope they are running together and really hope that they will wait for me to come and be with them some day Nothing in this world, nobody, has ever made me feel the way Bridgett made me feel! She was and is my little angel. God bless her! This is a brokenhearted mommy right now...all alone without the wagging tail or the love kiss. Mommy hurts. As I was with Lady Misty, I was with Bridgett when she left for Rainbow Bridge and she kissed me on the mouth just before she left. Mommy will always always love you, my Bridgett. TWO YEARS OF NOTES WERE TAKEN OFF DUE TO LACK OF SPACE BACK THEN! :( SEE BELOW. MARCH 20, 2004: I had to have all my memories erased over the past 2 years because mommy has visited so much. SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2004: 2 years ago, I woke up and knew that today would be the day I would say goodbye to you. It was the hardest day of my life "knowing" that I had to let you rest. The night before had been terrible for you with your inability to breathe. I will never get over that and will never get over this day as long as I live because I lost my best friend, my soulmate. Life has not been the same without my Bridgett. God bless your soul. I do believe dogs have them and I believe that there will never be anyone or anything in my life to take your place. Mommy misses you more than words can tell and you will remain in my heart forever and will never leave my life because to me, we will meet again. Love Mommy THURSDAY, SEPT. 16, 2004: Hi my little love girl. Your mommy looks at your picture often, but I just wanted to come in and tell you still how much you are in my heart and that my life has not been the same since I had to have you put to sleep. I love you so much, Bridgett. It has been 2-1/2 years since I touched you or could love you. I still cry for my girl. I love you my baby. Mommy SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 2005: Another year without my baby. I carry your memory in my heart and in my life. I love you my girl. Mommy could use you more than ever today...the way we were as soulmates...your always knowing my pain and what I was thinking. I cry tears for you but look forward to seeing you again. Love Mommy SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2005: Sweetheart, mommy spent several trips visiting your page today remembering our last day together 3 years ago. My love for you is as strong as ever, Bridgett. You are always there in my heart. Love Mommy CHRISTMAS SEASON 2005: love you Bridgett. Feeling lost without you, Mommy MARCH 20, 2006: Another year without my girl but still as much in my heart as ever. I love you Bridgett. Mommy DECEMBER 25, 2006: Bridgett, another Christmas without your sweet self, but know you are with me in my heart and I kiss your urn with your ashes. JANUARY 1, 2007: Another year begins without you my sweet Bridgett, but you will always be in my heart. You might be very happy to know that mommy married Greg in September 2006. He was there throughout just about all your life with the exception of the first 2 years. We both miss you, but even with my Mischka and Ashley, no little doggie has ever won my heart and soul as have you. Mischka knows who you are and is very aware who my Bridgett is/was when I speak of you to him. I love you sweet girl.--Your mommy March 20, 2007: Hi baby girl. Well today was almost a carbon copy of the last day of your life. Same weather...just not you in my day other than in my heart. It has been 5 years since I looked into your eyes, talked to you and had you listen, and got one of your wonderful kisses, but all I can think of is that it was the best thing for you, but just about the worst thing for your mommy not having you. My life has not been the same since. I love you my girl. I will never ever forget you. You were my inspiration for so many years and you continue to inspire me because for some reason I feel you are with me. You were my soulmate. I love you Bridgett. Love Mommy December 25, 2007: Another Christmas without you my sweet girl. I hold your urn and put my hand on the Bible kissing the urn softly. You are my rainbow. Much much love. January 1, 2008: Another year starting without you Bridgett. I cannot wait to see you again. I still miss you. It is like yesterday when I was playing with you. I get tears still when I look at your toys that are put away nicely in my closet. Love Mommy. Feb 29, 2008 1:41 a.m...Bridgett, I was just thinking about you deeply with tears. This has been a bad day for mommy and I held your little urn and Lady's urn too, but Bridgett...no being in this world has ever been the soulmate that you are. I still feel that you are with me even though I have Mischka and Ashley. Whenever I talk about you to them, they stop what they are doing as if they KNOW YOU. They are intent to listen to anything I say about you or your sister Lady Misty. If I open your box of toys, they both KNOW that those toys are not theirs and they sniff them and look at me like THEY KNOW what it is in my heart. They know you baby! Mommy misses you so much right now. I am so so sad and crying. Love you Bridgett. I can't wait to see you again and get another kiss like you gave me when you went to the Bridge. (tears flowing down my face). You are out of your pain now sweetheart and mommy has had a heavy heart ever since you left, but we will be together again. I think you have formed some kind of bond with Mischka and Ashley. Ashley is so much like you. He is my love boy and would be happy doing nothing but being hugged and loved by me...but he is not a mouth kisser like you my sweet girl. His kisses are special though because you get few of them so when he gives one on my hand, I know he is letting me know how pleased he is and how happy he is. Love you baby and good night and I will be back unless we meet again soon. Love always, Mommy March 20, 2008, the 6th anniversary of when you came to the bridge. I remember the day well. Today is much like the day...sunny, windy and at this time (12:01p ET), I was playing with you knowing that in 3-1/2 hours, I would be taking you for your time to get out of your pain and cross the bridge. That was so hard KNOWING that as a mommy. I had made my decision because you were sick and the last night was agonizing for you. I had never seen my girl in such agony. One more night you might not have lasted through it. The daytime was always better for you, but not perfect. You still had trouble breathing but you were almost your old self after that horrible night. If you tried to rest, you would choke really bad though. My angel, I am visiting you today to tell you again how much you are in my heart and how much I hurt. There just does not seem to be a "fair" to our time that we spend together. YOU were my true soulmate and with your last breath, that kiss on my mouth, bonded us forever. I know you know that I loved you so I don't worry about that--but