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Memories of Boots
Boots loved birds. She had a special little sound she made, like she was talking to them, calling them. She was the only cat that I know that has ever done that. It sounded like ma-ah-ah-ah-ah-at, almost like a bleating sheep, but very soft, with a whispery edge to it. Boots had a large range of personality traits, and very expressive ears. You knew what she was thinking, could almost see the gears turning in her mind as she was working things out for herself. We had a game we played. I discovered it one day when I stroked too close to her whiskers. She scrunched up her lip on the one side of her face, like Elvis did the "sneer". So when I was playing with her, sometimes I'd ask her to give me Elvis! If I ran my fingernail across the soft bristles of her brush, and she heard it, she'd come running into the room and jump up on the sofa. Sometimes I'd hide it behind my back, and she'd cock her head over trying to find the brushie. I have to say I tried all sorts of different brushes from the pet store, spending a small fortune. But you know what she liked best of all? I found a plastic oval brush for 29 cents at the local beauty supply store! Boots was the only cat I had that came when I called her, no treat required, no enticing needed, she just wanted to be with me. She knew she'd get a huggy, and a scritchie, and that was all she wanted. Of course, she had her moods. She'd look at me and raise an eyebrow, like I was the child and she was embarrassed I was making such a fuss. She was very sensitive. She knew when I was sick, but not only that, she "knew" when to cuddle up to my chest, or when to cuddle down at the foot of my bed. She always let me know that she'd never leave me to be alone. Here's a funny story. A friend who grows fresh catnip sent me a box of dried leaves. She literally stuffed the box and sent it-loose! I opened the box on our bed at home. Boots immediately jumped on the bed and tried looking in. I kept her out of it. Undaunted, she waited, rather impatiently, til I turned for a split second. Before I knew it, one leg was in the box, then the other front leg, then she plunged her entire head into the box. This box was about 8 inches deep and her head vanished underneath the 'nip. I gasped out loud, which brought her head up abruptly. Nip clung to every part of her face, ears, whiskers, and eyebrows. I nearly died laughing. It was all the more funnier because she had this expression on her face that said "What?" Like all cats, she did the grooming of her back legs by sticking them in the air thing. One day she was at the edge of the bed and fell off! My heart stopped until I saw one determined paw, then the other pulling herself back onto the bed. She looked around as if to say, "Nobody saw that. I didn't fall.." and then she caught me staring. Her expression changed from indignation from "falling" to, "I MEANT to do that." When I began laughing, knowing she was okay, she harumpfed off! Too funny! She also knew when things weren't right. A roommate put on a pot to boil water for tea and forgot about it. She meowed so loudly, with such emotion, I realized something was wrong. I followed her downstairs to find the pot had boiled out and was super-heating! My smart little girl! When I first moved to NY from CT, I stayed with friends and Boots was welcomed freely. We'd seen a stray outside and had joined neighbors in feeding it. Everyone had their various names for him, and he was a beautiful cat. When we didn't see him, I would jingle my car keys to let him know food was out, and he came to associate food and keys. That winter, it was snowing very hard and it was decided we couldn't allow him to remain outside. I went out and jingled my keys furiously. Snow had already covered his food and I was getting desperate. Behind me, I heard his cry. His ears were laid back, and eyes squinted against the bracing cold. I picked him up in a towel and brought him inside. He looked so raggedy by this time, this one certain scene from "Mad Max:Beyond Thunderdome" came to mind, so I called him Max, or Mad Max...raggedy man, raggedy cat, and the name stuck. Max has been Boots' friend, and companion cat for the last 8 months. I brought her back to my friend's house, her God-mommie's house, this past January, and there she remained. I cannot express the amount of friendship they had developed. Altho' they lived together for quite some time from before, it was different this time around. I wanted her to have company, as I was often gone long hours and Boots was left alone. I couldn't bear the thought of her sad and lonely, so I made the decision to re-unite them. Max, and Max's mommy, Corey, I believe, made the difference in her life. It gave her purpose, companionship and more, especially during these last 8 weeks. I credit Corey's devotion to her, and Max's friendship. I believe it sustained her and gave her the precious gift of these weeks, where otherwise she might not have had them. I only include this because I can no longer think of Boots and not think of Max, they were, and always shall be, friends. September4, 04 I still expect to see you Boots. Your special bed is empty, and as I am not at work for two whole days, this would have been a great time to cuddle with you. I placed a paper bag for you to play with. I remember how you played with Max while he was in the grocery bag. Well, play is a relative term, you jumped on the bag with Max inside, scaring the c**p out of him! I laughed so much when you two played. It lifted my heart out of the deepest despair. I miss you Boo Boo. September 14, 2004 Today marks 1 month since you've been gone Boo Boo. It's been so lonely here, but you knew that. I found two of your whiskers, somehow even tho' you're at the Bridge, you managed to let me know you that you're still watching over me. The last photo ever taken of you by your other mommy, is now in a frame to keep me company. I love you Boo Boo. Sept 30, 2004 I put up a Fall background for you Boo. You loved to chase the leaves that got too close to the window screen. I'd bring some in so you could bat them around. Have fun baby, and chase the leaves for me. Love you baby! Christmas is coming baby, and you are still remembered, loved and missed. January 1, 2005-I miss you baby. I miss you so much. Spring is here, and it's almost summer, just a few more weeks. I put a spring theme to your page so you can romp. Miss you, BooBoo. June 12, 05 It's very hot today Boots, so I put up the summer theme. The birds are out and chirping and peeping away...I remember how you loved watching CTV. Remember Cogburn? He has a girlfriend, and now they have baby chick-chicks, they're adorable! Love you, Boo. It has been 1 year today, (August 14th)since my sweet and precious Boots passed to Rainbow's Bridge. I can hardly believe it. It's been an emotional journey, very hard for me to come home and not see your beautiful face. I'll love you forever! Sept 29, 2005 Another Fall without you Boo, still thinking of you, still missing you, still loving you. Chase some leaves for Mommie, make me laugh like you always did. See you soon. It is a sad day for me and your God-Mommy, but a happy one for you. On January 11th, your bestest cat friend, Max, joined you at the Bridge. We were so sad to see him go, especially his Mommy. She didn't want to say goodbye to him anymore than I wanted to say goodbye to you sweetie. I know you were waiting for him, watching for him, since you left, calling for him in that haunting meow that I will hear in my mind until I can hold you in my arms. Take his paw, and be together again. Play together again. I love you my itty bitty BooBoo kitty, my little old lady Boo. Still missing you, sweetheart. August 14, 2006, I cannot believe it has been two years. The pain is less, but your love and warmth are still missed, my sweetie. August 14, 2007. Another year without your sweet meow, my fur-ever love. August 14, 2008. I can't believe it's been 4 years now, 4 years of missing you.

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