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Memories of BowWow
BowWow is my heart dog. She died peacefully in the arms of her mom and dad in her favorite place - her backyard at sunrise with the birds singing under a blue sky less than twelve hours after being diagnosed with lymphoma. She was greeted at the Bridge by Kelly, Pooch, Ted, Kayla, the Corgi-L dogs, and the birds and turtles. We had tough moments together when she was a pup, but in return she taught me lessons I will never forget. She forgave me for my struggles as a dog mom when she was young, and I learned from her to let the past go and live in the present. BowWow was the best teacher. I have learned the power of forgiveness and letting the past go from her. She taught me how to live in the moment, and about Da Power ub da Fluff. She was my favorite copilot dog when I flew, my Fluffster, my Little Miss, my dog. From her, I learned to always try and have my Inner Fluff. I still can't believe I won't see her on the side deck overlooking the street feeling like the big dog in a little suit that she was, watch her plop in her backyard snacking on poopsicles, or see her race her sister Amy to the back fence. I won't hear her ARROOO when I come home, hear her spooky bark, see her giving Chewman the poky nose to make him squeak. I'll never get to fill her Kong with treats before work, and see her sitting in her "house" waiting for me. No more "pet me, mom" poky nose. I am so glad we had one last morning banana together on Friday (Mom, hurry up!! BowWow banana!!). Butt (always fluffy now, still full ub burrs n sticks n gross, grubby stuff), she is really tall now looking down at us from da Bridge. My heart broke when I fed Kirby and Amy for the first time and there was no BowWow racing in circles down the hall to her bowl. I brushed her one last time and let her bee-you-ti-ful fluff fly into the wind. Now, when I fly my plane and see a cloud, I will know that it is her fluff and that she will always be my copilot fluff. Poky nose, foxy face, stubby feet, fluffy butt. Plop, plop. BowWow, you will always live in my heart. Love, Your Mom, Your Dad, Kirby, and Amy Now BowWow rests with her sheperd friend Kelly up at St. Mary's Glacier, CO. Close to Kel, but not too close....no alpha fights at the Glacier! All of us hiked to the Kelly Bowl - Mom, Dad, Kirby, Amy, Cathy, Lee, Nugget. Just like when the Fluff was with us. It was a beautiful day, but smoky from the wildfires nearby. BowWow is buried in a Kong with a banana, a cookie, and some gross sticks. She sleeps under a tree with wild strawberries growing next to her grave. There's a place to sit on a log, and look out over the beautiful wildflower filled meadow with mountains in the distance. What a beautiful place to spend your days!We still miss you so much, BowWow!!!!! I hope the policewoman your mom took care of said hi to you for me like I asked her to. BowWow, I hear that you have a new job - Heavenly Navigator. And, that you are now showing the shuttle astronauts around the skies. What fun for my fluff!!! I am sure you are having lots of fun with such great pilots. Maybe you'll give your mom a shuttle ride when we meet again. We have a Big Fluff at our house now. Not to take your place, BowWow, but to fill the BowWow-sized hole in our hearts. Katie's a lot like you, but just bigger. She arrooos, gives the poky nose, and leaves her fluff everywhere. Its your legacy....we loved you so much that we wanted to share that love with another Fluff. Just bigger this time. The lilacs are blooming now, and I remember how much you liked to sit under the lilac bush and watch your yard. I'm going to leave you banana under your lilac bush before I go to work and remember our morning bananas on the deck. Its been two years now, and I still miss you. The lilacs didn't bloom this year - they must miss you too. I lit a candle for you today, my most bee-you-ti-ful Fluff. I know that you came back to us in Katie - she is so Fluff-like. You finally got your big suit! She sleeps in the Fluff spot, sits under her mom's desk, and is bossy just like you. Thanks for sending a bit of yourself back to be with us! Oh, my! Its been 11 years!! I still miss you, BowWow!! I know you, Kirby, Amy, Katie, and your Dad are together at the Bridge where I will see you all again. I love you, BowWow!

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