I bet you never thought I would miss you as much as I do. Not one day goes by that you, Bridgett, are not in my thoughts, and one day, we will be together again! I love you angel. Love Mommy.xoxo December 25, 2008 and January 1, 2009: I was here both times and got tears in my eyes because it has been almost 7 years my ANGEL. I remember it as if it were yesterday. One day my sweet Angel, you will see your mommy again and I will await your kisses. You just were always full of love!! Love you always, Mommy xoxo March 20, 2009, 2:25p ET: Bridgett my angel, 7 years ago in just about 1 more hour you kissed me while you took your last breath. I still see your face, feel that kiss, and know you are in no pain but waiting for mommy at the Bridge. My heart still has that spot with you in it and it always will my girl. You were my true soulmate. God made dogs for a reason and He knew what He was doing when He brought me to you! There will NEVER be a replacement though of course right now I have Mischka and Ashley...no pet will EVER take the place in my heart that you hold. Love you always my cherub. Mommy xoxo March 20, 2010, 11:40a ET: Never a minute not in my heart. Today is just as though the day we left to go to the Bridge. Same kind of day. I will always remember that last kiss and your undying love. Mommy xoxo My love is as it has always been. You are my soulmate without a doubt, now and forever my Angel. March 20, 2011, 11:43p ET: My dearest Bridgett, I am holding your urn, looking at your photos and gladly remembering all the love and joy we shared. Mommy is going to scan your photos soon and put them on Facebook along with your sister, Lady Misty, to show my friends my soulmate, YOU, and Lady Misty, close behind you. I never experienced the closeness of anyone that you and I shared and 9 years later, even with Ashley and Mischka here with mommy, YOU my sweetheart, remain in that place in my heart. I see where I can put a photo album. I shall do that with a few of your photos. Bridgett, my heart still feels empty, but I was talking about you today, and still remembered your very last gesture before you went to the Bridge. You gave me a kiss on the mouth goodbye and then you were gone. I love you more than ever and hope that I see you again. I love you, Bridgett. Love always, your Mommy, to her Angel. March 22, 2013: Baby girl, on March 13, 2012, my mother went to Heaven. You probably have seen her there. On the anniversary of the day you went to the Bridge last year, I was sick myself, but was at the hospital with my mommy. It wasn't a good time. I was so tired and worn out. I didn't forget you. I could never forget you Bridgett being you still hold the key to my heart <3 ! I love you so much and being as it seems like just yesterday that I held you in my arms and we played, I remember vividly that last kiss you gave to me on your way to the Bridge. Nothing ever got to me like that! Your last breath and your little sweet tongue kissing me on my mouth. God blessed me so much with you. You were my salvation through those what seemed to be SHORT years with you. Now, Mischka and Ashley are both 11 years old. They are doing well though their age is showing in their movements. You never showed your age in your little movements girl! You would run up the stairs. Our Lady girl didn't do that, but she always was feeling bad with her bad skin. You know that though b/c she took it out on you. HaHa. You sweet little good-natured baby. I bet you bring so much love to the Bridge. Anyway, I am 2 days late writing this b/c mommy has a broken leg and sprained neck from a fall, but you would be very happy if you lived here with us. There is room to run and a small back yard. Mommy bought a townhouse with you and Lady Misty but I bought a regular house in August and fixed the inside up and we are across the street (within just feet) from the big river near the bay. You would enjoy the walks outside and bet it would have done your bad lungs some good to breathe the salt air. I have a place I can bury you now, but looking at your urn and Lady's urn, I still want you buried with me. You are my heart. Any person with a heart like yours would have to be known as a good person! You are and were the BEST! Your 2 brothers here are wonderful as well. You would have gotten along beautifully with them, but that's just that sweet personality of yours baby. Mommy needs her rest right now so have to go to sleep. I had to visit you though because you are and always will be MY GIRL!! Love you Bridgett forever! Love Mommy xoxo MARCH 20, 2014: Bridgett, heavy heart today as today looks just like the day you went to the Bridge. I miss you sweet baby. My Ashley is not feeling really well right now too and it makes me cringe as he is almost 12 also. Hopefully, it will pass as he has been pretty healthy. You were always my sick girl. You AND Lady were both sick. I know you have felt better at the Bridge. I still have both your ashes on my Bible and our remains will rest together. That is my wish and I want that honored. I love you Bridgett and always will. Love always, Mommy...until I see you again with your cute underbite and sweet kisses!! March 20, 2015: I remember it was a Thursday. I knew this was the day she was going and that is the hardest thing to know. My girl at 3:30 would be taken to the vet. Mischka and Ashley this day are now 13 (they are older than my Bridgett was, but they are wearing down). My Briddgett was bushy-tailed and happy on her last day after a horrible night of not being able to breathe. I could not let her die like she was the night before. The vet had been trying to talk me into it. It was hard. Her last motion was a kiss on my mouth and that's when she went to the Bridge. God Bless you and keep you Bridgett. It may not be much longer when WE are reunited. I love you forever and your ashes will be with me thru eternity along with your sister Lady Misty. Kisses in my heart. I love you sweet girl. xoxo Love Mommy April 25, 2016 I love you forever Bridgett and miss you more each day. You are here with me and your brothers as they hear about you each day and listen intently like they have met you. Mischka and Ashley both are 14 years old now. Remember you saw Mischka when I bought him after Lady Misty went to the Bridge. I was afraid you might be depressed and yu did get sick. I showed you Mischka online and you wagged and kissed me. They are old guys now but they are slowing own. They act like they have met you. Have you crawled into their hearts too? They are watching out for me for you and Lady. They know you were my family and how much you still are. Oh sweet girl, that last kiss you gave me was eternal and nothing ever has been that precious. I ave a feeling mommy wil be seeing you soon. I want to hang around for the boys as they just have me. I love you Angel. Love always, Mommy

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